Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union
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The best bank replacement for those who love to save

There are thousands of banks and credit unions out there. Alliant’s product and service offerings are built around 1 demographic – those who love to save $. Best-in-class rates, generally good customer service, very reasonable website/atm services, amazing credit cards, decent reporting tools. Nothing in life is free though…Alliant takes longer to setup new accounts, has more penalties for those who overspend, is certainly more difficult to get a loan at, and doesn’t really have local branches…its online website also goes offline for a few hours nearly every night…but these are tradeoffs worthwhile to those who who want the highest rates, good security, and are focused on saving $$.


Deceptive practices

They way they calculate interest should be illegal. Worse that taking a loan from the mob.


Overcharding for Loan and failure to apply payment.

We opened a car loan at a very low interest rate and paid the balance off in less than 12 months. Our last loan payment was transferred into a saving account and not applied to the loan. If we had not called, we would have not only been charge a late fee, but also would have been in default. The memo line clearly identified the loan account and not a savings account we didn’t even know was opened on our behalf. In addition, when we called for the payoff amount, we updated our address to receive our title - when we called to confirm the account had been paid in full, our old address was still on file. Needless to say, we do not recommend this Credit Union.



I was given incorrect information by a rep in customer service. I called back days later only to be given the run around on the truth which is the rep. miscommunicated details to me. Instead of an apology all I get is the run around. No fees reversed, now I have to dispute it, after the rep told me I would not have to worry about it.


Worst Loan system ever

While as a bank they are fine never even think of looks at line of credit from this place. Its been over 2 months and they are still asking for more and more information from me. If you just want a savings or checking account they are great. Stay as far away as possible from there loan services though.


Great bank

I could not be happier choosing Alliant after leaving my 10 year hate-hate relationship with Wells Fargo. I love that the app will show you a quick snapshot of your accounts without having to log in and that I can set up my fingerprint for when I do need to access the details. The check depositing feature is more user friendly than Wells Fargo’s, in my opinion (easier to get an “acceptable” shot).

The website is as expected with bill pay, overdraft protection and ability to transfer internally and externally to Alliant. My interest rate is 1.45% on my savings accounts and .65% on my checking (yes, interest on my checking!)

I’ve no issues finding ATMs that are “fee free” and the reimbursement of the other banks fees is instantaneous. Overall the only downside to not having any local branches was when I needed a cashier’s check for my mortgage closing. Since I didn’t know the exact amount until a day beforehand, I had to pay an $18 fee to have the check overnighted to me. Considering how infrequently I need a cashier’s check, I don’t consider this an issue.

I’m a happy customer!


total scam

I applied for the 3% cash back card. I have high income and excellent credit that I read is needed to be approved. After a hard pull on my credit and requiring copies of my last 2 years of tax returns, they tell me on the phone I’m approved for a $15k limit. Then a few days later they tell me I’m only getting a $5k limit instead. A few days after that they tell me they can’t proceed unless I can show them more income. This is clearly a bait and switch scam. Stay away from Alliant!


Bait and Switch

They offered me a low interest rate on my car saying I needed only a 740 credit score. Online my score is above 780+ so I thought no problem. After a HARD pull on my credit they tell me today that the score they pulled doesn’t qualify me for the loan rates they offered and instead they wanted to offer me something 100 bps higher costing me $800 a year more than original terms. They had no flexibility here and wouldn’t even considering calling TransUnion to get validation of the score that I see from TransUnion online that is much higher than whatever they pulled. This is a total bait and switch DO NOT USE THEM or you will have a hard inquiry and they WILL NOT honor their rates.


Absolute scam don’t get a loan, run away

We had the loan a couple of months when they asked for confirmation of our insurance. We provided it as well as our agent sent it to them 3 times, they claimed every time they didn’t receive the insurance and were going to assess insurance and add it to the loan. Fortunately we could pay the loan off and they were unable to scam us out the $854 to insure our trailer.


worst bank ever

This has got to one of the worst banks Ive ever used. After 3 of providing documents repeatedly to this I cancelled my loan application. I would provide the requested document which would then be quoted in request for something else then be requested again. This went on for a full 3 mths after which i cancelled my application. 48 hrs after I cancelled my application due to staff incompetence I was emailed a letter telling me my application was closed but the reason given was that I had insufficient credit. Total crap from a terrible bank. stay away from them at all costs


The mortgage department is horrible!

I have had my checking and savings account with Alliant credit union for 20 years. Never had any problems. Until I applied for a refinance in December 2017. The agent assigned to my case said she would call me back I didn’t hear from her until February. At that time she said she would call me back when she got back from Dubai. She did not call me back. I spoke to her again in March she told me I would get better rates at Bank of America or Chase. I applied at One West Bank yesterday. Great customer service and locked in at a great rate. I am so upset with Alliant right now.


Great, until you need a large amount withdrawn in a pinch

I switched to Alliant a little less than a year ago, after deciding to move away from big banks and go to a CU instead.

Opening up my checking and savings accounts went smoothly – it was really easy to use the app to deposit the checks I wrote out to myself, in order to transfer funds to my new accounts from the old bank. Since then, it has been fuss-free regular banking, with the knowledge that I’m also earning relatively high interest on both my savings and checking. The app and website are user friendly, I’m able to use any ATM and if there are fees, Alliant will instantly reimburse them up to $25 each month, and customer service reps have generally been easily reachable and helpful.

However, I just needed to sign a lease to a new apartment and I’ve had significant frustration in getting the money that I needed for the security/1st month/broker fee when I needed it. To the point that I am thinking of switching to another institution. Alliant doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar or partnering institution anywhere near me, so I wasn’t able to get a certified bank check. They told me they could send a bank check to me, but it would take time to process and mail… and they only mail via regular first class. With my time constraint to get the payment for lease signing, this was not an option. So I needed to go the money order route. Unfortunately, Alliant has pretty low limits on how much money you can withdraw or debit each day ($1000 for each per day), so I was only able to partially get the payment that I needed. And I am now having to spread out my withdrawals and debit charges over a 3 day period. Instead of one trip and one transaction… I’m having to do 3 withdrawals and 3 debits, with 3 days of trips to the post office. This has been an absolutely ridiculous and time-consuming experience, on top of all of the other stress that comes along with moving.

I realize that this situation is an exception for me, since I don’t usually need to withdraw so much at once. But it does make me nervous about what might happen in an emergency, and if I need to go through getting a new apartment again or another large payment. I have more than enough money in my account, and I really don’t appreciate a bank telling me that I can’t access my funds when I need them and for however much I need.

This alone has made me question staying with Alliant.


Way better than Bank of America

I switched to a credit union after BofA kept treating me like crap - I’m an immigrant and even with good credit banks don’t treat you very well. I had a credit card for $700 with BofA and they wouldn’t raise the limit even though I got a really good job. Alliant looked at 2 paystubs and approved a $10,000 credit card right away.

Other perks:

  • ATMs are free everywhere no matter what
  • Great customer service
  • Fraud detection is ACTUALLY GOOD and if they do detect fraud they only pause your card and not cancel it
  • App is pretty barebones but does everything you need
  • Customer service is always helpful
  • You can open multiple accounts and the interest will adjust automatically to which checking account receives a direct deposit
  • Treat you like a member not a customer they’re trying to make money off of (credit unions are non profits)
  • High interest checking and savings


  • Maintenance periods: they warn you in advance but it’s super frustrating when you’re out on the town and the app doesn’t work because of scheduled maintenance
  • I’ve been charged overdraft fees even though I didn’t go into negative - not sure what that’s about
  • If you are applying for a loan you might be in for a surprise: they are extremely careful who they give money to. If you need a personal loan use lending club or someone else.
  • Don’t refer friends with bad credit, they will be rejected even for a checking account


Worst online access set-up and customer service ever!

We’ve had our loan with Alliant for 3 months, set-up online access right away, including ACH of payment. 1st payment didn’t process, so I called in to pay over phone, they wanted to charge me $10, they waived. 2nd payment didn’t process, tried to login online to find out issue and access was locked because they didn’t have info for my husband and when I called in they wouldn’t unlock account even though I’m on account and they could verify who I was. I made payment over phone and was charged $10 this time and they wouldn’t waive. Nice! My husband finally had time to call them, resolve issue and we were able to login. Today however when I try to login, I can’t and again I have to call, this time at least I don’t have to make payment over phone, but they still won’t give me online access only my husband…such a waste of time for everyone. I asked for a payoff, and funny they could give me this, but not online access. I’ve been in consumer banking / finance for 30 years and have accounts at one of the well known banks and I have no issues with them because they truly value customer service…this place doesn’t and I will be looking to place my loan with a company who values my business.


Super bad customer service

I started using an Alliant credit card in January 2018. At the time I set up online access, added my email address and set up for paper statements. So far so good. In February, I didn’t receive a paper statement or email notification so I missed the payment due. In early March, I went to use the card and it had been shut off. That’s right, the credit card was completely shut off for a $7.12 thirty day past due amount. Not until I posted a payment and waited 24 hours could my card be used again. They acknowledged their error but, it took more than an hour with their terrible customer service people to get the late charge and interest charges removed.


Credit Card Limits

I have a credit card and savings account. They limit the credit card spending by putting a hold on the deposits for up to 5 business days. They will not increase my credit limit. I think they do this on purpose to limit my spending with the card. It is a real pain. Hard to talk with anyone…they send a email to the department and you have to wait. Very poor customer service, but highest cash back. Not sure if it is worth the hassle.


Love this banking experience

I may be an outlier, but being from a Tennessee customer who moved away from BoA to Capital One 360, then to Alliant, I love banking with ACU. Setting up the account was simple and easy to do. No issues setting up direct deposits, bill pay, or additional accounts. Visa Signature credit card & car loan were both applied for online & approved within a couple days. Lastly, I have foundd the online experience & mobile app very easy to use.


Sad Excuse for a Local Company

Alliant CU is the worst bank I have ever used. I tried to support a local company vs using Chase, but Chase has never treated me this poorly.

ACU made mistakes on my savings account that turned into a collection and they refuse to fix it. My credit is ruined, because of this I was not able to purchase a home and was turned down by dream job.

IF Chase ever makes a mistake they fix it right away, Ill never use a credit union again because of Alliant.

I am not the first person to have this sort of experience, check around online you will find tons of dissatisfied customers.


Website is horrible. Multiple problems. Not fixed

Can’t pay bills from internet site. Have to sign in from mobile. Can’t send secure message because it times out and logs you out. FRUSTRATED.


They string you along

Likes- website simple to use

  • Will give you a pre approved loan quote, then gradually lower the quote as the process goes along.

-Will not finance Tax Title and license with a car loan

-No loan officer on Saturdays (The day when most car purchases take place)

-When asking for an explanation for a loan with unacceptable terms and a long response, the officer gives a canned response and repeats it without actually answering the question. The Answer is generally about the analytics of the credit report, all algorithms no human judgment.

-No different from any other bank, lazy customer service, overly reliant on computer algorithms to take the place of a human being with loan decisions. Do not take into account FICO score, but things like past income (Which is illegal BTW)