American Express Blue Cash Everyday

American Express Blue Cash Everyday
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Great Card, Excellent Company!

We use this card for everything (other than our work expenses). I love the cash back and the convenience of tracking my spending. I appreciate the simple website and how easy it is to integrate the other amex card we have. It’s super easy to pay the bills and recently I’ve set up the auto pay. We have had a couple fraud alerts, years ago, and amex was on it before we even caught it. Never any issues, and amex is there by phone or chat if I need anything. Years ago we had a time in our lives where we weren’t able to make the payment, I kept in touch with amex and never had a problem. We do count on the purchase protection but haven’t had to use it. We have however used the CC protection where we disputed a charge when we had issues with an item. It took a little of my time on the phone but it did pay off. The trick is, use the card and only this card for your grocery shopping to get the best cash back. It’s nice not having to worry. I do feel like American Express has our backs.


AMX will reduce your credit limit.

On April 18 reduced my credit line $2,400 even though my card is not maxed out, always paid on time, I always make more than the minimum payment, and I have never missed a payment. I contacted them and asked them why they reduced my credit line and and the representative proceeded to read a letter supposedly sent to me saying that to restore my credit line to what it was I would have to pay 50% of the balance in the next two billing cycles (i.e. by June 17 2018) in order to restore your credit line to what it was and restoring the credit line will take up to 30 days. Or you can send them financial documents such as bank and savings account statements, 401k or IRA documents, documents about stock or investments ect., for them to review and make a decision in 45 days. My experience with AMX is that the review usually ends up with them upholding the original decision.


Bad Cash Back Policy

  1. You have to wait one complete statement month to reflect the cash back compared to next statement in Discover, BOA-Cash Rewards & Chase Freedom.
  2. You have to redeem in multiplication $25. You have to wait for your cashback to reach $25.
  3. AMEX is not accepted everywhere as this article claims.
  4. 3% Supermarket Cashback does not include Target and Walmart.


Not honest company

Used the card for a rental car that got totaled. They say that we are covered for the deductible if we use the card. Now they are saying Compass bank that got the card is responsible. This was in 2016. Neither will pay and they both say the other is responsible. Don’t believe their promises. This should have been open and shut. It clearly says that the card will pay this.


A great everyday card

I got this because the annual fee of the preferred card would have offset my rewards (I shop online for groceries, which unfortunately, most cards categorize as ‘other’). However, in all other purchases, this card is great.

Amex isn’t stingy with limits if you qualify for the card, so the 0% introductory APR is definitely an attractive feature if you plan on making a few major purchases. That’s what I did, and paid off the balance in a year, and netted a few hundred bucks worth of rewards in the process.

Customer service is excellent. The approval process was easy (they requested proof of income, I provided it, and I got an approval letter 24 hours later). The app is easy to use, and makes it simple to spread out payments for larger purchases using their installment feature.

I pay off the card monthly now, I just funnel stuff through it to get rewards (they have lots of promos, I take advantage of some which earn extra rewards), and it’s great knowing I’ve got access to quite a bit of purchasing power if I need it.

Unlike other banks, AMEX provides a purchasing calculator to see if they’ll allow you to go over limit if you need to make a major purchase. They’ll also let you go over limit without penalty if you happen to get a little too close occasionally.

Point being, if you use the card responsibly and pay on time and historically don’t carry a significant balance, they’ll generally just approve whatever you want to do. I love them for that :slight_smile: