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Online bank with surprisingly excellent service.

Competitive rates, excellent service and ease of access.


Great bank for people who don’t need a branch

They have such amazing customer service that it doesn’t matter I don’t have branches to go to.


Excellent at holding my money without any hassle!

I used to bank with Wells Fargo and I had a grandfathered checking account with no fees. I would dread going to the bank because of how they would hassle me to open other accounts or take out loans. I switched to Ally and they never bother me about stuff like that. The one time I needed customer service help, I was talking to someone on the phone in 3 minutes and my problem was resolved in another 2. The rates are great and the fact that they reimburse atm fees is awesome too. I hated only being able to get cash out of Wells Fargo atms. The only downside to Ally is that there is no way to deposit cash. Not a huge deal but would be a nice feature. I’m not sure how they would accomplish it though. Overall, EXCELLENT!


Worst banking experience I have ever had

I was attempting to transfer money to schwab and roll over the rest. It took 6 persons including a supervisor Donnie(who failed to call me back), Adrian in Phoenix who recorded the wrong type of cd, david in Arizona who didn’t even process the original request, three others who could not figure out the amount of money to be transferred and the amount to be rolled over. After 1 1/2 hours tonight I think the problem was finally resolved…This is the incompetent,unprofessional service you will receive at Ally bank. Caveat emptor!!!


Horrible website with worse customer service.

Website is not user friendly. Customer service is not helpful and have long wait times. I was hesitant to do any banking online and now regret not staying with my local bank. I bought a few CDs with the idea of starting a ladder. I will wait for these to mature and move them out back to my local bank.


Higher CD rates just aren’t worth the hassle

Customer service is completely unhelpful / incompetent. The web design is way behind the times. I would not recommend banking with them to anyone.



Good company went to reference! Never miss 1 payment in 4 years and they would not take on my new loan. I will never use them again. Grate credit 735.


Ally is awful ar customer service

I have been
N in the process of purchasing a truck from a young man who financed it thru Ally and we have been working on this for three days, with it being a bank to bank transaction you would THINK it would be simple but heck no! We have been thru 4 people so far and can not get the title or a copy of it so I can close the deal. All customer service reps speak broken English and not any help at all. I have had to change my work schedule 3 times so far and still no copy sent, we have 3 confermation numbers and have to start over every time . This bank is a JOKE. On customer service and that is why you can’t meet anyone face to face. Do not use this bank if you think you may need service after the fact! I give them a “0” for service.



I had an auto loan with Ally. Traded vehicle and dealership paid off loan at Ally. I received an overpayment check, deposited check in MY account. Four days later Ally illegally withdrew the check amount form MY bank account causing me to incur 123.00 in overdraft charges. Contacted Ally and they refused to offer any explanation. Have sent details to Attorney General and bank regulators. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALLY EVER AGAIN.



They had an outage this week that shutdown the entire bank for two days. They said nothing to their customers. The website and mobile app just said to “try again later”. Customer service will make no amends for the problems created by this unannounced bank holiday. I’m leaving this bank. You shouldn’t join.


Awful Ally

The worst customer service on the planet. Their overzealous fraud department blocked an ATM transaction (even though I called before I left) while I was on vacation so I didn’t get the money but they still charged me. I had to spend $40 on an overseas phone call to their incompetent “help” line who still hasn’t figured it out. As soon as they give back the money I am closing the account. Lots of frustration dealing with this bank. Avoid!!!


Simple online bank

I have used Ally bank for about 3 years and had nothing great results.

However, I contacted them and learned they have NO plans to support EMV chip-based debit cards. A real disappointment that Ally does not take security more seriously.


new customer

I just opened a new saving account and plan to move my IRA. Yes, the service person had a noticeable accent - but not a problem. In fact she was most polite and helpful. Currently, I’m using Ally as a holding station. Rates are good and easy access. So far, so good…


Bad practices

I opened an account believing an online bank would offer smoother transfers and other online banking options. BOY, was I wrong. They take far too long to process deposited and transfers and hold money 2-3 days before making it available. If you don’t have a large cushion, this causes overdrafts for them to make $ from. The longer I have been with them, the more like a scam it feels. Other banks process deposits and transfers in 1/2 the time.


I rarely write reviews, but felt obliged this time

I’m really quite pleased with Ally. I always get quick, helpful customer service and I find the UI to be quite good. I like how easy it is to open new accounts, etc.



We have 3 on-line bank accounts and they all have something we do not like about them. I was hopeful that Ally would be the best account, but I am disappointed in their policy and customer service. I make a purchase online and the amount is pending on the first day, and the next day it drops off. I complained about this and Ally said it was the merchant doing this, but it is not, it is the Ally bank policy. They lied. When I purchase from my other 2 banks the same merchant purchases do not drop off. They stay in the PENDING until the amount is posted to the account. For this reason, I will no longer use my Ally checking accounts.


Great Savings Account

I have three Online Savings Accounts with Ally. Love them. High rates, and no fees for what I use it for. Customer service is amazing. They are online or in the phone 24/7 so you can contact them after normal business hours, unlike traditional banks. Wait times have never been more than 2 minutes for me and the wait times are always posted live online. The help provided by customer service has been superb. For those that it matters to, both phone conversations I have had (after business hours) with people in the US. I more often use online chat where the representative’s location is unknown, but their grasp of English is excellent. I have seen many negative comments about the level of customer service, but this has not been my experience at all. In fact, I would rate them as high or higher than any other bank I have done business with.

There can be a 2-3 day delay on money transfers to outside institutions, but this is not much different from a regular bank. Most of the nagtive reviews addressing this fact seen to be attempting to use the savings account as a checking account, which is not its intended purpose.

The web interface for the accounts is very simple, both in functionality and to learn. I do not see this as a negative because the service being provided is also very simple - no need to complicate matters.

I highly recommend using Ally’s online savings account for its simplicity, no minimum balance threshhold, and high interest rates.



Your bank is horrible. I sent a pay off for a truck of 32,500.00 and it has been 3 weeks and I still don’t have the title. First you said you lost the check that I sent federal express over night. We then had to cancel that check and send a new one. When a person sends you a check and you say you lost it the least you could do is when you do get the title you could absorb a little expense and over night the title to the owner . I will be happy to tell everyone I know of this terrible experience with this bank.


Ally shutdowns the transfer option without notice

I have a money market savings account with Ally since 2011. The account is always active. Recently, I have set up an external savings PNC account. The set up has been verified with 2 trial small deposits but when I did the transfer from PNC to Ally, the ACH transaction has been rejected saying the PNC savings is not valid. I sent an inquiry using secured message for question. Ally shutdowns the transfer feature 2 days later without any explanation. The only option left for me is closing the account to withdrawal the balance.