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On 3/7/18 they posted my requested transfer backwards. They were to transfer $15000 to my checking account at another bank. Instead they charged my checking account and caused an overdraft of $12000. I called and spoke to a supervisor to help straighten out the problem. He was of no help. Said he would escalate the problem to executive resolutions. They would contact me in a few days. In the mean time I am overdrawn $12000. It was up to me to fix the problem. Then I got an email freezing my accounts from further transfers while they investigate. No one read the comments about an escalation. The email had no person or phone number to contact other than the 800 number and they did not know who to contact to remove the freeze. It’s one thing to make a mistake, but the manner of how you attempt to fix it is even more important. If I want my NSF fee at the other bank refunded, I have to send a copy to Ally Bank and lthen they will consider a refund. No contact to date has been received from this “executive group”. Great customer service don’t you agree??? This site asks if I am a current or past customer. That has not been decided yet.



No customer service. Worthless bank. Left them and got another and am much happier


Terrible customer experience

My husband has savings and checking accounts there and we were trying to turn the checking into a joint account. They made this experience terrible. I sent a lot of documents to prove that I’m me, but they denied all the documents. They don’t know how to be an online bank because they don’t trust people. I think even in person, they will mistrust my identity.


Good luck getting your money.

Was told by a representative that their savings account has a debit card. It does not. Tried to transfer funds to my non-Ally bank; needto set up transfer (3-5 days wait time), had trouble with the verification online -telephone call to customer service yielded apologies, with the resolution being a wire transfer-fee to be waived, initiated wire transfer, charged fee, my non-Ally Bank was unable to verify funds with Ally, transfer declined,no resolution to request for refund of fees or information as to why funds were unable to be verified, need to wait additional 3-5day for process to begin all over, process went smoothly, initiated transfer, wait time for Allyto transfer funds 3-5 days. Ally was not willing to expedite transfer. I was actually told “there is no one here willingto speak with you” when I requested to speak with someone who could expiate the transfer after being told by the customer service representative I was speaking with that she could not expedite the transfer. Eight days since funds have been "available"to me and I still do not have access to my money. Decided it would be quicker toclide my account, and receives cheque than count on being able to receive funds from my account. I apologize in advance for the snow in August as, based on past performance, that is when I will receive my cheque and Hell will officially have frozen over because Ally will have released funds!


Poor customer service

Go with someone else



I just have an online savings that I started in August and the rates have increased 4 times since then. I have had no issues transferring from my credit union to Ally at all. The point of an online bank is to get higher rates with the down side that the funds take a few days to travel. If you need constant access to your funds, this probably isn’t for you but if you set transfers mon-thursday, the funds transfer the next day. I have recommended it to a few friends already


Great bank

I’m shocked by the poor reviews for Ally Bank. We’ve had a multiple savings accounts (kid’s have accounts) and a checking account with Ally since 07/10. We have never had an issue electronically depositing checks, with direct deposit, or withdrawing funds. A customer review below states that Ally charges for replacement checks. This is simply not true. The checks are free and are mailed in a very timely fashion. I would not hesitate to change banks if service/rates, etc. were not top notch. Reading from the reviews, either folks who are happy with Ally don’t take time to leave reviews, or perhaps me and my family are the exception to the issues others are having. Ally has, and it continuing to do, a great job for us.


Poor Customer Service

I had a lease financed through Ally. I traded in the lease and it has been a nightmare since. I was provided a final payout number which I paid and now continue to get notices of more expenses that were not included in payout of the vehicle. Their systems do not seem to be in place from one department to another or one person to the next.


Highly Recommended

I love Alley Bank! I actually have money in my account that I completely forgot about. I have never had a problem transferring from Alley to/from my main bank and have had no problems with Customer Service. It’s a great way to save and move forward. Very easy and safe. I highly recommend them, especially to people new to saving.


Don’t bank with Ally

I had a checking account with Ally for about 3 years. I always kept a large balance. I purchased a home and used some of the money to put down in my home and then had to make some unexpected repairs. I paid a bill and knowing that I was a little short, I transferred money into the account to cover it. I looked at my account the next day and saw I had a $25 NSF fee. I called Ally and asked why I had the fee and they told me that my deposit came in an hour after the debit. WHAT? I have banked with them for 3 years and never had a NSF fee. The customer service agent was not helpful st all, did not even offer to waive the fee. Obviously Ally does not appreciate their customers. I closed my account with them immediately. I’ll stick with Chase. I have never been treated like that with them, they actually appreciate their customers.


Ally is horrible

I would not use this bank. They intentionally delay transactions including wires by waiting till the fed window closes to call and verify wire information. Your on hold forever while they verify the verification and other moronic procedures. Their call center people are not trained well either.


very bad service

very bad service


Bad experience

Had an issue with them in regards to a car loan we had with them. Called customer service they kept transferring the call from one place to another. No one knew how to handle the issue we had, not even the supervisor. They owe me money for paying off the loan early and it has been a month since the problem started and still no one knows when my money is going to be refunded. Bad experience, poor customer services and lack of experience.


Can’t go wrong with Ally

The number one thing I love about Ally bank is the highly competitive savings account interest rate. I’m currently saving up enough money to make a down payment on a home. While the interest rates are nowhere near the levels they’ve been in the 2000s and other times in the past, they’re much better than any brick and mortar banks’ rates by far.

The app is so easy to use. I have both a savings and checking account and it’s so easy to transfer money between the two. My only complaint about Ally is the inability to make cash deposits to the bank but that could be worked around by having a basic account at some credit union or by opening up a Bluebird account.

Anyway, no complaints here. This bank is the best!


Worst Customer Service Ever

Wait time to actually speak with someone on the phone is ridiculous. If you have a problem with this bank, you are on your own. Beware.


Brainless support team

I dont know how hard is to get a job in Ally but they definitely dont have the brightest minds. Just forget about this bank and save lot of stress.


customer service needs improvement

Called and was explaining something kinda complicated because i need help and this guy just hangs up. First time this has ever happened to me.


Computers in charge, no human options/intervention

I have been with Ally for 8 years, but am in the process of moving accounts now. It is up to their software whether or not they will cover an overdrafted transaction and there is no way to opt out of the “protection”/fee. Last year they completely closed by checking account and created a new one without me asking because I requested more information on one of my debit card transactions. I have a lot of recurring ACH transactions that took a very long time to change over. There are conveniences with online banks, but overall I have reached my limit with the inability of Ally’s customer service to do anything rational.


Charged for overdraft even with savings transfer turned on

I had their savings account transfer service turned on when my account overdrafted. It transferred some of the money out of my savings account, but not enough to cover the overdraft. Now my checking is negative with a fee applied and I had to manually transfer more funds from my savings. I’m sure there is some fine print I am missing, which seems to be the case anytime something doesn’t make sense with Ally. They’ll find a way to get their interest back and then some.


Worst Customer Service EVER!!!

This bank ranks as the most inept and incompetent institution I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. The employees are lazy, incompetent, unprofessional, confrontation averse to a fault and lack empathy. I was sent on a wild goose chase based on incorrect information several times. The training and/or knowledge is inconsistent. I have a transfer pending to a new account. I can’t wait to close these accounts and get these imbeciles out of my life. Ineptitude is not comical.