Ally Bank

Ally Bank
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Bad service on Roth IRAs

They are an online bank but they suck at IRAs and Investment services. They mishandled my attempt to open a Roth Savings account, then charged me to get my own money refunded. I’m currently fighting this but I believe I’ll lose.


Extremely SubPar

Was happy and grateful to get my first auto loan from Ally-- until the end of my loan. As I approached the last few months of my payments, money was tight; so late fees were expected. At first, it was only 20$. Took care of it. Then I had one more payment left, and was late again-- they decided it was okay to tack on 300$ to my last payment for “late fees.” (Pretty much more than an extra car payment) Senior Advisor refused to speak to me and resolve the issue. Thanks Ally-- I’ll never contract with you again, nor recommend. This could’ve been a positive review.* Shame.


Just Don’t

I’m a current auto loan customer refinancing with another bank. Ally regularly takes triple payments in a month. Customer service is non-existent. High interest rate and ride people. They’re hurting my credit due to predatory loan practices.


Great Bank

I switched to Ally because of their higher interest rates. I now have several CDs, a checking, and a savings account. On the few occasions where I have needed to call customer service, their staff has been friendly, easy to understand, and quick to solve my issues.


Great rates

I recently moved all of my deposit accounts to Ally from a National brand big bank. The website is so easy to use. I don’t miss having branches because getting money from atms is free and the rates on my savings is great! Also, their account rules and fees are way better. I highly recommend.


Best banking experience ever

I’ve been an Ally customer going on two years. When I retired I transferred all my IRAs and Roth IRAs from my former employer to Ally. Every transaction I’ve made has gone so smoothly. I love the interest rate on my new IRA 5 year CDs. I’ve also set up monthly automatic transfers between my brick & mortar financial institution and Ally. Their customer service personnel have always been knowledgeable and extremely courteous. If you have half a brain and can follow instructions you can’t go wrong with Ally.


This banks sucks

They made it extremely hard for me to access MY MONEY! All the phone agents, don’t know what they’re doing and sound unprofessional and I need to wait 1-2 business days to reset my PIN number for my debit card. Go figure. This bank can kiss my cash…goodbye!


Absolutely Horrible Service

Wow, what a bunch of incompetent people. These guys need to be taken to task and taught customer service. They are pathetic to say the least.


Large Bank/Small Capabilities

Have a trust and a personal account. Ally is unable to separate the two and in turn, they are jumbled together. Tried and tried again to alleviate this confusing situation to no avail. Their solution was to cash in the cd’s and take the penalty and establish another account (Done to begin with). Sent letter to one of the presidents and she just turned it over to a very low (But nice) level employee who could do nothing.
Obvious they don’t care.


Bad Experience

When you are trying to get a car loan and have no credit, you probably will get stuck with Ally. Think twice!!! They charge very large interest rates and will not refinance. You also can’t prepay down your balance. Make sure if you do use them, you understand to get away from them as soon as you establish your credit and auto loan history.


Ally stole 10 days of interest!

It took 10 days to get my CD money transferred after closing a large CD with them. It was their fault but they didn’t care b/c they were making interest on MY money the longer they kept it! Shame for such sneaky tactics!


Ally is Great

Ally is a fantastic bank. I’ve had them as my main bank for a year now and have had great experiences.

Customer support has always been fast and friendly. Transfers from other banks are typically quicker than what they say, and they approved me for their CashBack credit card with a generous credit limit.

They stay competitive with their APY. When I first opened my savings account, it was 1%. Now, it’s 1.45%.

Coming from local credit unions and major banks, they definitely have the best mobile app and website.

You can’t go wrong with Ally. Sure, you can find slightly higher rates at other banks, but they do stay competitive.


The absolute worst bank ever

These guys are the worst. They put 5 day holds on direct deposit paychecks. They take money from account to do wire transfer and then complete transfer a day later. They return items without any customer notification. Stay far away. There are better banks out there.


Ally Auto Lian

Poor customer service. I couldn’t understand the person. The person kept repeating same phrase. This does not help when you need information. I got frustrated , told him he repeated the same over and over and I didn’t want to hear it again. Told him I am too frustrated now to take care of my situation.


At 4:15PM customer service not available

They said “call tomorrow, everyone went home”. Really? Not even " we will call you back"…


Not the same bank they used to be.

Not real pleased with my recent experiences with them. I keep getting locked out of my account randomly, several times a week, fees for things I couldnt control, unable to get a hold of customer service. Used to love this bank, not so much anymore. On this site looking for a new bank, thought Id share a review.


Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful

My husband and I switched to Ally Bank in 2016, primarily due to the interest rates. What we found in the banking side of things was above and beyond every expectation. Every time that we have contacted Customer Service, we have been greeted with professional representatives who wanted to help us with our needs.

The interest rates on the checking and savings accounts are unbeatable, and they continue to grow. I appreciate all of the hard work that Ally makes to keep customers happy and coming back.

The only complaint that I have is that I wish my husband and I both didn’t have to call in order to change an address or other information, and that we could just update the information all at once.

Otherwise, Ally, keep up the good work.


Great until I needed it

I had Ally for years, they were great for behind the scenes, collecting my paychecks and paying my bills - but when I needed to use my debit card they left me stranded out of town. Ally had cancelled my debit card with no prior warning because of the requirement to switch to chipped cards. No calls, no emails, no new card in the mail. Had to get a cash advance off of a credit card, was lucky I had set up the PIN on that. When I got home I opened an account with a different bank and cancelled all automatic payments.

I gave it some time before leaving the Ally account empty to settle any pending payments. After a month, I paid one last bill and left the account dry. Few days later, Ally sent a check for a loan and overdrew my account. They were quick to issue the refund that made me wait 3+ days before I could close my accounts. Forgot about it and a couple of weeks later start getting calls about another overdraft with no other transactions showing. It’s been a nonstop cycle of illegal overdrafts that get refunded and keep me from closing my account. I just wish I switched sooner.


Debit Card services go down EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

Yep, that’s right, I’m being told every night, from 10:30pm to 2:30am Eastern Time, they take their debit card services down for maintenance, which means your going to look like a fool at the resturaunt when you go to pay for your order, and you have to show how much is in your bank account to prove you actually have money in the account. This has happened to me, and I have looked like a fool for the last time. Never again am I going to have to lie and say “oh I locked my card and forgot to call to unlock it since I thought I lost my wallet”. Ally was absolutely beyond outstanding in every category EXCEPT CORE FUNCTIONALITY. I am closing this account for another company as we speak.


Worst Company Ever

As an Auto Repair Shop that has to deal with this nightmare of a company, I can honestly say that i hate dealing with these people. Every time i need to make a claim for my clients/customers i am forced to jump through hoops left and right. When it is time to get paid, they delay payment multiple times, each with their own excuse as to why they haven’t sent payment. As a small business, this can really screw up our cash flow and ability to pay our own vendors and employees. If i had to choose between dealing with these people or going to hell, I would choose hell.