Ally Bank

Ally Bank
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Exactly as advertised

I have not had a need to contact customer service, so I can’t comment on that. Every other aspect of their savings account is just as advertised.


Had 2 payments deferred or an extension

Had extension in 4/16 when lost job. Supposedly payments to go on end of loan .They are saying no deferment authorization, 120 days pass due. 50 phone calls later , found out 4 days later amount owed , want 21,000.00 for a 16,000.00 Kia Soul and 3500 on car owed. Have been paying since 8/16.
This is only vehicle , need for 2 people to go to work .


People who bank online this is great bank

I currently have a checking, money market and investment account. I like the ease of use because everything is online. I had a fraudulent transaction on the account and the customer service was very helpful. However, I would like them to improve the integration between investment and checking accounts, also the app seems clunky. Also ally was late adopter of certain tech, such as new chip cards, peer to peer money transfer.


Absolute JOKE

Customer service sucks so bad!!! Hope you never have to call them & if you do, be prepared to spend at least an hour on the phone with no results.


Really, 15 minutes to wait on hold just to talk to someone?

Sent an email from their site. Nothing. Call, and they tell me 15 minutes on hold. I guess I’m just used to Chase Bank. And I guess I’ll just stay at Chase Bank.


Best Savings Rates Same Service as other on-line-better…

I have 2 on lines saving and checking accounts. To open the accounts, the same. Ally has better interest on savings, easy to use website. Customer service is 24/7 will my 360 account is not.


Best Online Bank

First of all - ignore those negative reviews that give no specifics or slam the bank for one fault that the customer might have experienced. I have tried other online banks - Capital One, etc - all were OK but I have found that overall, Ally is best. I have been with Ally for several years and the overall experience is the best I have had with any bank. They are customer oriented. The website is very easy to navigate and use. The savings rate is always among the highest. Online customer service is always available and there’s rarely a wait before chatting with someone - and, the staff know their business and help is effective and rapid. Online check image deposits are easy and fast. Bill Pay is easy to setup and use. Even the checking account has a little interest. They use AllPoint ATMs at no charge which are everywhere. They refund up to $10 in ATM fees at other ATMS. I plan my withdrawals from other ATMs so the $10 limit is never a problem. (They used to offer unlimited ATM fee refunds but they had to change it as some users were making multiple withdrawals for small amounts of money - which, of course, is too much to expect from any bank.) There is only one minor fault - the same for all online-only banks - cash cannot be deposited. I get around this by having a no-fee checking account at a local bank that I link to my Ally account. I deposit cash in the local account. I then move money back and forth between banks online. Making transfers is very easy. I highly recommend Ally to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of online banking.


Ally Bank is great!

I get the same level of responsive customer service by phone or chat regardless of the hour I call and the staff that I speak to is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly without it being annoying. I like the terms on the 2-year Raise Your Rate CDs, find the notification features to be useful, and like the clean look and easy navigation of the website.


One word "DON"T!"

I would not use ally bank for any reason. I opened an account with them in order to deposit money from my second job. I accidentally overdrafted by $2 and they put this 6 month restriction on my account where every check that is deposited will be held for 5 business days for excessive overdrafts. This was the ONLY time it overdrafted! I called and spoke with a supervisor and they claimed there was nothing they could do about it!


Ignore the other reviews. Ally is better than your current bank.

I’ve been an Ally customer for 4-5 years and I think maybe I spoke with customer service once. Everything works so well, I can’t remember ever needing to talk to them.


This bank drove me crazy

Yes ,they are open 24 hours a day.My huge issue with this bank is they screw up and boy do they ever.Being a senior with IRA accounts at Ally ,I rely on them to do the math for my mandatory distributions.So last year I called ,filled our the forms ,and after 2 weeks they called me back ,the forms were filled out wrong.So an IRA rep walked me through the form ,again it was incorrect .I got a manager who said he would fill out the form all I would have to do is sign it.Wrong again so another form was sent to me to sign and after 4 attempts we got it right.The other problemI sent 2 mandatory distribution forms ,apparantly they lost one form.On doing my taxes I didnt have a 1099 form and had used their figures.This ended up a doubling of withdrawels with extra taxes to be paid.Ally would not issue another 1099.I have found some of their tellers rude hanging up on me when I stumbled on one of my question ,she asked me 3 questions.Just hung up on me.I vowed to not use this bank anymore ,there screwup in 2017 costing me money made me bite the bullet.A 1/2% interest isn’t such a great deal when you suffer IRS problems from their screw up.


They dont know how to fill out THEIR forms

Four attempts to fill out a mandatory distribution form .The 4th attempt suceeded.They fileed out the fors 3 wrong.IRA problems ahead.They wont do anything to make it easier for me.Bye BYE Ally your’e not for me.


Best return that keeps going up

Easy to transfer funds between accounts or externally. Best interest rates available. Have not needed to use customer service. Great online experience managing money.


Great account for savings account.

This account is great for saving money, give high interest, has all the features of a regular bank. if you can deal with no branches, then this should be great experience.


Higher Rates through broker

If you buy a 3year CD from Ally Bank today (and you have over $25,000) they will pay you 2.15%. If you buy the same exact CD issued by Ally Bank from a broker such as Schwab, Vanguard or Fidelity you will get 2.5%.
This is kind of an insult to people who opened a CD directly with the bank.


Scam - Stay Away

We opened up 2 CD’s with them at a certain APY. Even though we already had several accounts with Ally, they didn’t allow us to open them for several days. In the meantime they lowered the rate. Bait & switch & bank fraud. Don’t use them. Use Marcus.


this bank is a JOKE!!

not worthy of anything close to the positive reviews online. I’m 3 weeks into trying to switch to this bank and I’ve decided to pull the plug and go somewhere else. If you like everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to happen at a snales pace then this is definitely the bank for you. Deposits, transfers, customer service issues all take daysssss to complete.


Service is garbage

The call centers have obviously cut staff or hours or something. It takes much much longer to get through than it used to. Also, checks are on hold two days from when they process the deposit, not from when you make it. Since sometimes they don’t even process until the next day and weekends don’t count, you can be waiting 5-6 days for a check to clear if your company is small and can’t get direct deposit. I’ve had overdrafts happen because of this and this month I have to pay late fees because a deposit I made Thursday morning wasn’t processed until the end of the day.

I’m going to a new bank Monday morning. This one has gone to hell.


dishonest bank

Don’t do business with this back. Customer service is bad. Transferred the money from another bank, did not get interest was promised. Fine another more honest bank.


Ally sucks!

Please do not call me a racist for saying this-- but, try to talk to someone who speaks English without an accent that you can understand–good luck! (I don’t care who they are or where the call center is located, I just want to be able to understand them when they speak.)

Also, I would like to get the same answers to the same questions I ask from different representatives when I call. When I got my loan, at a very high interest rate (should’ve gone right away to someone else) from a Hertz used car dealer who acted like I was lucky, I called to ask what were the late fees associated with a late payment. I was told then it would be a small percentage of what I owed, amounting to $8 or $9. Turns out there was an automatic charge of $35 per month. Additionally, when they call you the day after you could have posted without paying this fee, you are charged another $7 for the click of an “enter button” to send the payment through Western Union.

I recommend you do not accept a loan from Ally financial for a car, good deal or not. Walk away.