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Ally Bank
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Don’t get a loan with them

I had 2 car loans through them. After my divorce it was court ordered that my ex wife was soley responsible for her car. She defaulted the contacted me. My lawyer and I sent the court orders stating it was her responsible. They continued to harass me over it. Calls come from India so you can’t understand customer service. Previous I had a car loan from them. The car was destroyed in an accident that I was not at fault. Insurance covered the loan and so did my GAP insurance. They continued to after it was paid off to send me bills claiming it was fees owed. When called to ask what the fees were for they couldn’t tell me. I would not use or have anything to do with this bank.


CD set up was good

I admit I was hesitant to set up a CD after reading all the negative reviews but it could not have gone any smoother. Got right through on the phone line and talked to an American born English speaker and he go all the answers right. Took two business days to ACH the money to Ally and the rate was as advertised.


10 year account holder: Ally USED to be the best.

I was excited when I first opened my Ally account on recommendation from my dad. Opening accounts is easy on Ally. When they first began, they had 8 dollar overdraft fees, no returned check fees, unlimited ATM fee reimbursement, and some of the best CD rates in the business. I always appreciated their 24/7 customer service based in PA. Over the years, the fees started to increase. Check ordering fees. Overdraft fees crept up to $25. ATM fee reimbursements capped at $10. CD rates dropped.

If you are looking for a CD, Ally is great for that. Their raise your rate CD is awesome because you can get a better rate if one becomes available.

I travel outside the country a lot and found my card getting declined in addition to foreign transactions fees that did not used to exist.

If you are like most Americans with an occasional overdraft, or bank fees truly impact your monthly budget, I would bank elsewhere. There are new banks like Chime that will help you to avoid overdraft. Once Ally became publicly traded it began to raise its fees and I don’t think this will change in the favor of consumers. Its app is behind the times. Banks like Sallie Mae and GE Capital bank are offering better rates.

As they say on Shark Tank, Ally is not keeping up with the times. For this reason, I’m out.


Worst brokerage

First, investment screens are horrendously bad when compared to ETrade, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade. Second, Trade orders executed at the worst prices, and appear to have front running, probably done by Ally, which defeats the low commission. Third, Ally sent a margin call Thursday around 10am, and even though I was paid on Friday, Ally liquidated a position to meet margin PREMARKET, without providing me the opportunity to deposit funds during the day - the other brokerage firms above have never liquidated a position within 24hrs. Ally’s goal is to steal your money, so if you want to keep your money, use another investment broker. I have not had a Fidelity account yet, so will move my account to Fidelity, to see what they have to offer, but avoid Ally. Company is not an ally, but an enemy.


Overall not bad.

I have only checking and savings accounts with them. I like that transactions clear almost instantly, keeps your budget in check. You can set up your account to have overdraft protection I’d needed. The interest you earn on your savings is higher than other banks like Chase. You get up to $10 monthly for ATM reimbursement fees. You are limited to 6 free transactions with your savings before you’re charged per monthly cycle. Website is sometimes down due to maintenance, which is inconvenient at times. My account and/or debit card got hacked last summer, around the time of Equifax hack. Someone managed to withdraw $500 before my account got locked. Response by bank was very fast, as their fraud department called me right away when the person tried to go on a shopping spree. Ally did reimburse the money into my new accounts I had to set up, and changed my personal questions over the phone as the person knew some of the answers to change my pin. Overall have no complaints.



Ally is great! I’ve never had an expereience with them! Their rates are amazing!


Don’t Bank Here

The bank put a security hold on all of our accounts for several days. Customer service manager said I had to wait 1-3 days for someone to call me. Wouldn’t provide me with escalation, no hq phone number, no customer advocate, no nothing. Had no access for several days. Filed banking commission complaint. The excuse for the delay - “you aren’t the only customer”. Correction, I’m no longer a customers.


Good luck if Ally owes you

I have been trying to get a refund of an overpayment to Ally since 1-29-2018. I have spoken to numerous customer service reps that I cannot understand due to thick foreign accents. When I try to confirm what I think they said, they babble on for about 30 seconds and I have no idea if they said yes or no. Finally I say I give up and either hang up or wait a long time for someone else that speaks better English. But the main thing is, they owe me money and won’t give it back. Also their website does not accurately show what is really happening. This is very upsetting because what is displayed on the website seems to make a nearly $1600 over-payment just disappear instead of being refunded to me. An entry on 2-5-18 was recorded as an “Insurance payment”, but was actually a refund from Ally Premier Protection. A payment received on 2-8-18 is labeled as “check” but actually was an insurance payment. This check was $1597.30 more than the amount recorded as the “check” payment. At this point the refund from Ally Premier Protection seems to disappear. Currently it feels like this may be true because I still have not received the refund. I was told on 2-12-18 that a check would be sent. I was told that a check was processed on 2-16-18 (but not if/when it was mailed). Today on 2-26-18 I was told this would be researched and it may take another 2 weeks to receive a refund. My main point is this: The transactions on their website do not represent facts, but appear to make a refund due to me disappear. This has been the trigger for all of my phone calls to Ally. I fully expect at some point to be told" Our records show the account has been paid in full and the balance is zero". If this website displayed actual facts then I would have evidence showing the over-payment but I do not. I can only assume that this is by design.


Crooked company all around

They call for collections from blocked numbers. I called to give a payment. They would not let me make my payment but instead wanted the location of my car. The app never worked for me to pay on my account. When I would call them my calls were dropped several times and they always need to transfer calls around. The people you talk to are hard to understand ( non- American accents).


Poor Costmer Service

Very Rude And Disrespectful And Too High


Poor Service

Very Poor Service


Worst Ever

This financial institution is the worst. I finished a lease on my car turned in it within the 6 day grace period and they still have the audacity to charge me for 6 additional days because the dealership I dropped my car off at waited 6 days for it to be grounded.


Slow motion money

Be prepared to wate 7 to 10 day to open an account and have access to money. Be prepared to have rude phone tellers.


Go to Chime

You can’t deposit cash, they charge for replacement checks, and unless you have direct deposit, you’re screwed. Get paid Thursday or Friday, can’t access funds until Monday or Tuesday. Highly inconvenient.


A very good online bank

I’ve never had occasion to borrow money from them. But, I’ve had an online savings account with them since 2009 (nine years). Nothing but compliments. Easy to move money in and out. Great rates that are competitive - they raise them when the tide rises. Six withdrawals per cycle is pretty much industry standard (may be even based in law). For a high savings interest rate, this is a reasonable limit - manage that cash flow and you’ll be fine!


Rude, borderline criminals

Good luck trying to get your money back from them if you have a cd. I closed my account with them on feb 26th and requested them to wire it, stall tactics, lies and misinformation and it is now March 6th and still waiting for my money. Gave me a false tracking number when I requested fed x delivery, and would not give me a corrected tracking #. S.O.P.


Sleazy Bank, no customer service, no follow up, not having any interest in customer satisfaction.

I was wrongfully charged for tires on my leased car. Despite sending in proof from the original dealership with photos that the tires were still within the allotment. Ally Bank threatened to ruing my business and personal credit if I did not pay for new tires. The lease agreement allowed me to put 30000 miles on the car, I only put 17’700 miles on the car that is almost half. But they insisted that the tires were excessively worn. I was forced to pay for new tires, despite proof from my service department. Also i did the rotation and check ups accordingly. I followed all the rules and I made sure the tire pressure was always where it needed to be.

All In all this bank only cares to collect money and nothing else.





Horrible bank

Mailed payment that supposedly
“Wasn’t” received. Harassment calls from I identified caller. Account wasn’t credited for payment received. More unfortunately made a over the phone M/C payment that had additional charges.
All this was unnecessary and as the consumer I got screwed.



They don’t care about the customer when their the one making the