American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
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Solid card with great customer service

It’s pretty good. There are no fees, and no interest for the first year. The rewards are decent, but not the best available. AmEx is not accepted anywhere, so this might not be a good card for someone who does not have another credit card. The great thing about AmEx is their customer service. Super helpful and courteous, every time I have needed them.


Best Cash Back Card on the Market Today

Is your household the type that spends a large portion of its monthly bill on groceries and gas? If so, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred is definitely one of the best cash back cards available today. I debated between the “Everyday” version of this card and the “Preferred” which charges an annual fee. Given the increased cash back benefits of this card, however, the “Preferred” was a no-brainer even with the fee. My wife and I have been using this card for the last three months and it has quickly become a no-brainer to use for everyday purchases. With 6% cash back at grocery stores and gas stations, this card easily pays off the $75 annual fee (not waived in first year) within a couple of months. Also, if you’re someone who hasn’t joined Amazon Prime, this card offers one free year of service which is a tremendous value on top of the cash back you’re saving already. Chances are you can join Prime for free and cancel your Netflix and Spotify account using Amazon’s Prime services to cut even more off your monthly bills.

For the budget conscious family, this card is a no-brainer.


Great cash back on groceries, gas, and department stores.

While there is an annual fee, at least for a family of 4, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred more than makes up for it with its generous cash back rewards! The 6% cash back on groceries is amazing, and on top of that, you get 3% back on gas and department stores. All other purchases are 1% back. The online portal is very sleek and easy to use, and there are constant ‘offers’ that you can add to your card to get extra cash back at specific stores without having to clip coupons. I love love love this card!


Great cashback card for everyday purchasing.

I have had this card for more than 10 years. American Express offers a consistently high level of customer service. The cashback on the card starts at 1% for drugstore, gas, and grocery and .5% for everything else and then jumps to 5%/1% after you spend $6,500. By putting the vast majority of my monthly spending on the card and paying it off in full each cycle I have been able to consistently net a good amount of cash back dollars each year.

I have had several other cards over the years and can recommend American Express by far for everyday purchases and use.


Good everyday card

I’ve really enjoyed this card. I like the security of it and get a ton of cash back. The customer service has been great, the website is usable, and the interest rate is not too high.

If you shop often at department stores, grocery shops, or gas stations this is the perfect card to get. The cash back rate is awesome.


Great card for every one

It is the absolute best card I have ever had. The customer service provided by these credit card company is so great and providing valuable solutions for its customers. The benefits and purchase protection are also outstanding . Paying an annual fee for this credit card is not a problem at all because I get a great cash back and other benefits.


Best card for online shoppers.

I have had my American Express Blue card account since 2008. I have never had a single problem with the card. The account website and interface is simple and very intuitive. My AE blue rewards account has many offers from various stores and outlets. My favorite feature of this card is the ability to link the card with Amazon and shop using my reward points.


Cash back instead of points

We have had this card for over five years and have enjoyed the rewards of using it for daily purchases. It made more sense to us to have a card that rewarded us with cash instead of points. My favorite part of this card is using the cash back tracker. I set a goal for my family and can continually watch how close I am to meeting the reward level I set for us.
Why cash back? It’s my Christmas present money! I don’t have a whole lot of out of pocket costs on Christmas presents when I meet my goals.


Useful card, great website tools, but only use debt if you don’t need to borrow money. Debt is dangerous.

While this card is not accepted everywhere, it is still a good card to have. American Express is really good about charge backs and also has a very nice and easy to use web site. I use this card primarily for autopaying my utilities and vacations, and I never had a problem.

The fees are not horrible, but I never like to pay any fees, so this makes me not give this card 5 stars. I also think debt is dangerous. If you have a steady income then use a credit card to build your credit, but never use it for living expenses, you could end up broke forever.


Great card for common purchases

I originally got this card because I was looking for a good cash back card that didn’t have rotating categories. After doing a decent amount of research, this card seemed to provide the best cash back on my most frequent purchases (gas and groceries) without having to worry about rotating categories. I also had always heard about the -legendary- customer service provided by Amex which made me even more confident in my selection.
Overall, I am happy with the card. It provides solid cash back and customer service has been helpful. My biggest complaint is the lack of timeliness in the cash back showing up. As of now it looks like the cash back does not show up for two full statements. I got it in December and did not see those rewards dollars till the very end of January/ beginning of February. This annoying not only for the obvious reason of waiting but also because it makes is near impossible to make sure I am getting the correct cash back. Amex does not have an itemized list that shows how much each transaction yields in cash back so I just have to trust that they are correct.


Excellent customer service, good cash back.

I have this card for over 5 years and I have to say that American Express has the best customer service among all the other vendors I have dealt with. I have many credit cards and I am trying to cut them down little by little depending on their fees, APR and customer service satisfaction. American Express Blue Cash Preferred card probably the only card I will be using after a while.
The cash back feature is pretty nice. I have saved over 100 dollars from groceries, gas and clothing last month by taking advantage of offers and paying whole statement balance. I simply go into their website and look for the offers for cashback and take advantage of them. The APR of the card is pretty average but the cash back and excellent customer service makes this card to be the credit card one should own.


Great cash back credit card.

This is honestly my favorite credit card I have ever owned. All of my experiences with AMEX customer service have been unparalleled. They were very helpful getting my annual fee waived (military), and have always helped with whatever questions I have had. The rewards are the best that I could find. In a year of owning the card, I have earned over $500 cash back. I would recommend this card to anyone.


It is an excellent card. My recommendation is to go for it.

This card was acquired through a special promotional offer which included a free Amazon Gift Card. My experience has been really remarkable as the card is universally accepted and is a great product for encashing. The APR is low and the credit cycle fits in perfectly with my cash flows. Statements and repayment systems are enviablly robust.


Decent enough card

I think the card is decent enough. After having it for almost 20 years, I don’t have a very decent APR. This last time of being late on my payment (maybe four over it’s lifetime) they raised by rates even more. I think I will be transferring over to a new card. The rewards are decent enough, but I’m still not 100% sure which store type earns my rewards. I usually turn in for gift cards.


Interest Rates on the American Express

This credit card is fine for earning miles, but the interest rates I find to be too high. In all honesty, I would only use it to make one or two big purchases a year. While it is advisable to use a credit card and pay off in full every month, as the interest rates are quite high I would rather not.


Bonuses with flying

The credit card has helped me with booking flights. After I had spent enough on flying I was able to get a bonus amount back to me. The experience with dealing with customer service was extremely good. I had to credit back a flight for another bonus for the card. The person I spoke with was very quick and did a good job.


Great cash back rewards that are easy to use

The cash rewards programs is a lot easier to use that most. You don’t have to deal with complicated points systems or miles. Once you have enough cash back you can either apply it to you bill or buy things like gift cards. I use my American Express Blue Cash Preferred for just about everything since it’s like saving 1% on almost everything you buy.
If you buy a lot of groceries, this card will pay for itself over the course of a year even with the fee. I highly recommend it.


Great everyday card for groceries.

I like the cards reward program. It has 3% cash back on groceries so I use that every week. I don’t like how it isn’t accepted everywhere though. If it was accepted more places I’d make it my only card, but a lot of smaller businesses refuse to take it because it costs them more money. Other than that, it’s great and I love it.


Great card for obtaining rewards without jumping through hoops

The card is ideal for people who want to receive rewards back for their purchases, but don’t wish to jump through hoops to obtain them. I don’t have to redeem some proprietary points through some arbitrary method. I get solid cash returns.