Ally Bank

Ally Bank
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Stay Away

I like nothing about this company…I financed a truck through Ally…Paid it off early …terrible customer service…Will never do business with this company again.


Worst bank ever

I had this bank for year! They used to be so great I used to tell everyone about them. I am so disappointed in them, not only how they treated me but they play with your money, without permission. It’s super sketchy do NOT bank with them.


Auto loan

I have a joint checking account and because of this they would not put my auto loan payment through.



The site really has no way to get help, it just gives you a customer service number and if you call the customer service line you have to jump through a million hoops to even talk to anyone and then when you do they don’t even want to help and are extremely rude. Make it easier to talk to people and get problems fixed. Absolutely terrible place. Would not recommend to anyone.


Avoid Ally Auo Finance

Ally auto finance rates must be so low that many car dealerships utilizes their auto financing services; however, the services provided to the consumers are horrendous. This company appears to outsource all customer service calls to overseas call centers, which sounds like a good idea because they’re employing folks that have no problem taking on smaller wages but it’s a terrible experience when Ally doesn’t have a normal phone line to call into in the US.

The fact that no one can’t call or chat or email Ally without an online account is absurd. I literally wasted more than 80 minutes and talked with 6-7 agents (overseas) to get one simple thing accomplished; establish an online account and pay my monthly car lease.


Poor customer service

Charged for over 6 transaction limits and rude when I opted to close my accounts when I asked about it


Stay away

While Ally looks great on paper… I urge everyone I know not to use Ally. My account was hacked 3 TIMES. Once every year from 2016-2018. All were from states different from the one I live in. The dispute and refund process took months to complete. If you value your money to not trust Ally.


Inane bureaucracy

I applied for a savings account with them. Even though I was in the military for 10 years, and was able to answer questions about myself that no one else would know; their form letter said that they were unable to verify my “true” identity. So this stupid bank thinks I’m some sort of terrorist, or something? Really! I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with these idiots handling my money. If you apply there, be aware that they keep your personal info for seven years. Whether they approve your application, or not


Best online bank, the bad reviews are full S&#!*

Great rates, no fees, very intuitive interface, ATM withdrawal fee reimbursement is AWESOME and free checks. Also comes with a debit card if you use the checking account. This is in the top 3 for online banks for sure.


See, I like Ally. But I am a pretty low maintenance person

I use Ally strictly for their savings account rate. I have had no problems. I have used their wiring department before and I found them VERY easy to work with. I don’t carry a lot of cash if I can help it, so I am very pleased with them overall.


Ally financial is great at harassing your relatives if they can’t get a hold of you ! Also great at hanging up on their customers if you ask too many questions about the company !

All dislikes , customer service hung up on me numerous times , asked for a manager or supervisor and again was hung up on . I would never use this financial service and will be reporting them to the BBB !


So Awesome!

Everything you want in a bank. No fees, nice app, great customer service, an AMAZING interest rate. People waste their money not having Ally accounts; my friends can’t believe I make interest even on my checking accounts.
These bad reviews are silly. If you’re too old to understand banking in an app, then this isn’t the bank for you. There’s just no need for brick & mortar banks anymore, sorry! My card works at every ATM I try & I get reimbursed for ATM fees each month. My checks get edeposited. You can keep going to PNC or Wells Fargo and throw your money away, but I’ll be over here making triple the interest.


The Best

No fees, nice interest!


Works well for my savings

I have a savings account here and I like it. It does 1-3 days to transfer money out but it is a high interest account 1.60%. I’ll take the free money all day. I haven’t had any problems like other reviewers. I had a money market account and that worked well to but transfered it to savings. Friend uses their checking and works good for him.


Just another bank!

Great on paper, and always there when you call, but they can’t actually help you with anything. Classic customer no-service agents.


Good online bank

I have had no issues banking with Ally. I was hesitant at first but everything has been pretty smooth, interest rates are above average, free checks, ATM reimbursements, I’m happy, don’t mind the bad reviews from guys who couldn’t afford their car payments.


Terrible Customer Service

Ally Bank violated their written policy by holding my deposited funds for 6 days rather than the 2 days that they outline in their policy statement. Then they failed to return my call within the time frame that they promised. When I called them, I was placed on hold for 52 minutes waiting to speak to someone who would explain why they violated their policy, and finally gave up, and hung up. AVOID Ally Bank. They are unethical and unresponsive to their customers.


Worst company I’ve ever dealt with! Tried to pay off balance and no one could figure out what payoff amount was.

Horrible customer service. Tried to pay off balance and once we DID I got a call a week later saying we still owed one more payment


Terrible Customer Service

Could not agree more with similar posts. I have been banking with Ally for over six years, and luckily have had limited issues with my account. The second there was an issue with my debit card PIN, the customer service experience was a nightmare. They told me they would not be able to help for at least two to three business days! Yikes!
The ordeal left me considering the idea to change banks altogether.


Terrible, terrible, terrible!!

Terrible customer service, provocative not apologetic. Not able to set up my new account because their system already have my information from a previous loan (probably) so wasted my time on line and on the phone talking with unfriendly people that were not able to help. They said that they needed to submit my request to another department and it would take minimum 48 hours to create my new account. I am very frustrated as I do not have the luxury of time to be waiting until they are ready. Old user accounts should not be interfering with new accounts, especially if they have been taken care of properly. What’s wrong with you Ally??