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Ally Bank
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Amazing rates

I’ve had a checking and savings account with Ally Bank a few months now and so far it’s been great. The rate for the savings account is one of the best, if not THE best out there. The website and app are top notch. I love getting reimbursed for ATM fees (up to a limit). Also having Zelle to pay family and friends is handy. Customer service sometimes isn’t perfect, but has been very friendly; it’s about on par with my last bank. I’m very happy with Ally Bank.


4 years and no problems

I don’t understand the poor reviews. I have a savings account and set up ACH transfers with my bricks and mortar banks and investment accounts. Deposits are via smartphone. They might lag for a few days in increasing rates but rarely off by more than ,05. Makes me think complainers are just that. I have had zero problems and have created multiple accounts.


Excellent & user friendly

I’ve been banking 60+ years with some crappy banks but Ally has always been understanding and compassionate thru some of life’s rough spots :heart:


Reviews here are backwards

I don’t know what everyone else who has been reviewing this bank is smoking, but I’ve been with Ally for about 3 or 4 years now, and I’ve had nothing but good experience with them.
Their customer service is excellent, as the same person who answers your call (within about 30 seconds, 24/7) is the same person who solves your problem. I don’t think I’ve ever been forwarded to another department, and my problems are nearly always solved on the first call.
Their savings and checking interest rates are higher than any I’ve seen, and their costs for having an account are non existent.
Overdraft fees are better than most other banks, but still steep… but it’s a fricking overdraft fee. That’s going to happen anywhere. They have multiple methods available to protect yourself from those.
Their website and app are easy to navigate and it is extremely easy to digitally deposit checks. Not to mention that Ally was one of the first banks to even allow digital check depositing.

Anything I missed here? Again, I don’t know what everyone else is on about, but I can only assume that they are other bank workers or something, because I’ve had zero negative experiences with Ally in the 3 or 4 years I’ve been with them, which is more than I can say for any other bank I’ve ever tried.


very good bank

Very easy to deal with online for making transfers. Can have multiple savings accounts all on same site. Locked up my son in laws account because I was talking to them on phone. They thought someone was influencing him (which I was, trying to help him). Took about a week to straighten out. At least the security was over the top then. I would rather have it secure anyway.


Great Bank - but SLOW customer service

15 Days ago, I called Customer Service, asked how I could add my Daughter to a savings account - so she would have access to the $$'s to pay for her wedding. Today they tell me it will be the end of the day before she has access. I have been on the phone with then 4 times - and each time they have some excuse why it is taking so long. I submitted all paper work via their secure email the first day. I love the rates, but customers service is BAD.


Best Savings Plan

I used to have a savings plan with Wells Fargo for years before I learned about Ally through Money Magazine and I can’t believe how much extra money I threw away with Wells Fargos pretty much nonexistent rate. Their rate is amazing and although there are a few with better rates, their website and app are a lot more user friendly and anyone can figure it out. Not only that, I’m able to talk to real people 24/7 and they respond ASAP. This was a huge relief as I was scared about not being able to go into a branch to talk to a person but seeing all the extra interest payments makes it all worth it!


Best bank I’ve been at.

I’ve had multiple online and brick-and-mortar banks over the past couple of decades. Having become frustrated with the overall poor experience at a big bank (high ATM fees, pitiful interest, poor customer service, maintenance fees, etc.) I decided to move back to an Ally account I made 8 years ago.

It’s night and day. I’m actually making money in interest now. I ordered free checks that arrived quickly. I had to call in to reorder a debit card and my call was quickly answered and efficiently managed. The app and website are great. Really no issues so far. I just hope the interest rates stay high!


Best bank I have ever been with

I have been with Ally for a few years now. I have never had a problem with anything at all. The website is well designed and easy to use. Someone is always available to help. I do not understand the poor customer rating, but I notice that ALL of the low ratings I read are related to the $10 limit on ATM fee refunds. At first, Ally refunded all ATM fees. However, so many customers were making many small withdrawals (rather than planning large monthly withdrawals so frequent withdrawals were not necessary) that Ally were forced to limit ATM fee refunds. I have no problem with the limited ATM fee refunds because I anticipate total cash I will need for each month, make one ATM withdrawal for that and still have 2 withdrawals I can make for the month and get ATM refunds. Also, I use All Point ATMS where possible as there is NO FEE for those ATMs. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB ALLY … THANKS FOR MAKING MY FINANCIAL LIFE SOOOO EASY!! YAHOOOOO…!


Beware the overdraft

Mostly this bank is fine. Just fine. However, they only transfer money from your savings account in increments of $100 for overdraft protection. Not enough? Boom, overdraft fee. A very odd policy.


Very good bank

I’ve been with Ally for 2 years. I’ve never been hit with fees and the APY on savings accounts are some of the best available. I’m a millennial and do all my banking on my phone and am satisfied with the app. I will consider Ally for other products (e.g. investment/home loan) when the need arises.


Investing department is horrible

Wanted to open an investment account with ally because of current promotions. Filled out full transfer of my current brokerage account, and they don’t accept foreign stocks. Then filled out the ACAT for a partial, never notified me but they don’t accept pink sheet stocks. called them this would have been the 3rd time i called to transfer my brokerage account, and they notified me that they needed a PDF statement of all the stocks that I owned again no one ever notified me. Horrible just horrible customer service, will remove all my 40,000 approximately and find a bank that actually deserves my money.


Best customer service responsive available 24 hours

Everytime I dealt with them it was pleasant and responsive.


Direct Deposit Problems

Fairly good service until we tried to set up direct deposits. Spent close to 2 months and 6 to 8 calls to customer service to get the correct forms and then was instructed to send them to Ally Bank when they were suppose to be sent to the source of the deposits. Unacceptable so am closing the account.


Awesome Experience for the Past 4 years

My wife and I have been banking with ally for over 4 years now, and through it all, they’ve had great customer service. The only issues we’ve ever had were our fault, and ally has graciously waived fees for me. I’ve never been on hold for more than 2 minutes, even in the middle of the night - which is useful since I work 3rd shift. NerdWallet actually suggested ally to me, and I feel obligated to defend it against these awful reviews. Some banks have higher interest rates, but ally is the bank that I suggest to anyone still banking with a 0.01% savings account. Would recommend to anyone in almost any circumstance. The caveat would be one that goes with any online bank; you cannot easily deposit cash.


Beware of holds

The bank is holding my check deposit til july 9th because of 2 small $2 overdrafts. I deposited my check on june 30th and i wont recieve any income until for a whole week. If you only have one source of income dont trust them with your money!!! They are way too severe with their policies and its unacceptable. Ive called 5 times already and talked to supervisors. They all tell me its the system that put my account on hold and theres nothing they can do about it. They are lying and its plenty they can do about it. … they have more excuse then solutions


Reduced C.D. Rates

I’ve been setting up C.D. ladders over the past 4 months. Ally’s 3, 6, and 9 month rates have been excellent as has their 12 month rate. I learned today the rates in the 3, 6, & 9 month CDs have been lowered by as much as 1%. This is disappointing!

Otherwise, I have been very pleased with Ally and all of the representatives I have had contact with. They are all very polite and helpful.


Awesome if you never need anything

Ally is great if you never need anything, but once you have an issue, forget it! I had them process a check that had been cancelled, they refused to refund the check or the overdraft fee that their mistake caused!!!
Since their fees are so low and I already have my court ordered child support direct deposited there, I stay with them but I am now more cautious with my account and make sure I never have to cancel anything!
If if would ever happen again, I’ll be gone!!


Fair-Weather Bank

A solid place to store money with a decent app and website. Customer support is also readily available if you have a mundane problem. If you ever have an issue when you need them to come through for you though get ready for empty platitudes and silence. Draconian overdraft policies and the inability to correct for them is driving me away from Ally. Been a customer for over 5 years now but that didn’t buy me any consideration when an overdraft lead to a negative balance and I found out I would have to wait over a week before I would get access to the funds from my recently deposited monthly paycheck. The poor communication that lead to the issue in the first place plagued my efforts to solve it. As long as you don’t expect any issues ever it’s a fine place to park money in.


Started here

They’re doing pretty good and they took me in on my first lease on my own. Thanks Ally!