Aadvantage First Class booking issue

Aadvantage First Class booking issue
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Trying to book travel with American using my Advantage miles. Tried to book travel to Maui on 6-20-20. Began my search last week when the date became available but to date no first class seats have been made available. I spoke with an Aadvantage rep. today who told all the available seats have been filled. I find that hard to believe as I have checked availability several times a day with no success. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Hate to fly coach when the miles are available for first class and we only get to the islands every few years.


Hi and welcome to the community, @raemike! Trying to book rewards flights can be frustrating, especially if you’re not an elite frequent flyer on that airline. Hoping some of our travel experts will weigh in with alternate strategies, because the only successful workaround I’ve found (besides checking back obsessively and hoping more rewards seats are released) is having points/miles in a bunch of different programs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find some decent points-and-dollars deals through Chase Ultimate Rewards when regular reward availability was nil or at some ridiculously high rate. That won’t help you with American, obviously, but maybe someone here will have an idea that will.