American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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American Express Warned Us of Fraudulent Charges

My husband and I are on the same account for our American Express cards. We primarily decided to get the cards because they are great to use for travel purposes, but the interest rates were also lower than others we reviewed. My husband traveled overseas on business and took his card with him to use for his expenses. He didn’t have any problems at all while in the other country, which was great. He came back home and a couple of days later there were charges put on his card. At the time, my husband didn’t know anything about these charges or the fact that they had even been charged. American Express actually called him and warned him about the charges. Once they confirmed that the charges were fraudulent, they cancelled his card and put a new one in the mail. The customer service that we received off of that one experience has kept us with American Express. My husband constantly tells people how they responded and tells them that is why we will never switch to another credit card company.


Great card for those with medium credit

It is a great card. Got it because of the initial reward and 1 year amazon prime free and intial 0% apr.
Have used it pretty much daily since then.


Lots of Cash Back if You’re Willing to Wait

The Blue Cash Everyday by American Express gets you oh so much cash back for your everyday purchases. You get 3% cash back for grocery store purchases, 2% cash back for gas and 1% for everything else. In addition, as an American Express member you also get some nifty travel and rental car benefits. I have personally been using this card for 3 years now. The card itself looks beautiful, the customer service is fast and friendly and I overall simply enjoy using the card. There are a few flaws though.

Cash back, whether $10 or $0.10, takes literally 6-8 weeks to appear into my account. I’m really not sure what takes AmEx so long. Because it takes so long, it really doesn’t feel like I’m getting cash back after making a purchase. Other credit card companies update my cash back amount within 48 hours. The good news is that American Express’ minimum amount to redeem cash back towards your statement is just $25. Other credit card companies can require you have at least $50 in cash back before you can touch any of it. So it’s sort of a trade-off. Again, overall the card is great. Cash back is just a little slow-going.


very good

Works for what I use it for.


Great first card with cash back

I have had the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card for two months now and my experience with it has been fantastic so far. My favorite feature about this card is the cash back. With 3% back at grocery stores (then 1% after $6,000 in purchases), 2% back at gas stations, and 1% at many other retailers this card helps me earn money by simply spending what I usually do. I also love the fact that you receive a year of Amazon Prime for free after spending $1,000 in the first three months. This was a major reason I signed up for the card because I love Prime but I don’t have the extra money lying around to pay for it! None of my rewards have posted yet, which seems a bit slow. But I have logged into my online account and find that their website is very easy to use. Their customer service online chat feature is very nice and I have had a good experience using that feature in the past with questions about my account.

The only thing I dislike about the Blue Cash Everyday card is that I have found most of my bills cannot be paid with it, online or over the phone. This was a bit upsetting since I was planning on using the card mostly for utility bills, but it’s not a major problem. It is accepted at every store and restaurant I have been to and that’s the most important thing. The card has a relatively low interest rate for someone with their first credit card, and the 15 month no interest and no annual fee are both nice features. Just be sure to read the whole card agreement to avoid being hit by the massive cash advance and other service fees!


Great for everyday use

I originally got this card because it offered insurance when renting cars. That has been a nice perk-- every time I rent a car I can pass on the expensive insurance options-- but it’s also been such a great card that it’s become my primary credit card. The cash back is fairly generous, especially at supermarkets, and I really like that what I get cash back on doesn’t change month-to-month. I’m always surprised by how quickly I earn rewards.

The customer service is also really good. They quickly call you when they suspect fraud, and in the one case when there actually was a fraudulent purchase, I didn’t even have to think about it-- they just dealt with it and sent me a new card. The website is intuitive and easy to use; I was just able to apply for a credit limit increase without any effort at all.


Great card for grocery shoppers

I love it. It gives me bonus points for everything that I buy. If you think about it, it’s almost like saving a percent here and there every time you make a purchase. You also get extra bonus for shopping at supermarkets.


My Amex card review

I think it’s pretty good. It’s not accepted at some places, which is a minor inconvenience. But, I am rebuilding my credit rating. Plus the promotional offers really sold me. Amazon prime for a year and a cash incentive by way of a credit to my balance. The offers came as soon as I reached the limit. The online website is very nice too, and they have many options as far as security and alerts, via text and emails. I’m happy with it.


American Express blue Cash really fits my needs for my every day card.

I love the 15 month zero interest on purchases and balance transfers that American Express gave me. The web page is very easy to use and navigate and it is very easy to link bank accounts to make on line payments. All theses things I really like but most of all I have a very good interest rate at 19 percent after my promotional period ends. The card is more secure than others with two security codes instead of the normal one three digit code on the back.
All in all I love the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card a lot.


Great Cash Back Options

This card is excellent because it gives so many offers for cash back as well as built in cash back percentages in certain categories. The design is beautiful and I love having it in my wallet. American express customer service is the best, they will solve any issue for you. It is a truly great card all around.


Get money back for everyday spending

It is a great card to use, as long as you do not carry a balance. The money back is pretty exceptional. With 3% back on groceries and 2% back on gas, and then 1% on everything else, I average around $400 a year back in cash. Most cards only give you 1% back or require you to redeem points (usually 1 point for every $1, and most require 1,000+ points) for gift cards. I prefer mine back in cold, hard cash.


Can be good if you pay the balance monthly.

There are a couple of perks of having the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card. For one, you can get 1%, 2%, or 3% cash back on your purchases. For categories that I usually use, like grocery stores, I get 3% back. The cool thing is that once I have earned $25 in cash back, I can use that as a credit on my account (or choose a gift card). Every once in a while, they will send offers for getting cash back or a certain percentage off a purchase at certain retailers which is cool.
On the flip side, the interest rate on my card is pretty high at about ~19%. For this card, I try not to carry a balance. If you do, then this kills the incentive to earn cash back. I limit my purchases on this card to those in which you will get the 3% back. Also, not all purchases qualify for even the 1%, such as purchases at Costco or similar stores. There are caps on the yearly amounts in the 1%, 2%, and 3% groups that can earn cash back.


Great card

This is a really good card. Your rewards add up fairly quickly and there is no annual fee for the card. The interest rate is fairly decent. It’s not the greatest interest rate but the rewards you get make up for it. The biggest problem I have isn’t the card it’s that American Express isn’t accepted everywhere.


Great grocery rebate card.

The A/E Blue Cash everyday has been very good to me. I receive reward points based on the type of merchant I use the card at. I can redeem these points as cash or as a credit for other merchandise offers. It is fairly easy to redeem the reward points online and their web site is user friendly.

The negative aspects of this card are: there is a limit of the 3% reward at grocery stores; the limit is based on yearly purchases. There should not be a limit in my opinion. The other negative is that you must have 25 reward points before you can redeem them, you cannot redeem anything less than 25. It also takes at least 60 days from purchase date until you can redeem, usually 90 days.


A great card to help build credit and for beginners.

My Blue Cash Everyday card is amazing. It has an awesome sign-up bonus where I was able to get $100 if I spent $1000. That is 10% cash back! This is virtually unheard of. Additionally, I get 3% cash-back at most supermarkets…and Wal-Mart counts!

Unlike other American Express cards, I can carry my balance with this one. This allows me to help build my credit by carrying 30% of the balance every month, buy paying before the due date. This means I don’t pay interest…although my interest rate is already really low at 13%. It was 0% for the first 15 months!


One of the Best Cards with Real Benefits

I love American Express Blue Cash Everyday! Maybe because I haven’t had a long credit history by the time I was approved for the Blue card that’s why my APR is pretty high (about 19%). However, the customer service is outstanding and there are many great benefits! Aside from the 15-month 0 APR on purchases and balance transfers (longer than many credit promotions I’ve received), there is no annual fee, and unlike the typical AmEx card, you have the option to pay your balance over time. I love the 90-day return protection and the 1 year additional extended manufacturer’s warranty the card offers. That’s why I used my AmEx Blue Cash card for more expensive purchases, such as mobile devices, electronic gadgets, etc.; there’s also a car rental & damage insurance. With those benefits alone, I’ve saved money and not having to deal w/ sales associates trying to up-sell me on services.


dependable, easy to use rewards

The application process for obtaining the card was relatively simple. Like most cards, the system of earning rewards is a bit complicated. 3% cash back at grocery stores up to $6000 per year then it reverts to 1%; similar scenarios with gas stations and department stores. Base rate is 1% cash back on all purchases. But redeeming the rewards is very easy. Just request a statement credit and you’re done. You can redeem rewards for gift cards or merchandise, but I really don’t see the incentive to do so since there is no discount from what I’ve seen. The only real issue I’ve had with the card is that it’s just not accepted everywhere like Visa and MasterCard. I haven’t had any security issues with the card (yet), and I really haven’t had reason to interact with the customer service department so I cannot speak to that end. But overall I am relatively satisfied with the Blue Cash Everyday card.


It is a very nice card, decent rewards.

This card was one of my first credit cards I got. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday card was great for me, it provided rewards at places I regularly went too, and there was also no interest for 12 months which was great! It is very easy to pay your balance as they offer online payment. Another amazing feature of this card is that you can use your reward balance to pay back your balance on your statement, which is great. Overall, this is a great card especially those who are trying to get their own credit started.


Great card with great rewards

I like my American Express card. I originally got it thru Costco but switched over to the Blue Cash one. The best thing about this card are the rewards and the user friendly website. I pay my bills and get my statement online. I have been using this card for 2 years now and would recommend it for anyone that wants a good card with good rewards.


Great, easy to use card with no fees.

This credit card has given me no issues. It is accepted in all places I frequent, including while I was in Puerto Rico on vacation. The reward money is easy to redeem and easy to track. The card is attractive with a blue hologram in the center. My favorite aspect of the card is the lack of any yearly fees. I would definitely recommend.