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American Express Amex Every Day Review | Nerd Wallet
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Approved for more than I expected.

Credit Score: 730, Credit Limit: 18,500, BT Available: 7,500. I plan on using it as a BT card after I receive the intro reward.


Bait and Switch!

This card entices you with the $0 balance transfer fee, but gives you a super low credit limit, with an even lower balance transfer limit!

I’m a relatively high income person (single, no rent, no mortgage, no loans, income over $70k) with a good credit score (over 700), and I only signed up for this card because I thought it would be smart to defer paying up a promotional balance…



This card is amazing, got approved for more than what I expected and after 2 month I requested a CL increase for double what I have and got approved instantly!

Customer service is great, they also have a chat customer service which I always love it than calling.

Also I got a lot of discounts when I buy from Amazon, Best Buy and got $30 off a Ray-Ban Sunglasses (You need to add the offer to your card first though)

This card is a great deal !

Credit Score: 720
Credit limit was 1/6 my income



Credit score 809, got the card with 2k limit. Requested a limit increase to 12k so could transfer 9k and take advantage of the zero percent, zero balance transfer fee. Credit limit increase was declined because the card was too new, but I could reapply after 60 days. To qualify for the offer, you must do the transfer with in 60 days!! WTF?!! Card Cancelled. Just dinged my credit report with a useless inquiry.


Approved for more than my current credit card with bank

Credit score 750+ & credit limit was $17,000. Just bought a home and am going to rack up all purchases through my better rewards card and transfer the balance to this card before the 60 day threshold.


Do not waste your time- low amount offer so you do not transfer

They will give you a super low approved amount. I get $10k easily from everyone else. AE gave me $6k and a $800 balance transfer amount. I should have know zero fee transfer was too good to be true