American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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I love this card!

The best thing about this card is the app. It was easy to install, it works flawlessly, and is extremely easy to use and navigate. The app makes my life so much easier because I can access my account information anywhere on my phone. The card itself is great to have since the rates are competitive and I’ve never had any issues using it anywhere. I even like the look of the card. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Most other cards are rip offs when it comes to their rates. This one makes me feel like a valued, respected customer.


very good for high spenders

I like the good rewards in groceries and gas. I spend a lot in those areas.


Cash back with options for more!

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday card is simple. It provides more than enough credit for everyday purchases and allows balance transfers from other higher interest cards to consolidate your outstanding credit and get out of debt faster. The cost of transferring balances isn’t as high as most other cards of the market. Not only that but they offer incentives like 0% interest on balance transfer for 12 months which gives you time to pay the balance off. This saves you some serious money in the long run assuming you pay the balance off in full. If you don’t the interest payment dates all the way back to the beginning. In terms of credit limit, American Express is very generous allowing you to make the purchases you need without worrying about hitting the limit.
Then there’s the rewards. Depending on the amount of money you spend on the card, you get higher rewards. The break is at the $6,500.00 mark. This is when the cash back earnings go from 1% to 3-5% depending on the category of purchase. This is where using this card for reoccurring purchases becomes wise. Let’s face it, we all have cable, phone, gas, insurance and other bills we pay every month. Why pay each one separately when you can get some cash back on it and make one easy payment. Not to mention having it auto-pay prevents you from every forgetting to make a payment. I’ve had this card for 4 years. It’s my most used and most convenient.


Great All Around Card

I love using my American Express card. Even though i have other credit cards, I enjoy the high credit limit, generous rewards program and ease of use. I will only use another card if Amex is not accepted.


Great cash back card

I have had this card for a few years now. I love it. American Express has great customer service and the card features are great. I like that it has extra protection for buying big things like TVs, rental car purchases etc. I like the cash back feature as well. It’s easy to add up the cash back without paying interest if you pay off your credit card quickly each month.


common peoples card

american express blue cash everyday it is awesome credit card.i use it daily for daily is part of my day to day life.i cant think of leaving at home.i keep in my wallet while i am going to my office.i dont need to carry any cash with is like my best friend.
wherever i go i carry along with it feel a sense of comfort.i go to mall i buy thing and give credit card to swipe.i dont need to think at that moment about any cost.i have enjoy with my family.its really a rejoicing experience for me.its my part of life now.i dont want to leave it.i want to use it in my future life too.thank you.


Great card for rewards programs

I like the card. We saw an ad on the TV for it and then got a piece of mail regarding the card. We applied and were excepted. If you use it 20 or more times in a month, you receive 20% bonus on your cash back, which i like. The interest rate is a good one, (the lowest we have) and we were able to roll over an existing balance. The customer service has been great, I would just like to be able to raise the maximum credit on the card. We have not been able to do that yet.


Average Card with a Great Introductory APR

After 6 months of using the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card, I’m overall satisfied with the benefits and service. However, there are issues with the card that have come up that make my experience less than perfect. The number one issue is that I do not get credit for buying groceries or gas at the local food chain, Fred Meyer. I assume this is because they also offer clothes and electronics - though people have been going to this local grocer for many years as their primary source for groceries. I’m unsure where/if I will receive the extra benefit.

The introductory APR (0%) is a great benefit, and motivates me to use my card and pay off the balance monthly to at least get the 1% cash-back. I have not run into any problems with merchants unwilling to accept American Express. Once the APR defaults to something like 18% when the introductory period is over, I do not intend to keep the card because the benefits do not outweigh the cost.


Nice basic rewards card with no annual fee, but the APR is high compared to others out there

This was one of my very first credit cards and I used it consistently during the zero percent APR period, but honestly at this point I hardly use it. The APR is on the very high side compared to my other cards so I have no desire to carry a balance on it. The basic rewards are a nice little bonus. There’s no annual fee, so you have nothing to lose by applying for it. The American Express support for Apple Pay is very nice and it was very easy to add this card to my iPhone 6. The look of the card is pretty cool and definitely one of the more striking designs out there. Beware the penalty APR on this card though, it can come dangerously close to 30%!


Easy to use and hassle free!

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday credit card is a wonderfully easy to use credit card. It is also great for those who wish to build up their credit. With the first year being interest free, all you have to do is make your monthly payments on time and your credit score goes up without having to worry about the hassle of interest. The online bill pay makes this card even more convenient because you can check your charges at any time and if you find that something isn’t right a simple call to customer service and its dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this card.


GREAT useful things

it is used for one who spends a lot on gas or groceries, it is good for someone who spends money at places that sell gift cards at grocery stores and someone looking for a solid cash back


Average credit card

I’ve had this credit card for about 4 years and, since it was my first credit card, it was my primary credit builder when I was in college. I used it pretty frequently for general purchases and I have never had any bad experiences with the card itself or with American Express customer service. There have been several times I have missed my montly card payment due date and each time I was able to negate the extra late payment fee charged to me.

I would say one of the downsides of the card is that there are not really any great rewards for it. I receive 1% cash back for all purchases which is pretty lacking considering the rewards that most credit cards seem to have currently. It has never bothered me all too much as I don’t use it to the extent where the benefits of having more reward points justifies it.


Good for families of 4

I enjoy it. I like that it does not have an annual fee; for me the annual fee on the blue cash preferred would outstrip the extra 3% cash back from groceries. More problematic is the recent news that Costco will be dropping Amex in favor of another card. I do have both an Amex and a Capital One, and this would certainly tip the scales in favor of the Capital One being my most used card. I think I will still keep it however, as it is best for groceries and we live within walking distance of a store. If our family expands because we wish to have a child or our relatives come to visit we would definitely get more value out of the card, and might consider upgrading to preferred. I do wish it had Capital One’s auto-redemption for cashback, though this is a minor gripe.


Perfect all around card.

Overall I am very pleased with this card and would rate it very highly. I initially got the card because of the cash back offers, but have found that the customer service and deals that American Express provide will be keeping me around as a customer.

Moreover, being a card member and access to the additional services and protections that are included provide me with a great deal of peace of mind when I make large purchases. I’ve been researching other membership benefits and what surprised to see that I could use my card for the down payment at a number of select auto dealers with no questions.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with the card and would recommend it to anyone.


Excellent Card for Convenience

Unfortunately there’s often times where my credit card is randomly declined in certain locations (gas stations in particular). There’s also an issue where pending fees add up for daily limit card transactions, i.e. if the pending fees accumulate over the daily limit then I cannot make anymore transactions for that day. On the other hand, I enjoy the convenience and simplicity of my bank and the actual card itself. Fraudulent spending is also where this card shines as American Express does an excellent job of quickly reimbursing you.


Amex - used to be great, but not so much anymore.

A few years ago, owning an American Express was seen as being a high quality individual, with good credit and good earning. Nowadays, it’s more of a hindrance.

I currently carry a relatively low balance, but due to its stingy nature of low credit limit ($2500), I still struggle to use the card. It is not accepted widely due to its high fee charge to vendors, so many stores will not accept American Express. Its nominal APR does not encourage me to use the card any more than the other cards that offer very low APR. Other cards will offer me $10k in a limit as well as a 12-month 0% APR and then 9.99% afterwards.


Great card for extra benefits

My husband and I have had a few credit cards for years, but we rarely used them and hadn’t been tracking our credit. Now that we’re starting to think about buying our own home, we are trying to boost our credit rating by both actually using our credit cards and finding ones worth using. There’s how we ended up finding out about the AmEx Blue Cash Everyday card.
We love it–all of our purchases earn at least 1% cash back, with many of them qualifying for even greater rewards. I’m given tons of exclusive offers, even 2-day free shipping from most online stores using Shoprunner, or discounts on various purchases. We even got a big sign-on bonus after meeting a minimum purchasing threshold in the first 3 months and they gave it to us as soon as we did, without even having to request it. The AmEx Blue Cash Everyday card has some of the best benefits of any CC I’ve seen, and is the first one both my husband I feel “works for us” rather than making us work for them!


Great card for those on a budget!

I’ve been very impressed with this card. The cashback accounting is very honest; having had lousy experiences in the past, I carefully computed my expected CB for the first few months I had it. Stopped after their calculations matched mine every time. The percent back is fair, and works well with the things I use the card for, i.e. gas and groceries. Redeeming for cash back, usually as a statement credit, is quick and easy.

The really marvelous thing, though, is the benefits that come with the card. They throw in a free ShopRunner membership, which has saved me a fortune in shipping costs. And there are constant bonus deals posted to my account, “Spend $20 with Retailer X, get $5 back” sort of things.


Good overall card

It is a good everyday card. You can use it just about anywhere and it has many good features. You can easily check online or on an app the amount you’ve spent and they send you new cards really quick if something happens with yours.


Solid cash back card

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday is a solid card for cash back rewards. It gives you cash back on important areas such as grocery and gas, and a flat 1% cash back on all purchases regardless of category. Unlike the Preferred card, the Everyday card does not have an annual fee. The rewards stack up quickly and you can redeem for gift cards at amounts as low as $25. I like to use this card for Barnes and Noble gift cards or Lowe’s gift cards. Overall I have not had any problems with this card and I find American Express to be an excellent company to do business with.