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Better deals out there!

Most high yield savings accounts compound daily while alliant only compounds monthly and they silently require a $100 AVERAGE balance before they pay the dividend. When you open an account with their free $5 deposit it will take a week or two for the bulk of your deposit to show up and those two weeks with a $5 balance will prevent you from earning any interest for the first month. You are looking at two months before you receive any interest.

You will also have that $5 showing in your account balance but not in your useable funds which is annoying. Ally beats alliant at every turn. None of these idiotic policies and weird gotchas. Every penny deposited in ally is earning interest from day 1. Ally beats their cd rates and has a better website. I opened the alliant account to give a credit union a chance and was not impressed.


Good rates but totally online

Most of their branches are for airline employees only, and they don’t participate in shared branching. You will get good rates but there is a lack of service if you end up needing it.


Great deal

I’ve made nearly $1000 this year between a credit card offer and interest. Super nice!


Exactly what a credit union should be!

I have found zero dislikes.

I started looking for a new credit union when the local one I have been with for 17 years has decided they want to invest in advertising to grow user base, rather than giving members better interest rates.

A reddit user recommended Alliant to me, and I opened up a checking and savings account to give them a trial run… I did have to make the $10 donation, but since I was serious about evaluating them, I did.

I have been nothing but impressed with every interaction… Helpful phone agents, great rates, and their online presence has been flawless!


Just what I wanted

I wanted a high-yield, no-fee set of accounts and that’s what I get with Alliant. I also have a regular wire transfer I receive and most other banks charge fees for incoming wires, but Alliant doesn’t. Coupled with the great interest rates and easy online transfers, I’ve only had great experiences with them. If you don’t need a physical branch and are comfortable with doing everything online, then I highly recommend!


Join if you can!

I have used their services for over 20 years and found their rates to be some of the best in the country. They have provided us with very low interest auto loans. We were also extremely impressed with the security they provide on our credit/debit cards. All of our family are now members.


Alliant Supervisor: Not my problem

When opening an account with Alliant, I was assured by a representative that shared branching would be available to me for cash deposits (there are no Alliant locations or ATM’s that allow cash deposits near me). All was well until today. After a complete transition to Alliant (accounts, credit cards, direct deposits, etc.) and two successful cash deposits using shared branching, I’ve been denied the shared branching feature and offered no recourse by an account supervisor. Furthermore, it was clear the account supervisor could not be bothered about my predicament after asking if he could assist me with closing my accounts.

All in all: very poor customer service, falsehoods conveyed by account reps, topped off with a strong feeling of disdain. Thanks for nothing, Alliant


Love it

Love the atm fee reimbursements that are done at the same day I get the fee. I also love their really high APY on their savings account along with no maximum limit. I also would like the comment on the Anonymous person who said they weren’t allowed to deposit cash with shared branching. You can still deposit cash at deposit friendly CO-OP ATMs and there are, at least where i’m located, a deposit friendly CO-OP ATM at every single credit union branch. Allowing me to conveniently deposit cash.


Poorly trained and rude customer service

I became a member of Alliant Credit Union as I was looking to consolidate my student loans, and because my father had been a member for several years. Alliant outsources their consolidation services to Cology, and after going over the requirements, I knew I didn’t qualify as I haven’t been with my company for two years (I’m a first year teacher). My father and I called in to see if Alliant and Cology would work with us if my father cosigned with me. The Alliant customer service representative, either out of ignorance or deceit, told me that my short tenure with my job would be overruled by my father cosigning. Encouraged by this blatantly false advice, I spent two to three hours applying… Only to be rejected immediately. Think about it. I wasted two to three hours and took a hard credit pull. I cannot get that time back and the credit pull will remain on record for quite a while, costing me money when I get another car. I worked hard to get my credit to “excellent,” and I don’t appreciate hard credit pulls for loans I never had a shot with. When my father called Alliant, they placed all of the blame on Cology and when I called Alliant, the customer service supervisor basically told me to get over it. They refused to admit any fault and for that, I will no longer use their services. This is not my first loan and I’ve never received such poor customer service.


I love this Alliant!!

I used to be a Chase customer, but then the “Move My Money” movement helped open my eyes to the reality of all the economic issues and bail outs the big banks were getting while, us, normal people suffered.

I began looking for a Credit Union and found this to be the better choice for me. I do NOT regret making this change to Alliant. It works exactly like my old Chase account.

I also moved my money out of oil stocks/real estate to the TIAA Traditional Annuity which is guaranteed money for retirement. Stock brokers will never tell you about the TIAA Traditional Annuity choice, but they will definitely highlight the negatives about it.

The biggest hint is the fact that it’s guaranteed money when you retire! (As long as you actually invest into it, as well!) Ever since I moved my money into it, all I see now in my portfolio is “Green”!!!. The best thing about it is not affected by how many times Wall Street crashes the stock market!


Don’t Bank Here

Loan associates need upgraded training! Denied loan for amount totalling LESS than balance in savings. Felt discriminated against by female loan associate, who never took time to talk, using email and phone-tag to communicate poorly. Calculated my DTI as “high,” no explanation. Good credit scores, across the board, young age, college graduate full time employment, double-digit savings. Decent income. Alliant seems to look for ways to deny you, though willing to take your money. Will be removing funds from this establishment immediately.


Make banking great again

#1 Very high APY. No need for further explanation.
#2 Very efficient faster than light client service. I always got an agent quickly and short responses. Like when I submitted a fax for my membership application and called them to make sure that they received it. The lady told me they received it and that she would review it and send me the answer. 10 minutes later I got an email saying I was approved.
#3. No ACH fees. It means you wont have to pay any fee to transfer money to another account in another bank.
#4. No annual fee.
#5. No minimum balance fee.
#6. No minimum balance (appart from 5$ in your savings that alliant seems to offer anyways).
#7. Giving realisitic delays and preventing hardship by allowing us to plan accordingly. I asked for when I will receive my debit card, was told by next monday, got it 3 days before. When I deposit a check it says it might take between 3 to 7 business days, it clears in less than 24h.
#8. They reimburse ATM fees up to 20$ by month.

#1. They do not have many branches. But frankly with the quality of the customer service over the phone why would one bother the hassle of getting there, waiting there and going away from them when you have acces to the same services and faster over the phone?
#2. Even I who loves to complain can’t find more cons… dang it!

Seriously, it changes me a lot from other banks that were a continuous source of disapointment. I am now happy and relaxed and thinking about my bank now makes me smile instead of get angry. Definitely a no brainer to me.



I filled out the application and when I got to the end, I was REQUIRED to make a donation in order to be given an account membership! AFTER making the REQUIRED donation, my application for an account was DENIED!!! I called and requested my donation be refunded and was told that someone would get back to me! I want to see how Alliant deals with these UCC VIOLATIONS!!!


Transfer in and Transfer Out LIMITS - RESTRICTED

High yield savings account:
Transfer in funds is limited to $10k per day
Transfer out funds is limited to 25% of transfer in limit ($2,500).
Very scary that they restrict how much of your money you can transfer out.
Not a usable savings account because of these limitations.


Super slow - Bad Customer Service


Signed up for Credit Card. Was with underwriting for almost 2 weeks with no follow-up from them. Took multiple calls to move along. After a month still don’t have access to online account because I have not received my member # and they refuse to release over the phone even though they verified my ID with everything from my SSN, to my address, mothers maiden name, etc, etc.

After 4 calls to customer service and repeated assuarances of getting member ID, still don’t have it.

Will probably close account soon.


What a pain to work with!

We took out a loan with Alliant for our travel trailer. They won’t let me pay pay directly from my checking account which I find odd. I pay all of my other bills that way. They wanted me to open a checking account with them but I didn’t want to do that so we had to open an savings account with Alliant, transfer money from my checking with Bank of America into my savings at Alliant every month for my loan payment. Then I have to watch my Alliant account until it shows the transfer has processed, then transfer it from that savings into my loan payment. Really? So I’ve been doing that every month on time. Today I had an issue and needed to see if I could make a payment a little late (4 days past their 10 grace period). Nope! They said there’s nothing they can do. That’s understanding. I’ll remember that for other loans or checking/savings accounts in the future.


Run away! Fast!

This place is an absolute scam. I donated the required $10 for membership and then was denied because they were “unable to verify” my information. My social security number was issued to me since I was a young child. I’ve had a driver’s license in my state since I moved here in 1997. I’ve lived at the same address for 7 years. I took my husband’s last name when I got married, but that was 10 years ago. What kind of systems do they have in place to verify people’s personal information if they can’t verify info that hasn’t changed in almost a decade? When I tried to get more information as to what I can do to get this taken care of, I was ignored. They simply stole my money and I’m furious. Do yourself a favor and stay FAR AWAY from these people. They are either incompetent or shysters.


RV loan

Lowest rate I could find on a motor home. Fast response and funding. They do require a $5.00 deposit into a savings account but they did the deposit. They require a direct deposit for loan payments. I chose to have it be taken from my savings account. I was assigned a personal banker and was given a phone number where I could reach him directly for questions. I’ve had the loan almost two years with no problems. The rate is 3.75.


not consumer friendly

Customer service is horrible the information they tell you is not accurate.
Not consumer friendly
Check hold times are horrible
No cap on NSF daily