Ally checking or USAA checking

Ally checking or USAA checking
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Hey nerds! So I want to know everybody’s experiences or knowledge of Ally vs USAA checking accounts. Who has the best customer satisfaction, best mobile app, banking convenience, etc… Thanks!


Hi @miamifins2! Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have experience with USAA, but I can share my personal experience with Ally’s checking and savings accounts: I love them. I like that Ally reimburses all ATM fees, that I can easily transfer money back and forth between accounts, that it’s fast and easy to deposit paper checks and that Ally has proactively increased the rate on my savings account. I find the mobile app to be user friendly and my interactions with their customer support have all been great.

That said, the above isn’t an official recommendation as a NerdWallet employee — it’s just my impression after having an Ally account for eight years or so. I’m happy with it. I’m hoping someone else can weigh in with their USAA experience, but in the meantime, here are our reviews of both:


Thank you so much for your opinion and very helpful information. I currently have usaa and I just opened an Ally account so I’m going to try out both and see which one I like best!