American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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Good Card

Recently got approved instantly online as a student with a 720 score. Support has been good every time I have contacted them and the quality of the physical card is the best of all my other cards. This one hasn’t bent yet. I was only given a 2k limit but hope to get it raised shortly. Haven’t found a place yet that won’t accept the card and the cash back bonuses are pretty good.


Rejected and confused

I was very excited to apply for this card. Specifically for the cash back rewards. I have four other cards that I pay in a timely manner and never have a balance that carries to the next month. I always pay my bills on time, I have no debts to pay and have a very good Fico score. It will be interesting to see what hoop they want me to jump through, to qualify for this card.


Great card and service but i didn’t get my bonus

I applied for this card and got approved for it and don’t get me wrong its great to finally get an Amex credit card but o didn’t get my $ 100 bonus after i spend $ 1000 or 0 % APR for 12 months like the amex site said i love the customer service and the cash back option i just feel that they should granted whatever they offer on the website when you apply for the card



I applied for the card like every common person expecting the mentioned 0% APR instead they approved the card with 23.24% which means its a complete useless card for me.

When I called the customer service, they are even worst than the useless card. They don’t value their customers at all and so reckless when talking to us. They neither did any favor for us. I would recommend before applying figure out if its giving you the 0% Introductory APR or not. I dont even like to give that single star but there is no option for me to post this review without giving that.


American Express is the absolute WORST credit card company out there

The absolute WORST credit card company out there. A nightmare to deal with customer service and probably one of the main culprits of the downfall of western society. I have had scores of credit cards and they all for the most part were ok to deal with. On occasions when I was younger I needed replayment plans. Citi card and Chase all offered great options for me. Not American Ex. They are money grubbing SHARKS> STAY AWAY


Customer Service

I just got approved for the Blue Cash Everyday Amex! As soon as I submitted my application 4 days ago I received an email confirming that the team received and was reviewig my application. Shortly afterwards I received a second email because a bit more information was necessary to confirm residence address and I was able to upload the document thorugh their website. First time I called and an extremely nice lady called Radica (hope I spelled correctly) guided me through the process answering all my questions and making sure I understand how the process was going so far so that I do not become anxious (because we all get excited and anxious when applying for Credit cards, dont we?!?). I called today and another very nice lady helped me to correct the format of the address in my application, unfortunately I didn’t catch her name, but she was very diligent, and eager to assist me. Not influenced by the fact that she delivered the great news within less than a minute once the address format was corrected. Congratulations, your application has been approved!.. I’ll be providing a new review when I receive my card with the credit limit details because I was so excited I forgot to ask lol. But something that many of us like to know: My Fico score at the time of application was 694 according to Discover bank. And as per Credit Karma I had 700 Equifax and 682 Trans Union. I have no late payments, no public records. I have 7 hard inquiry within a two year period,5 open accounts in good standing, 6 closed accounts also closed in good terms with the lenders. I am not sure if my Credit Card utilization % was considered at all, but I had increased severely for the first time from a 15% utilization to more than a 50%. Because its Christmas and I wanted all the rewards and 0% apr I could get from my other cards. My annual income is 37,500 and my rented house is $300/monthly. i do hava a 5,000 loan and 5 other credit cards with a total debt of a little over 4,500 among them versus a credit limit of 7,800 in total amongst them. Inhve waited approximately 2 months between applycations for credit cards (mainly store credit cards). I hope my review helps someone else to consider expanding their credit line just like myself and make a savy decision. Hugs! And wish you a Happy 2017 !!!


Terrible Customer Service

I have the platinum card. I have tried to use the “concierge”

a few times only to have them tell me every time “there is nothing we can do”. And then they pretty much lied to me about the benefits and won’t do anything to fix it. I have 2 American Express cards and a lot of money in my American Express savings account. Due to the terrible costumer service I just received I will be closing all accounts. SO disappointed and frustrated with this company.


Horrible Card - Awful Service

Absolutely HORRIBLE service. I booked a trip using my American Express points. I went online to the airlines website today to check in to my flight. My reservation was not listed with the airline. After a quick phone call to the airline, I was told that there was a "processing error" and to contact American Express.

I called customer service, the agent was very polite and attempted to be helpful. However, the solution to a problem created by American Express is extremely unacceptable. Apparently, American Express used my points to book the airfare, however, they never paid the airlines for the ticket and consequently, the reservation was cancelled. No contact was made by American Express to inform me that the airfare had been cancelled. I have been on the phone for several hours attempting to get this resolved. The solution being offered is I have to pay the airlines rate today for the airfare (a difference of several hundred dollars), or use additional points and American Express will "review" my account to see if they may or may not reimburse for the difference in cost.

When asked to speak with someone who can help me today get this matter resolved, I've been told that their policy is that someone will contact me within the next 48 hours and that they will not be able to resolve anything today. MY TRIP IS RUINED!!!!!! It took years to accumulate the points and not only did they take them away, I don't have a plane ticket......This is a rip off! I am soooooo upset right now. I absolutely hate this company and will NEVER do business using American Express again.


Careful! Using may damage your credit rating and credit history when using auto pay

Have had this card set up using auto pay each month to make the minimum payment for years. Worked hard to improve my credit to qualify for this card (and like most AMEX customers I care about my credit rating, and credit record).

Continued improving financial situation and was ready to improve monthly auto pay to pay off the complete balance each month.

Logged in and changed the auto pay settings to pay complete balance and replaced minimum payment (correctly during the same login in about a 3 minute transition) and completed this about 10 days before next payment date.

Discovered the new auto payment didn't auto pay and called to ask why. They explained that the AMEX system doesn't pay your upcoming payment, it begins auto pay for 2nd payment.


How is this a service to the type of customer AMEX is looking for? Why is AMEX not doing everything they can to protect the customers who are trying to protect their credit by using auto pay?

AMEX told me there’s a notice when setting auto pay that, “ you’re next payment will not be automatically payed so you have to manually pay your upcoming payment even though you just authorized auto pay.

I’m focused on the type and amount of auto pay I’m setting up, not making a manual payment.

How does this serve the customer?! It’s hard to imagine how. It’s easy to understand how it serves AMEX because they have my $30ish late fee in their pocket which they wouldn’t return to my account because I didn’t make a manual payment while adjusting auto pay.

This is a conscious systemic decision that jepordizieses every customer’s credit.


Not good for Foreign Transactions

I recently got this card and was excited given the $250 cash back offer if you spend a certain amount in the first few months. HOWEVER I didn’t realize (and this is my fault for not looking closely into it) that for any transactions in a foreign country you get charged a “Foreign Transaction Fee”. I was very surprised by this as most all of my other credit cards I have ever had never had this sort of fee. So just beware if you plan on using this card abroad


worst credit card

they are saying 0% APR, but i paid always between 20% to 29%!!!


its okay. no annual fee.

The card is okay. Got this after my lackluster experience with the Gold Card. The cash back HAS to be redeemed in 25.00 units - this was so annoying to me I quit using the card and I’ve had 23.40 in rewards for a year now because I don’t want to use the card just to get the 25.00. I only keep it because its a good backup card with no fees and a 20k limit. APR is ridiculous so though I never carry a balance that could be a factor if you plan on going with any AMEX card.


10% restaurant reward - what a scam!!

All of my restaurant charges are mysteriously coded as “other” and the 10% promotion did not apply, although they show up as restaurant charges on my statement. I called the customer service, and they are not helpful (and they keep repeating the same script instead of trying to understand the situation). You would think Amex knows better. I stop using this card immediately.


False credit reporting/customer service will not cancel account

I have several American express accounts however this one is the worst. They made an error and reported my payment 30 days late to all the bureaus in which it was not late but applied to my old account number with american express. This error was corrected however is created a notice to go out to all my creditors in which return my lines of credit was reduced due to this companies incompetence.
I called to cancel my account and for some reason everytime I am transferred to the cancelation department my call is disconnected.
I cut up the card and put it in the trash . This is a terrible company to deal with and the staff is completely incompetent and not useful… If I could give them a minus rating …truly below average…


happy i’m happy about the card!

i got this card 4 months ago & am pretty pumped on all the savings i’ve already racked up. 10% back at restaurants lasted awhile- i hit my $200 max cap last month. i got back $100 for spending $1000 in the first 3 months… easy! and in the 4 months i’ve had the card redeemed $75 so far from the rewards. not too shabby :slight_smile:


Worst card ever

I don’t recommended to anybody, i had this card for about 3 years and they never increase my credit line and i never make a late payment or exceded my balance, I close the account with them because at my opinion this card is a garbage


Terrible reward program.

You have to call a number on the back of the card and spend a couple hours on the phone to get your rewards. They don’t tell you that. It’s a garbage card, accepted by no one.


Great card, great company

have owned this card for one year now. The card itself is just another rewards card. But, what really had me impressed was the company. Can’t say one thing in particular stood out, it’s just all the small things wrapped up in a whole that really impressed me. They do try to offer that “exclusive” vibe, and wether it’s a ploy or not, I like it. This was my first card with them and they granted me a 10k limited. Now this may not be to the moon, but at 22yo it really felt like my hard work to micromanage my credit payed off. This boost in CL really gave me the ability to relax and not worry about my balance ratios. Will be getting another card from Amex down the line for sure.


Great Card for Everyday Use !! GOT $200 BONUS !!!

Happy New Year to everyone! This is an update of my previous review back in Dec 07, 2017. Few things I want to add in this review for the new card applicants. With only 6 months credit history and 700 FICO score I applied for this card. And amazingly I was approved for a CL of $10,000. Now I use this card regularly. With the help of AMEX mobile app I got many offers. I also got 200 welcome bonus for using referral. AMEX gave me 15 months 0% APR. So, gradually I am falling in love with this amazing card. Spending on gas and traverlling is easier than before. In my opinion, AMEX is giving larger credit limits to the applicants nowadays.


The costume service is very helpful

I had this card for 6 months and my limited was 1000 now 3000 because I pay all my bills on time, even though the card it’s not great on rewards it’s beneficial to have.