Ally Bank

Ally Bank
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Worse bank

This bank is a joke. Stay a way from this bank.


Don’t use them!

I will never use a “online only” bank ever again. I have had numerous phone calls to get my issue resolved and it has been a nightmare and still not resolved!


South Carolina

I am a customer who is out on Medical Leave. I have tried many times to speak with someone about this issue with filing my Credit Disability that i purchased to take care of my loan when i was unable to take care of it myself. I have been given 6 different fax numbers and noone can address my issue. This is my first time using this company and it will be my last. No one has done anything except bagger me around.


Love this bank

I don’t know what other people’s situations are like but for me this bank is awesome. I tell everyone I know to open a savings account. Yes you will have to email in paperwork to get full access to your account but it’s just the same process as a brick and mortar bank. I haven’t had a single problem with them. I love how they increase my interest rate on my savings account so I am always getting the best deal. Please don’t be scared off by these reviews I wasn’t and I am loving my experience with them.


Do not bank here! Worst customer service imaginable

Worst bank you could have. Have a car loan through them but currently having money problems my co signer was helping me out turns out she wasn’t when calling to figure put what I needed to pay my agent was very condescending and rude told me I cannot pay online anymore I must pay through money gram (extra $25) she told me once my account is up to date I could pay online. I then paid all the money she said to money gram. Got no confirmation it was sent and received no online access as was told after. I proceeded to wait 3 weeks still nothing I then called and was put on hold for a total of 45 minutes and was told I could get the code taken off. When Transferred was then told I could not. Each person tells ypu something different. They make it impossible to pay your bill. And the app/online never is working. Do not bank here!


Hating on my wife!? Ally Bank BEWARE!

I’m transferring away from capital one (member since ING direct because they are getting horrible with their customer service) and found Ally bank to be simple, straight forward and somewhat forward thinking in their Hipster marketing…but beware you must be a hipster with credit.
I opened an account found I liked the platform and when capital one would sass mouth me I would remove 10 grand from their custody to Ally, it felt great. My wife and I own a business together and decided to get all of our accounts (capital one, spark business and her UBS) to Ally as they had been performing well for 2 months. Did a soft credit request on my wife (guess its in the disclosures) and she doesn’t have enough “established credit”. ALLY would not tell me how much credit she needs, if we are close, if I can co-sign (as it’s a joint account) and the supervisor said it’s cool if our $500,000 goes to another bank. Odd because they aren’t even extending any credit to us. Ally is non sensical. Beware


Great bank, until it’s not.

High interest rates, easy transfers, and ATM fee reimbursement make this bank a no-brainer. The issue is there are basic bank functions that Ally does not support. Some examples: cashing government bonds, depositing cash, writing certified checks. As these aren’t everyday needs, its usually not a problem. However, when you need one of these services you can’t get it. Moral of the story: completely online banking is not ready to completely replace brick and mortar. Pair Ally bank with an account at a traditional bank to get the best of both worlds.


Use A Different Online Bank

I originally used TradeKing for stocks then Ally bought them. I figured I’d do my banking with them. I fill out the application and guess what? They can’t even confirm my identity for some reason. I do the whole thing over again and now by email I’m told my bank account is open after a week. One problem, it doesn’t show up at all online. I wait on the phone for 30 minutes only to be told by the representative to wait 24 hours for it to show up online. I wait 24 hours, still nothing. By this point I’ve just given up and I open an account with American Express. Guess what, they were able to open my account and verify my identity in less than a week and lo and behold my account shows up online. You also don’t have to suffer absurd wait times to talk to someone on the phone. After around three weeks, my Ally bank account finally showed up online. Ridiculous. It’s now being closed. Completely useless.



Don’t not trust this bank at all More lawsuits waiting to happen. I’ve already done received one. Pathetic bank ever…♀️ horrible customer service experience


Great Service

I have been with Ally for 2 years and currently have 4 different accounts with them. I guess I have made 3 phone calls (average wait time, 4 minutes) over all. Their service reps are friendly and professional.
I also have a B of A account, which helps me make deposits and transfers, but I deposit my retirement check directly to Ally. I’m not the guy who needs a building to visit and conduct my financial matters, so Ally is perfect for me.
Thanks Ally for making my life easier!


Beats brick-and-mortar by a landslide

I’m not sure what these negative reviewers have going on, but I’ve been an Ally customer for almost a decade and never had a problem.

The high-yield savings completely destroys the rates of my brick-and-mortar bank. Also, the lack of minimum balances and fees stands in stark contrast to traditional banks. Yes, inter-bank transfers can take a few days, but that’s the fault of the antiquated banking system, not Ally.

Would I use it as my only bank? Probably not at this point. I like having cash where I can get it instantly. But for what it is, they offer a great deal with no real downsides. We are moving more and more of our money over to Ally as our primary bank tries to nickel and dime us every time we make a move.

Set your expectations appropriately, follow the rules, and enjoy the high interest rates.



I have been banking with Ally for at least five years with no problems. The one time I needed customer service was on a Saturday evening and I was surprised to get a live person right away. They also recently sped up the time it takes for transferring money and their rates are always near the top with their competitors. I also have an Ally Rewards Credit Card where if I deposit my rewards money into my Ally Savings Account I get an extra 10% bonus. One other nice thing is there is no minimum deposit to get the same high rate as some banks that require high minimums


Great rates and automatic overdraft avoidance by linking accounts

Great rates and automatic overdraft avoidance by linking accounts


Great APY + no ATM fees

High yield accounts, good customer service, and no ATM fees. Hard to ask for more.



Why do you need to see my credit report so that I can deposit my money into your bank and get 1.45% and you in turn can lend out my money for 4 or 5%? I’m missing the rationale. My credit report is frozen because of Equifax and its a hastle to remove it so that you can take MY money.


High rates, Lousy service.

This bank offers very attractive rates and a user friendly website. However, they may have grown too big, too fast as I’m unable to get anyone on the phone, they don’t respond to messages via social media quickly, and it’s 2/17/18 and I still cannot access my 1099, causing a delay in completing my taxes (unacceptable). I’d rate their recent customer support in one word: POOR.


The Worst customer service

Horrible customer service!! Being a previous Collections manager and knowing the ins and outs, their service is horrible. Supervisors not available to take a call?? 24-48 hour call back window?? Not to mention…Trying to payoff the account and they wouldn’t even waive late charges that were less than 10% of the payoff amount…only because over my 5 year loan period, they’ve waived $89 previously SMDH!! Here take these $4k so I never have to deal with you again!!


Ally bank is horrible

I had a truck loan with Ally every time I had to talk to them it was horrible.Customer service is in the Philippines and they don’t speak good English at all.Wanted to pay off my truck today spent over an hour on the phone too have them keep hanging up on me or to keep asking the same questions over and over again.Sending bills in the mail telling me I was late on my payments when I was not.I myself will never deal with these clowns ever again,and for the people that have not had a problem with them yet I wish you good luck.


Website sign up doesn’t work

I signed up for an account, I got the welcome package in the mail, but no signature card to sign and return. When I input my info to get to try to get login credentials (which for some reason is separate from the initial signup), the site gives an error. Waste of time.


Don’t understand Principal payment

We have an auto loan with $211 payment and have paid $225 for 4 years and not only do they not apply the extra to principal they turn it into a fee and just steal your money. They are horrible and criminal.