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Alaska Airlines Credit Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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This Card Rocks!

My family and I use this card to save hundreds of dollars a year in airfare and bag fees. The companion fare is good on any flight or fare, no restrictions or fine print.


Worst experience!

I applied for Alaska Signature credit card and they sent me platinum plus card which doesn’t have any of the benefits with signature card. I had to close my account on the same day. This will still be recorded as opened and then closed account in my credit report. This experience has been frustrating and customer service is of no use. I have been a customer of so many banks, first ever experience with Bank of America which turned out be the worst experience of my life.


Terrible phone system and BOA fraud, be careful

I applied for the signature card and they sent a different card instead. Apperently if you are not approved then they still open an account of a different mileage credit card under your name and charge you $50 for opening the account!!! Band of America you are a fraud!!! Then I have to deal with your crappy phone system only to cancel this fraud account, thus dinging my credit score!! Thanks


The two bad reviewers above can’t read.

You don’t apply for a specific card (signature/platinum). You apply and BoA determines which card you get based on creditworthiness. They received the platinum with a lower creditline. The application process makes this very clear if you read the fine print or do a little research. The signature card is fantastic. I received 30k miles after initial spending period and have an annual companion fare that can now be used on Virgin flights as well. Free bag fees for up to 6 people and no foreign transaction fees. No issues with BoA either. All in all, read the rules before you apply for any card and if you have good credit you’ll love the Alaska Air Signature card.


Great Card and Customer Service.

I have had the Signature card for many years now. I am very happy with the mileage rewards plan and have always been pleased when dealing with their customer service. I use this card for all of my purchases and pay it off every month. By doing so, my credit score has rocketed up, as well as my mileage points earned. This is a great card and I highly recommend it.


Terrible bank, worse ethics, good airline

Compared to the other cards out there, this doesn’t offer much other than its partnership with Alaska Air. BofA is horrible dealing with, especially their fraud prevention and claims department. I had a disagreement with a shady merchant after making an order which I then canceled but I was charged for something I never received anyways. I filed a claim and BofA went through the motions of investigating but never actually lifted a finger. I expect at least a credible effort from a bank, especially when using a card that has an annual fee. BofA has no credibility, why should I let them mess with mine!

Also the mileage rewards rate really isn’t that great even if you are a frequent Alaska Air traveler, the free checked baggage is the only thing that really paid off with this card,



I have an excellent credit history and ended up getting the useless Platinum Plus Card. I was in shock about this because I have never gotten a lower tiered card before from any bank or not been approved. The Platinum card has no benefits to be paying a $50 a year membership (for only $25 bucks more you can get the Signature with great perks which is bizarre). You don’t even get a free bag with this card. I cannot help but actually agree it’s a bait and switch. If you luck out and get the Signature card, you get so many great bonuses which are unheard of IMO. If you end up qualifying for the Platinum one, you get royally screwed.



Like users below, I have excellent credit history and was issued the Platinum credit card WHICH I DID NOT APPLY FOR! They sent me a useless card without informing me and now I am stuck with it. There needs to a class action law suit against Bank of America and its sneaky scams.


Great Airline !

Horrible bank…everything about it.
Great airline…only reason I got this card.


Companion Fare

While the companion fare seems like a good deal, the blackout dates are unreal. I have had this card for almost 4 years & have yet to be able to use the companion fare because dates are never available.