American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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Reliable Credit Card

I have had the American Express Blue Cash Back Everyday credit card for 2 years. My experience has been positive since the first day I got this credit card. I am very pleased with the cash back program because it adds up quickly. The few times that I have needed to contact customer service they were extremely helpful and professional both online and over the phone. I also like the look of the card because of the sleek design. I would definitely recommend this card to anyone because of the features, reliability and professional customer service team.


Amazing cash back card

I have loved having this credit card. The cash back categories fit my spending patterns. However, I wish supermarkets were included in the 3% category for grocery stores


Worst customer service!

Let me just say, I have been a member of American Express for over 29 years and have always been pleased with service I have received in the past. However, I have recently been promised membership rewards points (through conflict resolution and countless phone calls). and American Express has since decided to renege on promises made twice by their representatives. They also do not follow through with commitments in regard to communications. The ninth and last conversation I had with them reeked of indifference. Needles to say I no longer trust American Express and will be canceling my account. I can remember when having an American Express card really meant something… Now it means something different. Beware.


frustrating and confusing

it is the worst credit card and worst smartphone application I have ever seen. Smartphone application is the worst app i have ever used , also they lie to people, American express blue cash credit card do not give cashback, they just give reward so reward is absolutely not a cashback


Worst customer service when you need

I use my card for every day transactions. I called the customer service to make a transaction for 10k and they approved. I planned to make a down payment for my car and took it to the dealer. After all the negotiations and I gave my card for the payment and the transaction got declined. I called the customer service again and they said the card is under review and it would take 24-48 hours to get it resolved. They left me with no choice and I have to return home with out purchasing the car. I’m not going to be the customer of Amex any more. Whats the point of having the card when it cant server the needs. – “When you need it we will leave you alone” – Amex new caption

I had the worst experience with the customer service.


Delay Delay Delay…

Just like everybody I have been told by my friends it is a good credit card for balance transfer.

I have chosen this, though I am an existing customer of BOFA and have same offer with more time with 0% APR, just because my friends suggested me as it is a good card to take.

Unfortunately, its been more than a month still my balance transfer request is completed and after calling N number of times where they simply said “it will take 3 weeks time wait” all the time and today the customer care guy confirmed that they cancelled the request as it is taking more time and initiated a fresh one
They also said, my bank confirmed them AMEX balance transfer cheque haven’t reached to my bank (I dont understand how difficult it is now a days to send an eletronic copy?)
My concerns are
1) Why anybody will take credit card and ask for balance transfer? Unless there is a money requirement
2) What is the use if it is taking more than a month without giving proper reason?
3) They couldn’t tell proper reason why it is delayed? why they cancelled the payment request?
Even after these many incidents they are asking me to call back again after 2-3 days that shows 0% concern about customers

Very bad experience… Better to go for other bank…


just frustration… continution to Delay Delay Delay

Its 2nd time I am writing my review after 11 days from last post.
Same story after 11 days where they initiated the balance transfer 2nd time that too without informing me.
Everytime I need to call them and wait for 15-20 mins finally they simply say sorry for the inconvenience but never get the actual status
waste of time, if you really in needy situation better not to go for Amex there are many banks providing this option in fact, some banks providing better deals.

Really vexed up, its been 40+ days so far still no clue what happend to my balance transfer request.
Request is approved sir, check has been dispatch after that no clue.
Simple logic, when a request has been initiated it will be tracked till the end like
1) who initiated the request
2) sent for approval,
3) approved or not,
4) check dispatch,
5) dispatch or not?
6) by which postal service it is dispatched?
7) when it will reach the customers bank etc.... simple tracking system

Its worse that, they dont know the status once the check has been dispatched and no body can answer that form AMEX

unfortunate3ly these guys so dumb and they dont even show interest in understanding your stright question, if possible
they will try to fire on you more than that they could blame saying the details you provided were wrong (so funny, if that is the case why not they verified with me when the transaction failed first time?)

Unfortunately I am sufferer of this bank and suggest everybody not to go for it.

Only god can save these kind of customer care, in directly AMEX.


Good Card for Great Exclusive Deals

I like this card but I don’t love it. It’s my first Amex and at first I thought I could use this to replace my Chase Freedom card, but I quickly found out I was wrong. I was lured by the “Cash Back” which is actually account credit only NOT cash back. What a major blow. I must not have read the find print. After realizing this I haven’t given up on the card completely. I use this card for great perks like advance/pre-sale concerts and rental card protection. This came in handy when our car was hit with a rock and cracked the windshield. The rental company tried to charge us an arm and a leg but THANKFULLY Amex came to our rescue. I don’t use this card every day since there really isn’t a need to, but every so often when I travel or want pre-sale exclusive deals I’ll whip this baby out.


Was told the problem was fixed

Apply for the credit card and put a balance transfer end was told it was denied started paying the card off then received a notice saying that they paid the balance transfer after they told me it wasn’t going through now they paid the other credit card company too much money and I got charged for a balance transfer I didn’t want this is the worst credit card company I keep getting people from India that don’t know what they’re doing



Be careful this card carries a transfer fee of 3% they will tell you everything on the phone besides that



Until recently it was my card of choice and had used the card with confidence because of the perks and the protection. After many years of loyal patronage, I had a dispute with a dishonest merchant and American Express sided with the Merchant.


credit card holder over 25 years

What happened to american express? If you call after 9 to 5 or over the weekend your call is directed overseas. They listen to your call sometimes after 20 minutes into the call, Then say they are transferring you to the correct dept. You are either sent to the wrong dept or disconnected. If you ask for a manager they tell you no manager working or put you on permanent hold. I have made numerous calls about a issuing regarding a problem with a merchant since January with this treatment. I am extremely disappointed in American Express , I have been a customer for over 25 years and cannot believe this is American Express .


They made an error?! Check your statements!

I’ve had Blue Cash Back card for years. I use it a LOT – never had an issue. Until two weeks ago when I noticed I hadn’t been getting the correct (higher) percent of cash back, despite clearly reaching the required spend. I called. After many holds, the rep said, “Yes, we made an error.” Really? You’re American Express? Isn’t this what you’re building your business on – CASH BACK? Isn’t it kind of essential you know how to do that? So the guy apologizes and basically says “We’ll be fixing it at some point in the future.” No other correspondence from them. Scheez. So incredibly disappointing.


AX experience

I have been a AX customer for a long period, I have carried large balances and paid them all. This new transition from ax/ costco to citibank has only left me with headaches. I was offer the blue card which has lots of benefits and the interest rate if zero percent. But not once was I told that there will be a second acct with the AX/ COSTCO. I went ahead a made a 10,000 purchase and, yes!! you guessed it right that amount went into the higher interest rate of 14%. Now I find out, that I have two accts. I called customer service and no one is able to do anything. All I can say is that this is a very dishonest move coming from American Express.


American Express

Don’t get this card. Not even send a mail so far to my physical address. and no one have an answer in the whole company.


AMEX Lies to you

I already had an AMEX card and have had one for years with a yearly membership fee but a decent APR so I’ve kept it. First, a few years back they increased the yearly membership fee, then they dropped my Limit for no reason (I always pay on time and always pay off balances), then they went up on their APR. Now, despite the fact that I have a $6000 Limit and no balance on the card, they won’t do any transfers. When I called to ask about why they’re still not offering transfer opportunities after like 2 years they said I couldn’t do it on that card anymore but I was automatically qualified for the Blue Cash Everyday card and that I’d be able to make the desired $2500 transfer to it instead at 0% APR for the year and about 13.24%APR after that. So I said yes, went through the whole long spiel of terms, conditions, rewards info that I would have been receiving in paper format soon anyway. I wait a week, get my card, call to activate it - only to realize the APR paperwork says 23.24% and the AMEX guy on the phone says my brand new ‘fantastic’ card has only a $2000 limit. I hate AMEX!


cannot contact them

OMG, I have never had such a horrendous experience simply trying to collect my rewards. I have been waiting 3 days for someone to call me back, after having spent an hour on a chat session, with an incompetent rep. I truly am ready to cancel. I spent over $300 in groceries (National chain stores), yet all of my points were credited as other (at 1% vs the 6% I am due). JUST AWFUL. Discover Card is SOOOO much better. Everything AMEX does is overly complicated- even with our business card.


Amex suckz

So, they forced me to switch to this card from my costco amex. Closing an account dating back to 1988, replacing it with this worthless card. Thanks for the 50 point credit hit.


Good Card

Recently got approved instantly online as a student with a 720 score. Support has been good every time I have contacted them and the quality of the physical card is the best of all my other cards. This one hasn’t bent yet. I was only given a 2k limit but hope to get it raised shortly. Haven’t found a place yet that won’t accept the card and the cash back bonuses are pretty good.


Rejected and confused

I was very excited to apply for this card. Specifically for the cash back rewards. I have four other cards that I pay in a timely manner and never have a balance that carries to the next month. I always pay my bills on time, I have no debts to pay and have a very good Fico score. It will be interesting to see what hoop they want me to jump through, to qualify for this card.