Ally Bank

Ally Bank
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Very Lousy Service

I applied to open an account online. No email or phone call were received for confirmation of application. Waited for 6 business days. Called them and found out they needed additional info. So why did they not call or email me? Very poor service. Decided to open accounts at American Express Savings, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Immediate response from them. No problem opening accounts there.


Bad service

Make all payments in time, get title. Not so with Ally. They like to drag it out and make it a big hassle.


Disappointed customer

I have been a loyal Ally Customer for almost 5 years. After my experience yesterday, I plan to move my banking.

For a bank that claims to be ahead of the curve, It took them almost 7 hours to complete a wire transfer. I called after an hour to see why it had not been sent, i was told it usually takes two hours and there is a verification call. I figured that was reasonable and waited on my verification call. Three hours later, it had not been sent and I had no call. I called Ally back and I was told it hadn’t been assigned to anyone and it was still in the queue. The person did let me go ahead and verify the wire so i wouldn’t have to get a call. I explained the urgency of the situation (closing on a house that afternoon) and they assured me it would be done.

Well it was done an hour later from when I was closing. Around 10 people waited in a room for Ally to do something that was submitted 7 hours prior. Other banks I work with this would have taken 30 minutes start to finish.


Very Happy With Ally

I’m so happy that my financial adviser referred me to Ally. The interest rate keeps climbing, and after one transfer with a three day waiting period, the waiting period dropped to 24 hours. Someone always answers the phone, and is professional and polite. I will be switching my children’s savings to Ally.


not happy with the process to open an account

not happy with the process to open an account. no acknowledgement for the application I submitted. easy to reach someone. not a good start for me.


Go with a credit union

Ally will hold your funds when you have an overdraft leading to more overdraft fees. Not worth it, get yourself an account at a local credit union. Unless you love paying $25 a pop for overdraft fees DESPITE them having the funds, they just feel they should hold them because of the overdraft fees… that THEY put in there. I’ve had better experiences with Wells Fargo, if that says anything.


Good interest rates, but botched transfers

They have a great online savings account interest rate and setting up account was easy. But we’ve had two botched transfers since opening our account only a couple months ago. Hopefully we figured out the problem, but banking shouldn’t be this hard.


Pay off process

My loan is paid in full with a ACH debit from my checking but I’m being told it’ll take 15 days for them to clear the title.??? I’m losing my buyer for this vehicle. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE ALLY. Also customer service department is pathetic at best…and that’s if you can understand them.


ok if you never need to transfer any of your money

It’s taken a few weeks to get some money transferred. First, the check they sent to the other institution got lost. Then changing from that to an electronic transfer, the request from the other bank wasn’t legible from the fax. They could see the signature but not the amount. After sending a copy of the same paper with all numbers the same, minus the signature, they wouldn’t accept that.


The only bank I need

Ally offers exactly what I am looking for in a bank. It is easy to open accounts, they offer both checking and savings accounts with top-tier interest rates, and customer service has been far better than my past experiences with “Big Banks”. As a bonus the post their Customer service wait times on the home page.

I do most of my banking on my iPhone which is sufficient for my needs: bill pay, transfers intra-bank and inter-bank, and check deposit.

I recommend this bank to any friend/family member who doesn’t have a need to deposit cash and wants competitive interest rates.



I didn’t want to mess mess with banks after Chase stole my savings several years back but I have had Ally since 2014 and they have not jacked me at all.


Great bank, way better than most


  • Great savings rates AND good APY on checking accounts
  • easy to use mobile app, though it could be better
  • easy to find account information
  • free ATMs and refunded ATM fees up to $10/statement.


  • No way to deposit cash since it’s online-only.

I switched from a “traditional bank”, complete with branches and ATMs, and haven’t looked back!


Slow to process applications

I have a savings account. The rate is high and competitive the my last ACH transfer took 1 day to clear. My previous transfer before that took 3 days.
I applied to have my wife added as an additional owner and it stated it would take 3-5 days. Its been 7 days and still not complete yet. I get no calls or e-mails for updates… You have to hassle them for answers.


This company is a ripoff

I have a car loan with Ally Auto. You can log in to the website to see your balance so I thought but customers please be aware that the balanced showed is without interest and not your true balance of what you owe. This company is a rip off.Buyers Be Ware*


Prepare to wait on hold…

Tried opening online savings account (submitted application) after which I received a message requesting me to call & discuss further with a rep.

Called the number back & waited on hold for 39 MINUTES for a rep. At that point my commute was over & I never actually got to talk to a rep (I gave up) - I instead cancelled my application. Waiting on hold that long to transfer my current banking funds to Ally to open an account (not calling with a banking problem/difficulty etc) is not worth a percentage point, in my opinion.


Horrible customer experience

I have tried to open an account since June 23rd and it is now August and still I am getting the run around. I have received 6 different reference or incident numbers and when I call in tonight, they can’t see what the problem is. They tell me to call back tomorrow. I will close my account now and move to another bank along with the second account I was trying to open. My advice is find another place to park your cash as this bank is certainly no “ally”.


Use Quicken. Use Another Bank

As banks move toward increased security, their willingness to auto-download to Quicken has waned.

Ally does not support Express downloads to Quicken. These created potentially hundreds of duplicate, all with different transaction number. Tech support there suggests using the manual download from the account transaction list. Sometimes this works. Often it does not.

Moved from BB&T when it threatened to drop Quicken support. Then new bank, TD Bank, announced telephone PIN only access to transactions. Went to Ally with briefly supported Quicken. Moving is hell. Suppose I will enter all transactions individually. But not happy.


Unprofessional and untrained customer service

The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Even the managers don’t seem to be knowledgeable on how everything works. Every time I call, I’m on the phone on average an hour. They put you on hold for 15 min. intervals. Then come back with no explanation, or the wrong explanation to what went wrong with an issue. They also have a few glitches with their online banking. I have had transfers and payments made randomly that takes months to get resolved. In the meantime, they charge you with fees that should have never occurred. They are starting to be borderline illegal with the financial errors they are causing. Take a picture of your account online. If you don’t, everything could possibly change the next day and you will have a hard time proving their mistakes. I will be finishing out the month, but then I am switching to another bank that doesn’t cost me so much time and money. That’s why I am on this site researching other banks.


Great Online Savings Account and CD Experience

I have been with Ally for over 4 years and I have never had an issue with my savings account or multiple ladder CD’s. Ally has good interest rates for savings and it’s easy to manage my accounts on their website. I also have linked my Ally account to some of my other financial institutions and its easy to transfer money.



I am very pleased with Ally Bank. They pay a higher interest rate than most others and I have had a positive experience in my dealings with customer support.