American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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Great card for first timers

I have had the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card for the last 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with it. It is great for first time users.

When we got the card our main aim was to have a card that would help us build our credit history. We have been extremely satisfied with the customer service and the biggest plus is that there are no hidden charges if you make your payments on time. I do not have to worry before using my card online or in store and the website is very user friendly too.


Good card for everyday purchases.

I like this card. I do believe they are a little slow in rewarding your points back to you. What I do like about this card is that your payment is posted quickly.


This card was a let down

I wasn’t too happy with my American Express Blue Cash Everyday card. The benefits at the time sounded great with cash back on purchases. The problem with this card was that once you have it, you realize it isn’t accepted everywhere like Master Card or Visa. Plus plenty of cards now offer great cash back benefits too. The credit limit was lower than other cards too. Overall, it was a bit disappointing and I ended up closing the account due to the lack of using it.


For Those Who Want a Great and Simple Rewards Card

I have had my American Express Blue Cash Everday card now for about 5 months and I can honestly say that I could not be happier. First I would like to address that, while people are critical of American Express cards because they are not accepted at every single store, all of the common places that the average person shops accept American Express. The places that don’t accept American Express are usually smaller boutique-type stores. Now to the benefits of the Blue Cash Everyday card. The is an initial 100 dollars given in the form of statement credit if you spend 1000 dollars in the three months of having the card.
Everything else about the card is meant to be simple and it does not disappoint. You may get slightly better “bang for you cash-back buck” if you get a miles reward card, but that restricts you to using miles. Cash back is simple and you don’t have to worry about points that might expire. The Blue Cash Everyday card offers 3% back on purchases at US grocery stores, 2% back on Us department stores and gas, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. This is a pretty good rewards deal as long as your heart is not set on getting deals while traveling. I would also like to highlight that there is no annual fee and a relatively low APR rating which begins after the first 15 months o having the card. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday card boasts its simplicity and, because it is easy to get approved for and offers a fairly good and easy to understand reward program, it stands up to its claims.


Great cash back rewards card

This credit card is great. The cash back is fantastic and really adds up. American express customer service has always been top notch as well. Also included with the card was a free lifetime membership to Shoprunner which gives free shipping at many online retailers.

I also think the card happens to be one of the best looking credit cards on the market. It really looks cool. With the way it looks, the useful online website interface, the awesome rewards, free shoprunner, and cash back. You really can’t go wrong with this card.


Good card overall limited cash back but good everyday card.

I had acquired this card to mainly use at Costco since they only take AMEX cards. I like this card overall its cash back is fair depending on what you buy it can be up to 3%; however, it does not have an annual fee which helps makes this card worth it. It is good for groceries and gas especially which is what I spend most on.

The other main benefit I use is the amex cash back offers. Often there are some very commonly used websites and stores which they offer bonus cash back for such as Newegg, Amazon, Walmart. Overall this has probably only saved me about 50 dollars over the last year. I feel that the other bonus (travel protection, car rental insurance, etc) is quite standard across the industry. Overall its a very good card overall.


The BEST Cash Back Card

I love my AmEx Blue Cash Everyday card! I’ve found it to be the best among other cash back cards. Not only do you get the AmEx name and superior customer service, but with this card there is no annual fee! The cash back rewards couldn’t be easier. There’s no minimum spending required. There’s no enrollment. You can get up to 3% back on your grocery expenses (on the first $6000). And you can get $100 cash back almost immediately with your new card. You just make $1,000 in purchases within the first three months, and you will earn $100 back, which comes in the form of a statement credit. This offer is only for new sign-ups though! I truly couldn’t be happier with my Blue Cash Everyday card.


I have a high opinion of this card. It provides an effective way to earn cash back on all purchases, and one can get even more cash back on certain purchases.

I honestly think this is a good card, but wish it was easier to earn greater amounts of cash back. I like that certain purchases (gas, groceries) yield more cash back than others, as those purchases are necessities and are made frequently. Overall though, I think it is a very fair card.


Great if you love redeemable points!

I am extremely satisfied with my credit card. I like the credit limit. I like the fact that it allows me to use my points to buy gift cards, products, or cash towards my account. I also like the design and sleek look of the card.


Low Interest Rates and Cash Back

I love this card. It is great for everyday purchases. When I got the card it started with 6 months of 0% APR. Unlike most credit cards with a set interest rate the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card has a variable rate based off the users credit card. Since I have a fairly good credit score I was able to get one of the lower interest rates around 12.99%. They also have a variety of cash back rewards such as 3% back at the supermarket, 2% back a gas stations and dept. stores and 1% on other purchases.


Great card over all for the young and old

I really like my card , i use it for small minimal purchases . I have never gone over the limit or had any nasty fee’s. I also like the fact that i can use a particular atm machine and not get charged a fee. Its been a great card for small purchases and i have recommended the card to most my friends and family members.


Great card for everyday life!

I got my American Express Blue Cash Everyday card as my go to credit card. I really liked that there was no annual fee as many cards require them. The card has decent interest rates and is relatively easy to get. My credit score was not amazing and I was still able to get it. I also got 100 dollars back when I bought a TV and went over the 1,000 dollar mark the first 3 months. I love this card.

This card is amazing for everyday life. If you plan on spending a lot get this card. The money back and the rewards you acquire make this card ideal!


Love the card

A large part of any card are the people behind it, and American Express’ s employees are second to none for customer service. Each interaction has been a pleasant, respectful one. The staff are interested in making sure that they help as best an efficiently as possible.

Now on to the card itself. The rewards are great. The interest rates are as best as I can expect with my credit history. They do foster more responsibility in that they will give you a lower credit line and it takes a while to get that upgrade.

Overall, I love the card and will be keeping it.


This is a good card for someone who spends a moderate amount of money. The interest rate is competitive and the card is accepted by most businesses except those who don’t take Amex.

I use this for some purchases because it’s not accepted everywhere. I like to earn enough points to buy something small. I’ve been a member of Amex Blue since 2003 and use it every few months or so. It’s not my primary card (that’s a Mastercard with Chase), but I use it enough to justify having it.
There is no annual fee, which is just fantastic. I doubt I’d be willing to pay one, actually. The interest rate is irrelevant because I always pay the balance off each month. In fact, I’ve got it set up such that my balance is deducted from my bank account on the due date automatically. I don’t have to anything. The amount I’ve spent is paid for on its own and all I have to do is just verify the charges each month.

I get paper statements sent to me, but I have also checked my statement online from time to time. My credit limit on this card is kind of low, might be even under $1,000. No problems to report. I like using the card for general purchases.


My favorite card. Great cash back. Excellent tools online for tracking cash earned.

I like this card a lot and I use it for most of my purchases to get cash back. Especially at grocery stores, drug stores, and gas where it really has a nice benefit at 5% case back. My only complaint is that it is a clear plastic card that is laminated together and frequently comes apart. I typically request a new one every 18 months because it falls apart. I’ve considered getting the preferred card, but I don’t think the trade off is worth it to pay an annual fee for more cash back. I honestly doubt I spend enough to make it worthwhile.


Great card with no annual fee.

For the last two years, I use this credit card. It has no annual fee, which I find very very attractive. Unlike other cards there are no rotating categories. What is very interesting is that this card has straightforward cash rewards program - there exist also no minimum spending required, absolutely no enrollment needed.


An all-around great card

The card I have is everything I need it to be (a credit card). The rewards are relatively good, though it’s not something I fret over. As they build up, I will use them. In terms of account safety and security, I’ve never had a problem so far. I’m sure if something were to come up, I would be notified. The card’s design is very sleek and always a pleasure to look at.


Great Card for people wanting cash back for shopping

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express a good credit card to get as you’ll earn 3% cash back on your first 6,000 spent on food and 1% cash back after that. 2% on gas and 1% on other eligible everyday purchases. What I like about this card is that unlike some other cash back cards you don’t need to spend any minimum amountr to qualify for the cash back amounts, and you don’t even need to enroll for the cash back. So if you have good and pay your balance in full and on time each month you will be able to maximize the full benefits of having this cash back card. This card provides many travel benefits, purchase protection, return protection, extended warranty and many other premium services. If you spend at least 1,000 with this card in the first 3 months of cardmembership you can earn the bonus of 100 back.


Great no fee card.

I like this card. It’s usually my go to credit card. The website is easy to use and gives me good control over my spending. Good rewards too.