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Misleading APY rate for CD

I opened a 12 month CD with 2% APY rate on Jan 2nd, the deposit showed up in 7 days and the APY suddenly changed to 1.7%.

Ironically, they showed a policy during sign up to honor the highest rate within 10 days.


Can’t get things right…

Signed up for 2% interest rate and now they have me at 1.7%. Now I’m on the phone WAITING for them 15-20 minutes AFTER the first recording said a 10-15 minute wait. So my wait got longer while I waited…hmmm.


Going downhill

Was a time this bank was flawless. I guess with its expanding, their customer service reps are not what they used to be. Have had serious problems ordering checks to my liking. On more than one occasion, they sent me the wrong checks. No fun having to shred 250 checks, not to mention the waste of time and paper.


Servers down twice in two weeks. long queue on phone

Used to like this bank but something has gone horribly, horribly wrong recently. I had to verify a transaction last week. Their servers were down so I had to call. Twenty minute wait. Today they called me at 7:50 am to verify a wire transfer. I didn’t get to the phone in time - because I was asleep. Called back. Now I am in the general phone queue and they have been saying “15 to 20 minutes” for five minutes now. So I decide to go online. They wanted a code put in because they said it was a new computer I was using - It wasn’t. No matter, send me the code. They did - I put in in and got “There was an internal server error thrown:” Same error when i tried to login again or to get a new code sent. Having online servers down twice in as many weeks is pure incompetence. Maybe greed - hire competent IT people and more people to answer your phones.


Full of lies

I Signed up for a CD for 2% was told I had ten days to fund the account, I had the money in the account on day 8 but they held it in pending status till day 12. Now my interest rate is 1.55% so I call customer service and they say the money was put in after the 10 day period. Even though it was deposited 2 days before it had to be. After my 12 months is up I will withdraw my money and never use this bank ever again! Don’t fall In their trap like I did!


Wow… Awesome banking :slight_smile: 5*

Been with them for 7 years now and = 5* from me. Never a problem at all. When ever I have a question they are there for me. Love it :slight_smile:


Worst, Untrustworthy, Untruthful

About two weeks ago, on Christmas day, 2017, after seeing their 1 yr CD rate highest at the time, I applied for a CD account online. When I submitted the application, the website said it’d take 3 to 5 business days to complete and be ready for deposit. I thought it was odd not letting me deposit money right away. Anyway I waited to hear from them for a confirmation and direction for the next step. Insanely enough I did not get any response since then. I tried both to call them on the phone and chat online many times during the following week, but it was impossible. The wait time was constantly more than 40 minutes, chat queue was #72. When I finally got hold of a chat agent, I left my name and number to be called by someone who can verify my application. But still no communication whatsoever till today. At this point there is no way I can do any business with them, but my concern is that I supplied my personal information on the application. Judging from what I experienced I cannot trust anything about them including secure and proper handling of private data. Absolutely no trust for this organization. Hard to believe they can afford to behave this way toward customers this day and age.


Poor customer service

With this online bank, the trouble is not able to talk with a REAL person over the phone. I got an email saying my log in got frozen due to someone tried to log in. I was advised to call their phone to settle this issue.

I called last week nunberous times, morning, afternoon, early morning, late night, Sunday or weekdays , and keep on hearing the same recording which said the associate will be with you “in 20 to 25 minutes. “ Until today, I still can not resolve this issue.
I decide to not do any business with them after my CD matures.


gone downhill

i was originally attracted to the higher interest rates. since that time, my experience has deteriorated. like others say, customer service is a joke - incredibly long wait times if you have the patience. online chat is never available. when someone responds to email > 7 days, they can’t help you on basic things…such as, i have an account holder that tried to deposit a check and you declined it. this same account holder has deposited checks in the past. the rates are good, but when my cds mature, i will switch to somewhere with knowledgeable, responsive customer service.


Great online bank

Lots of folks complaining but it seems like they’d be better served by a traditional bank. In exchange for far superior rates you loose the convenience of brick and mortar banks. We love it! App is sometimes down too frequently but we always have access. The no-penalty 11 month CD is great for emergency funds.


Stay Away

This sounded like a good idea to me until I had to talk to customer service. never mind the very loooong wait times–you’ll be lucky to get to speak with someone that a) you can understand or b) knows what they are doing. I originally signed up for an 11 month CD. Before it was ever funded, I received an email offering a better rate on a 12 month CD. I called to ask if it would be possible to just switch to the new one, since money had not been sent. I was assured that this would be no problem. I thought everything was taken care of until I received notice that I now owned both CDs! You would think that the company would efficiently fix the problem that they had created–any other bank would. Nope. Just kept repeating how sorry they were that this had happened and they would make sure “people would receive training” to keep it from happening again. Sound like customer SERVICE to you?


has become worst customer service

will closedown when my cd matures.
By the way I was keeping a very high amount in my savings account. now I find synchrony bank pays 0.20 apy better interest.


bad customer service

I was told to call back by the customer service during a time when the appropriate secondary service would be open (so, apparently not 24/7 service). I was at first told that I would receive a call but I no call was made to me. the third time that I called (because I did not hear back from the bank), the customer service did not listen to me and even hung up on me. needless to say, I am no longer a customer.


Great if you never need customer service

Won’t use them again. Easy to set up a CD but issues came when it was time to renew. Tried to use website as instructed by email they sent but none of the options matched what I was told. Called customer service for assistance and was on hold for 13 minutes before speaking to anybody. Then there was an issue with my security questions. Somehow they were saying I didn’t get my date of birth, mother’s maiden name or son’s first name right??? So I was on hold for almost 5 more minutes to speak with a supervisor who went over the same questions and again I failed. I appreciate security but this is too much. Finally was told that a specialist would need to get back to me but it wouldn’t be for 1-2 business days. Asked for assistance so I could just do it online myself and when I went to do that and having to wait for a special security code to be emailed- they had locked that access as well. Was prompted to call customer service right away which stupidly I did. Spent another 20 minutes just to be told somebody would get back to me in 1-2 Days. Meanwhile they have my money but not for long because after this I am pulling it out and going elsewhere. The few extra interest points aren’t worth the aggrevation


Long time customer

Not sure why all the negative reviews, so I wanted to add my own. I’ve been a customer since 2012 and I’ve recommended them to a number of my friends (they don’t offer any referral credit so it was solely based on my experience with them).

In general, only a positive experience. Reimbursements on all my ATM withdraws fees, never been charged a fee outside of a 1% foreign transaction fee. Rarely more than 5 minute wait for customer service phone inquiries. They have always been prompt with my questions. Their rates are pretty good on savings accounts, and moving between checking/savings is very easy (and they offer no-fee overdraft protection), so I usually get a couple hundred dollars of interest a year.

I’m a fairly low-maintenance customer with basic banking needs and a lot of liquidity in my funds, so if you’re a basic banker, Ally is more than enough and the rates are excellent to match.


Long wait times

When I first opened a CD account customer service was OK. Soon after Ally Bank advertised newer higher interest CD rates customer service wait time exceeded 20 minutes.

Ally Bank also became exceeding slow in account transfers, completing new financial accounts and getting back to me by email.

Ally Bank stated they had receive a large response to advertised product rates. When asked if they were going to add additional customer service staff to handle calls (since the 1-888 number is the ONLY way to get a hold of them) they said, “they were trying.”


Auto Financing Terrible

If you ever need anything from Ally during the course of your loan, you will regret doing business with them. To sell my car, I paid off the title and it took 5 to 6 weeks to get the title. Of course they cashed my cashiers check immediately and then didn’t bother to do anything thereafter. I called them literally every day for weeks trying to get them to release the lien and every time I got a different story. The call center is in the Philippines and this is the ONLY avenue you can contact them.They are poorly trained and do not understand the way different states operate and they appear to only be able to contact the main office in the US by email. They said to allow 24-48 hours for a response. I tried to find a way to contact the location where they process the titles/lien releases in Bethesda, Maryland and there was simply no way to contact them. Although I was told they were sending me a lien release document, it turned out the lien was electronic and could only be released electronically…they also told me they filed a lien in two states…?! It took them 5-6 weeks for a couple of key strokes at the end of the day. They do not care about customer service. It appears GM decided to outsource their customer service and changed the name to Ally so they would not be directly associated. Come on GM - bring the jobs back to the US you American Auto MFG…!!!


If you think you are getting a mortgage with Ally, think again!

Only the actual loan officer at Ally is a real Ally employee. All of the underwriting and processing is done by LenderLive, which is contracted by Ally. Look at reviews of LenderLive, you will find they are rated poorly in every aspect. Ally allows you to believe you are dealing with Ally in the mortgage, but honestly you are not ask everyone you come in contact with beyond your loan officer who they are actually employed by (it won’t be ally), also look at email addresses - real Ally employees end with, all of the contractors have something like or I’ve been through 6 mortgages, including 2 FHA loans and by far this refinance was the most stressful and difficult. I was lied too numerous times by the processor and when I brought this to Ally’s attending, they simply ignored the problem and told me they would “make it better”, they never did! They promised to explain the reasons for some of the problems with my loan and after repeated conversations with Customer Relations folks in North Caroline I was never given anything useful in the way of explanation or apology. I would recommend avoiding Ally at all costs, they are unlikely to provide you the service they promise and unlikely to not dump your loan processing off to a contractor who simply works on volume and does not care in any way. Do some research on Ally and LenderLive before subjecting yourself to unnecessarily poor service.


Horrible Customer Service - Unable to Complete Simple Task of Opening 2 CD’s

I tried opening two CD’s at end of December. On the first CD, Ally withdrew the amount TWICE from my external account and because of that, I was unable to fund the second CD. When they finally returned the duplicate withdrawal funds, I was able to fund the opening of my second CD. Due to the delay, I missed out on funding the second CD within the 10 day grace period and therefore, they gave me a lower interest rate. Ally Bank would not honor the original rate.

On three separate occasions I waited to speak with a live person. I had to wait 50 minutes on HOLD to speak to a customer service representative to fix my issue.

Trust me, save your time and aggravation and put your deposit funds somewhere else.


Takes 20-30 minutes to answer phone. Do not correct erroneous charges.

When I pay bills by phone, I am talking to a computer. That is OK as long as the computer does not make a mistake in which account it tries to charge. The computer selection made the wrong choice X 2 and it has cost me $50. This was confirmed by a Discover Card agent who took the time to review my payment request and correct it, but she could not correct the Ally penalty charge.