Ally Bank

Ally Bank
2.5 2.3 2.9 3.3 3.1 500


Payments and plans are not documented well-no one is kept abreast of arranged payment plans-u speak to to many people versus one person

-if bank is not in area payments are very difficult to make
-records at not documented well one hand doesn’t know what the other has done
-hours open are good by phone
-poor customer service
-hard to deal with (unfriendly service)
-poor follow up with customers


Customer lack of service

I paid off a car due to a sale and was lied too several times that I would get the title release in 3-5 days. 14 business days later I get a refund check for overpayment and still no title release. Do not get a load with Ally bank. The only bank I know that works like the dark ages. I asked to speak to a manager and was told one was not available, but one would call me back within 48 hours. Another lie and broken promise. Very sad.


As good as it gets for modern banking

I’ve used Ally for years. Their top of the market rates, their fantastic mobile app that has no legitimate competitors aside from maybe USAA, and their low fee schedules make them basically perfect.
The only downside is if you regularly need to deposit cash in which case you should definitely look elsewhere as they have no physical locations.


Bank near your location

I renewed my CD and asked to have $15,000 sent to me, since I needed the money to pay bills. I was told that it would take 7 to 10 business days for the check to arrive and after 3 weeks I called to say that my check had never arrived. I was informed, by both the initial person I spoke to and their supervisor, that they couldn’t simply stop payment on the check and issue a new one, but they had to send me a form to fill out (that has to be certified) and after I sent the form back I would then be issued a new check. The fact that my bills would be late and it would cost over $100 in interest, was of no interest to the people I was speaking to. Since I have just renewed my CD and would be facing over $500 in penalties if I pulled it, I am leaving the CD as is. When the year is over I will NOT renew, but will, instead, get a CD in a neighborhood bank. Ally does not pay the most amount in interest, so, in the long run, I will be better off. I will also make a point of telling all of my friends and family NOT to bank with Ally.


Worst app/ service

Who cares if they are good bad, feed etc. you can’t get in to pay, you call ( every single time) & you get same scripted messages. To fix you have to … there is no fix. It’s my number one reason to seek refinancing! Yes, I’d go through that just to be able to make a payment to them! Sucks- worst! Don’t DO IT! Can you give negative stars!!


Easy to use

I like the easy on-line possibilities for you to do business. I happy with the ease of funds transfer and availabity of them. 1 business day most of the time. Customer service is easy. Phone or chat. Good rates


Totally disgusted

Nine days since i opened account and still no debit card or startup paperwork . Five days for first transfer from a bank . Now 6 days to transfer from same bank . Money is withdrawn but is in limbo . Slowest transfers to pay bills I have ever seen in this day 7 age . Totally disgusted


Run run run!

Horrible customer service! Outrageous fees! No Respect! I can’t believe they’re in business!!!


Lied over phone

The cheated me out of hundreds of dollars in interest by lying about the terms of their cd’s over the phone.
Later they apologized for the “honest” mistake by a worker, but I pointed out that since they work there and represent themselves as a banker it wasn’t honest (and besides was likely the same person).
In retrospect I was lucky to get back the principal - if you put your money in a virtual bank, what protects you from waking up one morning and finding your life savings are now “virtual”.
Banks never give up on bank robbery or theft - why should we?


Horrible Bank

Customer service is so bad that they have repeatedly failed to follow my directions. They “forgot” to put my sister as a " transfer on death" on my account despite my asking them to do so. They continued to ACH money from my old bank despite my canceling that ACH. The customer service people are so ill trained I quit dealing with them and started calling the Executive Resolution office for everything, but they made errors too. Plus, you can never reach them. They only have five (yes five) people in the Executive Resolution office so they never answer the phone. You leave a message and they call you back in 3 days, but you usually end up playing phone tag with them for a couple of weeks. It’s just not worth the extra money. I’m in the process of moving my funds to Vanguard which, incidentally, has a money market that pays MORE than Ally. Good riddance to this inept, uncaring, ill-trained company!!


No Problems So Far

I switched from chase that is now looking for wealthy customers to Ally. So far no issues as of yet, easy to set up online. Customer service was helpful when transferring money over.


ALLY HOME, Price Match is a JOKE

I bank with Ally and have never had a problem with checking or savings accounts, but trying to get a home loan was a different story. Tried to apply for a loan through Ally Home and receive their PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. What a joke, they delayed a response for 2 full business days (5 days including the holiday weekend) and then gave me a line that I didn’t meet the timing/sequence requirements for the application. I have accounts with Ally Bank, but will not have a mortgage with them because of their lack of customer loyalty due to a technicality which the loan officer failed to inform me of ahead of time!!!


Perfect for Retirees

I LOVE ALLY BANK! It serves my purposes perfectly. Being retired, I don’t get out much. I have two cds, a checking account and a savings account at Ally and it works out fine for me. I can open accounts online and I don’t need a physical bank to visit. I can simply transfer money from my savings into my checking account when it gets low. I also have my retirement account funds, and pension funds direct deposited into my Ally savings account. I can work with each of my accounts online and there is mostly someone available to ‘chat’ with if I have any problems. The account rates are much better than my local bank. I am happy with Ally Bank and their banking system works perfectly for me.


Alright online bank

The bank has a low amount of fees and customer service was accessible but the bank had some flaws. For one thing, their SMS banking would tell you how much you were charged but not from where. Would be great if it included merchant names. The bank also reimburses your ATM fees at the end of your statement cycle which makes your cash inaccessible until you get reimbursed. The bank also only refunds you for $10 atm fees which is too low considering that ATM fees are going up every single year. You really are only allowed to use 3 atms every month since atm fees are up to $3 near me. Great bank but there are some things that need to be changed.


Great bank for long term savings.

I have used this bank since 2014 and have not had a issue yet. I went to this bank being skeptical if I should transfer money to them due to bad reviews. Since I opened my account I have changed my mind and now like them. I still have my brick and mortar bank but only keep what I need in that bank all extra go into my ally account. I try to do everything online, and most everything you could want to do you can do online, so far no issues with my requests not being followed. Only have ever had to call customer service 2-3 times for a address change and contact info changes, which can’t be done online, and didn’t have issues changing them.

Best rate you can get for a savings account. I notice some other banks will beat ally for a few weeks on rates, but shortly after those banks rate increases ally increases their rates too and goes higher. We use savings and CD accounts with them currently with no issues.


Stay away!!

Avoid this bank at all costs. Easy setup and easy to deposit money, but they make it nearly impossible to take your money out. Customer service is horrible and not helpful at all!


Good Bank

I have been with them for years. I like the bank, the customer services needs to up their game though. Otherwise, I think its great!


Can’t Complain

Great rates & customer service. App is convenient. Can’t think of any problem in the years that I’ve been a customer.


Rough start but smooth sailing now

I was initially attracted to Ally based on their great rates but I ran into issues opening the account, adding my spouse, and then trying to change a maiden name. Their customer service was not responsive at all - I had to make my way through the phone system maze and get each new service person up-to-speed on my issue and still had to wait weeks between each step of the process. I almost gave up but finally got everything worked out.

It has been a few years since opening the accounts and everything has worked well. I don’t do anything out of the ordinary just direct deposits, credit card payments, and the occasional mobile check deposit. I’m just crossing my fingers that I don’t have to encounter their customer service again!


Great bank

Was skeptical about putting money in and not getting it out as other reviews stated. I set up a small amount in an online savings account. Putting in is very easy, getting out takes 2-3 days but as long as you plan ahead, it’s no hassle. Since then I have put all my savings into Ally and opened a CD. Was not thrilled when I was re-enrolled automatically but that was kinda on me. Without using a checking account, I can’t comment on fees because I don’t see any. However, I am earning WAY more interest that with my previous brick-and-mortar. Considering moving my mortgage and checking now.