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Ally Bank
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This bank’s policies reek the rotting paper dinosaur.

Ally bank is terrible for anyone who grew up with digital devices. Claiming this bank is “for millennials” just because it has a smartphone app, fancy fonts and big graphics is kinda BS. This bank’s policies reek the rotting paper dinosaur. Their app’s color scheme can’t cover the smell of their predatory fee schedule designed to rob smartphone users.

For example, if your finger hits the wrong button in Paypal and it tries to withdraw funds you don’t have in your linked Ally account, not only will Ally charge you an outrageous $25 overdraft fee for basically just having their software reply “404 sorry no funds” to Paypal, but Ally will also charge you two more $25 fees for both retries – which you can’t cancel btw. That’s right, $75 for a finger slip up! And good luck calling their customer support automated phone maze and waiting on hold listening to static noise over what appears to be an FM radio music station for 45 min just to have someone read you a printed corporate message that basically says “nope lol k bye”.

Maybe the paper generations were OK with such outrageous fees, maybe they were thinking “oh no my bad, what was I thinking when I wrote this check, someone will now have to do a lot of paper work to sort out my mistake, it’s only fair that I compensate them, oh my god I’m so sorry”. But we all know that’s BS today and the process is all programmed and automated. Checking a balance is not any harder or expensive than it is for an online game to mark the prices in red and give you an error message when you don’t have enough candy coins to spend.

Screw them. Let them think you’re “entitled” for expecting a decent UX from a software app in 2018 and move your business to a bank that gets it. They exist and they’re not Ally.


Deposit held Hostage

So… I deposited a check (fun money for an upcoming trip) for $800 and I received a note on 12/27/2017 that the funds cleared.

I start to use my Ally Card and it is declined. I check online and it says I am negative, but an available balance of $800+ (I already has $300 in the account).

I figured it was a glitch and let it go. I then tried to call Ally later that night and got a hold time of over 30 minutes so I figured I would wait until the following day.

Following morning the funds still are not available (7 days later) so I called. After 25 Minutes on hold they answered and hung up. I immediately dial back and I am now on hold for over 30 minutes. (I also tried web chat and it kept going offline).

The rep gets on and immediately she has an attitude as if I am imposing on her time. She looks at my account and says yes, the money will be available tomorrow. I asked why and she said because that is policy. When I pushed he she said it is at discretion. As I pushed more and more it appears because I have usually only deposit $400 a month and just deposited $800 it was suspicious and being held. I asked for a manager and she flat out declined to let me speak to anyone. As I got more heated and said I am going to she said good we don’t want dead beat customers like you.

Worth noting. I have been an Ally customer for over 6 years and always raved about them. Those days are over.

Understaffed by under qualified people who do not know customer service or corporate policies.



Still waiting!

Still waiting on them to open my account. It’s been almost a week. You call but it says wait time is at least 30 minutes. But you wait for nearly 50 minutes. Then they can’t help you. It’s a different department you have to wait for them to contact you. It’s ridiculous.


Terrible customer service

They have good interest rates and low fees but their customer service is terrible. ACH transfer take three times as long as any other online bank. The customer service line is always as least a 30 minute wait and when you do get someone they can’t do anything for you and they wont transfer to any body that can make a decision. I will be changing banks as soon as my CDs mature.


long time to talk to a person

I’ve been a customer for many years now. The only problem that I have is that it takes over 20 minutes to talk to a person, and I don’t get responses to my e-mails. Things that can be done without human intervention are quick and easy.


fading veneer

It seemed good when we signed up, but the 1.5% quickly became 1.25%, and the customer service is practically non-existent. The average phone wait time is consistently over 30 minutes, and the chat feature does not work. Email does not yield a reply.


Are they real or what

Seeing the best CD rate advertised last December, I filled out an application for CD account online on the Christmas day. After I submitted the application the message said it’ll take 3-5 business days to be ready for deposit. I thought it was odd not allowing me to deposit money right away. What was more strange was that I did not receive any kind of confirmation afterward. No communication whatsoever. The phone wait time was insanely long, like over 30 minutes constantly, so I used online chat to verify my application. I started out with #72 on chat queue and had to wait for more than 30-40 minutes. The agent is not able to access or verify my application. She took my name and number and said someone who can help will call. Since then 8 business days passed. No communication as of yet. This is most outrageous customer service I’ve ever experienced.


check advertised rates prior to opening an account with Ally

I opened an account and did not receive the promotional CD rate advertised, even though the customer service rep I spoke with assured me that I would. Once the account was opened I went in and saw that the rate was changed to 1.70% and not the 2% that was advertised and that I was assured I would receive.


Sudden service problems

Ally used to have great customer service. Telephone access to a representative was prompt and staff was helpful. Not sure what has gone wrong, but now they are saying wait times to speak with someone are 20 to 30 minutes. Not acceptable! I will be transferring my business elsewhere.


Stay away.

Customer service is a joke. You will be on hold for at least 25 minutes if you call by phone. And even if you want to chat on line, the way is usually 20 minutes. I closed my account today.


Bait & Switch

Ally offered a 2% - 12 month Cd. When my funds were deposited 14 days later (including Christmas and New years), they dropped their rate to 1.70%. They claim the rate they offered is only valid for 10 calendar days!


Customer Service wait time- 20-25 mins

they no longer have chat customer service and I have been waiting for customer service for over 15 mins now and the recorded message continues to say your wait time is 20-25 mins. firstly, how does a bank have such long wait times? secondly, how can the time not reduce. I have lost 3 days of interest because their ridiculous customer service is not even available. to add insult to injury they ask for people to rate their service at the end of the call. One must get past talking to the agent to be able to even do that.


Horrible customer service

Call hold time over 30 minutes everytime. Take 3 days to open a CD and open at reduced rates. What a waste of time. Will close account with Ally if they don’t the CD rate.


choose another bank

Milseading rates, difficult phone systems, tough to get resolution on issues. Not good attributes for a bank.


Horrible customer service.

I have had an account for two years, but recently tried to take advantage of a CD rate special. Due to 45 minute wait times by phone, I sent a secure email. After no response for several days, I tried again. I didn’t get a response to that either. I finally contacted a customer representative, and now the CD rate special is no longer available. Chat has also been unavailable.

I am considering closing the account. If I can’t get in contact with an online bank I don’t want my money with them.


They don’t answer the phone.

Signed up for a 12 month cd @ 2%. Funds sent the same day, received four day later. Website says there is a 10 day guarantee but the rate on my cd once funded was 1.7 percent. Is it big money? No. Does it bother me when a bank lies to me about my money? YES.

24/7 phone support? Called at 7 on Saturday. No answer so far, 28 minutes into my phone call. If they had picked up the phone I would not have written this review.


Dont open an account

I have had multiple saving accounts at Ally for years. Something has changed, their customer service is now non-existent and it is impossible to get a hold of someone. Their hold time use to be less than 5 minutes and are between 27 minutes to and hour. Stay away for this bank! They longer care about their customers. Just go to their Facebook page and you will see tons of complaints. Stay away because if you have a problem you will not be able to get it resolved. I will be looking for a new online bank!



No one responds to secure messages and phone wait is 40 minutes





Telephone wait times are horrible!

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a customer service representative for 3 days now. Telephone wait times are terrible. In the beginning I could call and get someone right away but now it’s a joke…not sure what is going on there but they are having some serious problems.