Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union
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Terrible Ap Online Banking and Cust Ser

Rates are great. There is no doubt. However, you will have constant problems with their website and mobile banking. They have taken security to a level that you can’t ever even get to your money. Closed my acct after two weeks. Constant problems and rude customer service.


Credit card not meant for big spenders

FYI… Alliant has a policy that all credit card payments over $1000 have a ONE WEEK processing. That means even after you make a payment they will decline transactions for a week. This is true for all customers, even if you have perfect credit. I typically spend about $20,000 per month on my cards, and this card has been unusable. Cancelling ASAP.


Can’t get my cash back

The Alliant credit card promises 3% cash back, but after 6 months, I can’t get my money. They are having systems and login problems. Really bad customer service.


Choose another credit union.

Did a mobile deposit of $1430 dollars and then they locked me out of my account and turned off my debit card so I had no money. Called there 24/7 number and they magically couldn’t help me because the department that handles that is not 24/7. Will be closing my account and would not recommend this cu to anyone.


Great Offshore Banking

Moved back to Europe, changing my address was flawless. Using their debit card for all my travels.


Great online bank.

Alliant is a great online bank for those who don’t like the options they have where they live. All the banks near me offer checking accounts that are loaded with fees. Alliant has no fees whatsoever and on top of that, there is a credit union near me that is deposit friendly in the CO-OP network allowing me to deposit cash into my Alliant checking account which is awesome. Whenever I need smaller denominations of cash such as $5s or whatnot I go to a nearby Chase branch where I can use their high tech ATM inside their branch and my ATM fee will be reimbursed. There are other times where I needed cash fast and I was able to go to any atm and get that fee reimbursed. The only thing missing from this bank that prevents it from becoming a 5 star bank is SMS banking alerts. The only alerts they provide are highly detailed emails but I am too busy to be checking my emails to read every single transaction alert that goes through. Alliant needs to add SMS banking alerts if it is going to stay competitive. It is investing heavily into mobile banking well SMS banking is part of mobile banking.


Terrible service

I have a car loan with them and their service is awful. I set up automatic payments but needed to have it start a month later. There is no way to adjust an automatic payment online, you need to call the help desk. After speaking to the representative, I was put on hold while they tried to figure out how to change my automatic payments. I have to fill out a separate form and send it to “someone in the back office”. No idea why I can’t simply adjust it from my account like you can do with almost every other bank I have dealt with. Don’t use them to buy a car! They make it almost difficult to pay off your loan.


Worse Bank ever

I payed off my loan and this bank ran my card three times and stole $8200 and are making me wait until tomorrow to get my money back. Customer service is non-existent .I’m over drawn on my account and cannot even buy lunch because my account is locked .


Poor Customer Service (Loan Department)

Bad and Poor customer service “Loan Department”.
Not helpful and unable to explain or give you more options about loans. They are like answering machines!!!


Poor customer valuation

The people side, arguably the most important, is very poor. They simply do not value the customer. I am now looking to switch to another credit union because of this.

The website and app work okay, although leave much to be desired in terms of functionality when compared to other banking apps.

The rates are pretty high when compared other credit unions and banks.


Bad customer service/locked account for a long time.

They are horrible customer service in order to verify your aacount they wanted to talk to employer instead of dealing directly with me and I can get it my employer. They also placed a restiction on my account for almost a week and couldnt even pay my bills. They will put you on hold for so long while they chit chat and not fix the problem. They said they will call me back and havent for the whole day. When im basically just asking to have access to my account n money. This is is riduculous credit union ever.


Happy New Member

I recently decided to join a credit union and I decided to join Alliant Credit Union–and I couldn’t be happier.

The online membership process was quick and painless–the only short delay was that I had to upload copies of my drivers license, utility bill and Social Security card (by short I mean hours not days).

Everyone in customer service has been great and responsive–I’m really happy.

I’ve noticed that some customers had problems with large/last minute withdrawals and credit payments. I think Alliant has their regulations posted and if you can plan ahead I don’t see any problems. If you don’t pay your bills on time and you don’t contact them for an extension–what did you expect?

For me it’s so far so good. If things go bad down the road, I’ll post a follow-up review.


Total Waste

Ridiculous Institution. Poor customer service; poor administrative attendance; lousy access. Was a member for many years until lack of “cash” capability and local branches drove me away. Came back by default via a car loan. To my surprise, any additional payments made as principal only were having interest deducted; my only experience through many years and several institutions. When questioned, they changed their answers on me several times. Will pay off my present loan, and never return to this institute under any circumstances. It is no wonder they are shutting down all their branches under the osmosis of “Electronic Banking”…laughs. Read "Going under…


Downhill Credit Union

Ever since Alliant started closing down branches, customer service reps have becoming extremely rude. They now talk like they don’t care about their jobs and would insult members. I made a phone call regarding a credit card application and when I asked if it was approved or denied the rep said “Do you see your credit card account on your alliant account? Well there’s your answer there. No phone call required.” Their rates are good but at what expense if everytime you call you won’t get your questions taken seriously. I’m closing my account and never going back.


Great Credit Union

High interest rates - low/no fees. The app and website are a bit outdated, but functional.