American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
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Great Card for those looking for Rewards

I enjoy the blue cash preferred from Amex. I haven’t found a card that has a comparable cash back program that nets me the return that the blue cash preferred does because of the 6% back on groceries (my biggest monthly expense after rent). In addition, Amex will periodically come out with “offers” that are essentially coupons to allow customers to save even more money.

There is at least one drawback with the card: the annual fee. $75 may seem steep but it will pay for itself through the generous cash back program.


Great card with plenty of cash back

This is my favorite card to use. No rotating offers to sign up for. I know exactly when and why to use this card. Even though there is a fee for this one, it easily pays for itself in no time. I’m very glad I’m a member of this card. I also like the deals on coupons that come out every now and again and their promotions, like supporting local business.


Annual Fee not stated clearly in Amex site

Was a bit surprised to see annual fee charged to my second bill. Needless to say I cancelled the card as I don’t buy enough groceries to give me $75 reward. My other card give 3% for groceries for no annual fee. Other card give me 5% for gas with annual fee.


Limited Cash back

I like the card, I do, but to exclude grocery purchases/all purchases from a ‘SuperCenter’ takes away a lot of opportunity since i do all my food shopping at Walmart/Costco. As such, these types of stores are excluded from rewards, same goes for gas too…neither Costco nor Sams earn rewards. i spent 2K last month and got a whopping $0.98 as ‘reward.’ Thanks, but I’ll use my Capital One Quicksilver and get my 3% overall.


Very poor security

I was very happy to get my first American Express card … until I saw how poor their website security is. Passwords are not case-sensitive; for all intents and purposes, they might as well be required to be all lower case. Passwords can not use special symbols, except for about 5-6 that they approve. And passwords can be no longer than 20 characters. Making matters worse, American Express does not support multifactor authentication.

If their public-facing security is this outdated, I can’t help but wonder how poorly their behind-the-scenes security compares to other cards.


Very weak security

I just received the card today, but will be closing the account after discovering how poor their online security is. Account passwords are not case sensitive, may not contain special characters (except from a list of 6 or 7 different characters), and may be no longer than 20 characters. And unlike every other financial institution or credit card I have an account with, American Express does not support multifactor authentication – a MAJOR shortcoming in today’s world of data theft and security breaches.

When I called to discuss my concerns, none of the five reps I was transferred to knew what “multifactor authentication” meant. If their security is this weak on the public-facing side of their website, I have to wonder what else is lacking under the hood.


this card is great

this card is great


Don’t believe the 6% on groceries or 3% on gas

Have had this card for a month and just got my first statement… Over $1000 in purchases at normal local grocery stores and only $46 showing as eligible for the 6% cash back. Also, if you buy gas at a supermarket, the gas rewards don’t apply. Will be cancelling this card tomorrow. There are much better rewards-card options out there. I got this card because Consumer Reports said the grocery cash back was the best…obviously CR didn’t do very good research on this one!


American Express is dead!

Sometimes lack of information is a bliss! If you had a choice to pick a card that would give you 5% back on gas, 5% back on groceries, and 5% back on books and Amazon with No annual fees would you still go with the Blue Cash Preferred by Am Ex with annul fees ?!! It should be called American SLOW instead!! Annual fee practices, Cards, and or businesses such as Cost-Co, Sam’s Club should be wiped out of industry. Why don’t you get a BOA cash rewards for 3% on gas and 2% on grocery then use it with the EveryDay Blue cash with no annual fees that gives 3% on grocery and 2% on gas. Use The BOA for gas and American Slow for grocery this way you earn 3% on each category with no annual fees, plus 10% on redemption at BOA if you have a checking or saving account with them. Check Barclay card at times too they were the one just till recently oferred the 5% gas, grocery, and Amazon rewards.


Cash reward is a joke.

I’m being more and more disappointed about BCP card. It is said that you can have a very good cash back rate, but the problem is the rate is meaningless if you cannot get it at all. After getting the statement, if you want to get your reward dollars you have to pay for the minimum due first. After paying the minimum due, it’s still not over, and you have to contact customer support to let them expedite your pending reward, otherwise they will delay the reward to next statement. For a credit card that requires 75 dollars annual fee, their service and attitude is horrible, not worth the annual fee at all.


Solid card for general purchases!

I’ve had this card for a few years now and the best part is the customer service. The points are solid but not sure how it compares to other offers out there. One downside are the foreign transaction fees but then again this isn’t a travel card. Overall I think the card is great for people who spend money on mostly gas/groceries!


Existing Card user

I am not impressed with this card I had used it for 1 year. It has too many conditions about which store you can get 3% and were you can get 6%. Their site is not transparent about reward earned. I can not see which paraphrase earned what % of points. You need to remember were you can use this card to maximize points. I feel citi double card point card is best which gives you 2% on all purchase. I earned more points $1000 spend on each card.


You have to buy food and gas anyway!!!

I have used my BoA card for gas and food for a long time now. This card beats the cash back on grocery shopping by 4%. I max toward the end of the year I switch back to my BoA for 1% increase to 2%.

Gas is the same at 3%.

Going to Kroger I benefit from the additional savings at the pump with another 10 cents off due to the amount of grocery shopping we do each month.


Best cash back on groceries!

This card is great! I use it mostly for grocery shopping and earn 6% back up to $300 annually. No free, AMEX has an amazing website, large line of credit. They make it very easy to use your earned rewards.


It’s not real American Express

It doesn’t come with all the perks you hear about for AX. Also their website is hard to understand. I only used it the first month and haven’t used it since. I can’t recall why I got it. Probably some promotion.


Without Costco, I probably don’t need it.

Late fee is high, and promptly applied. 1% rebate on purchases but mamy other cards do the same.


misleading and shady business practices

After several months of normal spending (~$2500/month) I calculated my average rewards which came out to be roughly 1.8% cash back (excluding annual fee). I evenly shop at local grocery stores, target, walmart and Bj's for groceries/misc items. Gas is at Sheetz or BJ's. Word to the wise - if you shop at these places predominantly this card is not for you. Mega stores are not considered grocery stores and their gas doesn't quality either (only 1% back). Frankly speaking I'm not going to change my spending habits for a credit card so this card is not worth it to me especially with a $75 annual fee (opposed to say the citi card with 2% back and no annual fee). Here's the kicker on amex blue cash preferred - you can't see how your spending is determined/tabulated for your rewards - no way to see online and amex won't tell you (called in and a rep confirmed they don't have this feature). What?! Shady! don't waste your time. get a straightforward card with transparent policies.


Hard to beat for groceries

I spend just about $6,000 per year at the grocery store which is the annual cap for the the 6% cash back reward. That’s $300, subtract off the $75 annual fee, and I’m still well ahead of where I’d be with even a 2% cash back card. The 1% cash back on most other purchases is mediocre so consider having another card for those.

There are also lots of opt-in offers on Amex’s site that tend to be pretty generous. For example around Christmas I took advantage of a “spend $50 on Amazon, get $15 cash back” offer.

I’ve never talked to customer support but everyone says the best things about them. I’ve never been to a grocery store that wouldn’t accept the card, I think the days of “sorry, no Amex” are mostly over.

Even though this is a great cost-saving card, some people will see it and think you’re rich, if you’re into that.


New AMEX member thanks to this site

The cash back was enough to make me apply! AMEX also seems to have a lot of other services and benefits. Love the service and I look forward to earning more money back. Discover offers a rotating schedule of 5% back and I average about $30. Glad to join the cash back club!


First Amex card

I have this card and I love it. I first got the card with a FICO score of about 650 Experian. Cash back is great. The generosity of American Express with regard to credit limit increases is truly remarkable! With my first CLI they gave me a 300% credit increase.