Alliant Credit Union Cashback Visa Signature

Alliant Credit Union Cashback Visa Signature
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Unreliable Systems

Cash back levels are the best I’ve seen, but beware that if you’re trying to use this to spend a lot of money on, they’ll give you a fixed line of credit, i.e. $20k/mo for me, and then if you want to make one-time payments during the month, I’ve found that 50% of the time their online transfer system simply won’t work to pay it off, so the card can get filled and stop working. So overall at this point I’m regretting going with this company - more hassle than it’s worth since their systems are unreliable.


Confirmed Slow System

I too have had the same problem. Approaching the 25K limit, paid additional 10k early to ensure the car wouldn’t hit the limit and it didn’t apply for almost a week. Card declined so I used another card. 3% is great though.



I never got this card although I have super excellent credit. They should mention that they have a requirement of making at least 100K yearly and I don’t have that that’s why giving them 1 star because they did a hard copy of my credit and then I never got approved. just an FYI even if you make that kind of money you will be asked to send copies of drivers license and last 2 years of tax returns etc. or at least this is what I was told. Very disappointed with this company.


Best Cash Back Available

I had no issues applying/getting approved. Website & app are easy to use. 3% (intro) cash back appeared as advertized, with the option to dump into an Alliant saving account (currently at 1.2% APR) or transfer directly to account at another institution. Scheduled payment went thru on the correct day. So far this card works as advertised. Have to re-evaluate after the first year when it reverts back to 2.5% cash back + $59 fee, but still better than the 2% cards on the market currently.


Terrible card.

They pull all credit reports. then ask for tax returns corp and personal. with 815 score i for denied. Also i have a million $ in the bank. Forget these people, trust me. Talking to them is like talking to someone working at the DMV.



I just applied for and was accepted for this card. It was pretty easy to apply but a lot of “security” stuff such as a drivers license with picture and a copy of a utility/mortgage bill to verify address. The whole process took less than an hour from start to acceptance. the only complaint was the insurance for delaying payments because of unemployment, sickness etc. Not sure how that is calculated or what the fees are - so I declined. Also, if you want a hard copy like I do, it will cost an extra $1 per month. So be it. All in all it was easy. And I was not asked for any tax return.


Best Cash Back Card Out There

3% cash back is great. Approaching 1 year not worried about annual fee. 2.5% will still beat anything out there. Big spenders will recoup annual fee back in first month. Really easy deceison.


So Far, So Good

My husband and I decided to ditch our Citibank Double Cash card a couple months ago when Citibank decided it knew better than its customers/merchants when it comes to gun sales. We found this card, applied, were accepted a couple of days later and had cards in hand a few days after that. 840 FICO score, btw. We did have to go through a few identity hoops, but Alliant is a smaller credit union and they don’t have the luxury of risk pooling like the bigger banks. They want to confirm who I am? Fine by me. We’re very happy with the card and haven’t experienced any problems with their online banking website or actual use of the card. Their savings and checking APRs are impressive as well, and we moved our savings from another bank to Alliant. We spend upwards of $70k a year on our card, so the annual fee is well offset by the rewards benefits.


no frills, just benefits

Benefits good. A little confusing getting set up if you are not familiar with credit unions. It’s legit, just don’t expect top rate customer service if you call in. Card is very cheap, flimsy plastic… For the amount of $$ average user spends, wish they’d pony up or allow user to upgrade to a metal card. Give some prestige to the outfit…


Terrible service

I applied for this card and was accepted, but they have twice now sent the credit card to the wrong address, and seem incapable of rectifying the situation. I love the cash back percentage and lack of foriegn tx fees. I just hope to receive the card some day.


3% to start great; signup confusing, lots of paperwork

You have to sign up for the credit union before applying for the card. The signup process can be confusing since the word “loan” is used frequently. They only pulled my Transunion report (820). I wasn’t asked for any other documentation and was approved within about 2 hours. After accepting their offer, spent quite a bit of time filling out more paperwork including spousal information and additional users (duplicate info in my case that i had to fill out twice). I think I spent about 20 minutes just filling out paperwork.


you know what they say

If its too good to be true it absolutely is. Read some of the other reviews. Getting started is combersome for a couple with both over 800 credit scores. The kept our limit down to just 10k and have now refused to increase it twice. Even though we pay our entire balance I’m doing it every 3 weeks now so as to not go over the limit. Today I tried to redeem my rewards and had to call to set it up even though they show the process on-line their system wouldn’t do it. Then I was advised it takes more than 2 billing cycles to post! LOL stupid me should have known. I’m suprised this card made the list. No way I’m going to pay an annual fee for this “D” rated card