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Amex does not honor their promotion

Amex switched the promotion on my account and will not honor this promotion. Waste of time. Horrible customer service agents, rude and inconsiderate.


does not honor promotion

i swear the same thing happened to me. they switched the promo with the amex membership points. i called them and all they can say is “we’re sorry sir” over and over.


Marc S

AMEX also switched my offer of 0% interest on balance transfer for 18 months. Talked to customer service in India. Poor customer service and bad attitude. After 20 years being a loyal AMEX customer, I have cancelled all personal and business accounts with AMEX


Best Card

I have had no complaints with Amex. They are always pleasant to talk with over the phone, and my 0% interest for 15 months is true.


The worst customer service

Great benefits but the worst customer service overseas. They don’t understand and don’t care to be rude. Just for that I give them 1 star. I can tell you Citi, Chase, and Discover have much better customer service.


Great every day card - promotion honored for me

I’ve been using this, literally - as my every day card. I received the bonus points and have been racking up points withe bonus 20%. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with customer support and have accumulated ~40K points in a little more than a year. With zero annual fee - its definitely one of my favorite cards, i’ve already redeemed points for over $400 in gift cards. Definitely worth it. I would take the other 1-star ratings with a grain of salt.


Worst customer service!

Talked to some rep and a manager regarding my account. The manager offered the worst customer service ever! It seems like they don’t even want your business! I’m going to cancel this card asap!


A must-have for frequent spenders.

I’ve only had this card for about 3 months and loving every minute with it. I just charge everything to it and pay off the statement, averaging 45 transactions a month. I’ve earned my 10k bonus points + my monthly 20% bonus. Great starter AMEX card, but definitely want to get the Gold or Platinum down the line for even better benefits.


Solid starter card

This is my first Amex card, and my first card that wasn’t issued as part of my bank account. I’m very happy with it. The only annoying factor is the foreign transaction fee (2.7%), as I live overseas. The signup bonus (10,000 points) is great for a no-fee starter card.

Honestly, Amex’s customer service is perhaps the best I’ve ever experienced: although the reps have given me some conflicting information about bonus categories, they’ve generally been both knowledgable and friendly. Highly recommended as a starter card for people who live inside the US.


Decent card for building/ rebuilding credit, but could be better for students

The AMEX Every Day credit card is a decent card for rebuilding credit. However, my experience with AMEX hasn’t always been positive. Oh, customer service representatives have been nice whenever I call, but AMEX is just ok for me as a student. They’ve always given me low credit limits ($500-$1000) whenever I have had their cards. Granted, when I was younger and in college, I made mistakes with credit and at that time had a $1,000 credit limit on a card that no longer exists I believe. Now, I’m in graduate school and they gave me this card with a $500 CL to start. If you get a Graduate Assistantship, AMEX doesn’t consider that as part of your annual income of you are awarded a stipend. Thus, my experience is I believe this card is decent for helping rebuild credit, but with low credit limits, I really can’t take advantage of the bonuses they talk about offering without having to have a high credit utilization rate to get the most out of this card. I use it and try to pay it off in full monthly and hope I will receive a CL increase in the future. However, my experience has been that despite a good credit score, it is just an ok card to have for small purchases or small emergencies due to low credit limit. Furthermore, as stated above, it really is not a good card for students unless you are just starting out credit wise to build/rebuild credit. That’s why overall I believe this card is decent/ok for building/rebuilding credit if you’re just starting out, but it’s not a good card for students who can’t utilize stipend monies from graduate Assistantships as work experience because AMEX doesn’t honor stipend monies as part of your annual income even though stipend monies from graduate assistantship employment is part of one’s annual income that will be reported for tax purposes. Overall, decent credit card, but find out what AMEX truly considers as part of your annual income so you can get the most out of this card.



There Is Some BAD Reviews About There Customer Service Being BAD! And That Is Pure 110% BS!

I Have Had Nothing But Great Customer Service, Anytime I Had An Issue They Was Polite And Friendly. And Plus They Will Send You A Survey For You To Fill Out To See How That Customer Representative Conducted For Your Issue!

As Far As These Post About Low Credit Lines! First You Must Think! About Your Score And What Is On Your Credit Report! I Mean People Get A GRIP! Would You Loan Money To Someone, Who Does Not Pay Back, What You Borrowed? Example! If A Person Told You NOT! To Loan Money To A Person, Because You Will Never Get Your Money Back! Would You Loan That Person Money?


Great card with low/no fees & many perks

I’very had this card a while now and I love that this card gives you the perks of an Amex with no annual fee! It’s one of the only cards I found after doing a ton of research that offered a $0 balance transfer fee but also works as a rewards card as well. I got approved for a much higher than expected credit limit with a credit score in the upper 720s and an average of 3 year credit length. I would 100% recommend this card.


Low Credit Limits

I wanted to transfer a balance but once I found out my low credit limit it’s useless. I will cancel my card. I have excellent credit and never have this problem with any other credit card company.


Low credit limit makes 0% balance transfer useless

FICO score 750/VantageScore 775, income $75,000, house paid off, car paid off, and $8,000 on credit cards. I applied late on a Friday night figuring I could put $7,000 that I had on a card with an introductory 0% rate that was going up to 18% in June onto the Amex. Amex approved me for $2k, with a $1,500 balance transfer limit. No dice. I called immediately and cancelled; they sent me a card anyway that week, so I called again to make sure the account was cancelled. In the meantime, I went to my credit union and applied for a personal loan, which was approved in less than 24 hours…8.5% interest over 18 months with no early payoff penalties (I plan to pay it off this fall.) American Express screwed me over years ago and I vowed never to do business with them again…guess it serves me right! I won’t make that mistake again.


poor customer service

I applied for the balance transfer feature. I have excellent credit and was instantly approved for a $25,000 credit limit. For some reason, the balance transfer “request” takes 3 weeks (14 business days) to review before it can be approved. As I’d like to pay off another credit card (I always pay my fully monthly balance, but incurred several large expenses recently, prompting me to seek a balance transfer) this card is now worthless to me. I cancelled.


Love being back with AMEX!

Applied for the Everyday Credi Card a few months ago and was surprised to get a credit limit of 10k. Wow. Customer service has been great and got my 10k Membership Rewards Points along with extra points for using the card more than twenty times in a billing cycle. Love this card and use it instead of my debit. Happy to be an AMEX customer again.



715 credit score and 33k per year income and what do I get?..2k limit. At least Discover gave me a 5k limit. Garbage!



It’s a beautiful card and I love the look I get when I pull it out. The app is fast and responsive and has been consistently current with my account balance.


Ridiculous and low integrity

We got approved for the transfer but they charged us $90 and did NOTHING when we disputed it and blamed us for signing up for the wrong card (not the case) and the interest is 25%. Do not trust them, they have nightmarish apathetic customer service and a deceiving product.