American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
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Some more math.

Its true that if you spend $31/mo on groceries, your $95 per year is covered. But at that rate you should get the other card b/c you’d have $48 in your pocket not just 1. You need to spend $61.50 per week on groceries for this card to start out performing the other one. But, wait you also get better cash back on gas. I don’t personally spend much on gas ($30/mo), but if you spend $200/mo. on gas, then you only need to spend $46/month on groceries for this card to out perform the other. In the first year with the $150 bonus (vs $100 on the other) this card actually out performs at just $13.5 per week on groceries (assuming you spend $200 per mo. on gas).


First Amex, love the rewards

This card gives back a pretty decent reward. This has become my everyday card.


Best Cash Back Card Out There For Families

Second AMEX card, AMEX Member since 2013, now Member for life.

This is literally the best cash back card out there for working families who frequently buy gas and groceries. Groceries and gas easily account for the majority of our purchases, and within 3 months we are well ahead on cash back vs the amount of the annual fee. We will probably average $750 cash back total this year with this card by spending an average of $2-$4 thousand a month on the card. We use it for everything from gas and groceries to online bill pay, or anything we can. Our debit cards are now collecting dust as this along with a Capital One Quicksilver as a backup have taken over completely for our go to cards.

It gives a generous credit limit as well. Mid to high 700’s credit score was used to apply, instant approval with a $10K. I expect that would be the case for just about any card though. Not sure on where the low score cutoff is for this card, but definitely apply if you want an awesome cash back card. You don’t have to pay it off each month, but you should in order to avoid interest charges!

5 stars. Two thumbs up.


Best Card for Everyday purchases

I love this card. AmEx has GREAT customer service, and offers a lot value: an additional year warranty on electronic purchases, “coupon-like” promotions (spend $25 at Carraba’s and get $10 off for example), car rental insurance, etc.

The rewards are great: 6% for groceries, 3% at gas stations and department stores, and 1% everywhere else. The fee is going up to $95 a year now for new card holders.

However, be sure to buy gift cards at the grocery store! I get “6% off” Netflix, gas stations, GameStop, or anywhere I can use a gift card. Plus, using a gift card at a gas station is great, because you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your credit card/identity information.

It’s even better at Winn-Dixie, because you can use your gas rewards. Buy $50 worth of gift cards, and get $.15 off gas!



Applied on line,Having better then good credit I was awarded a card with a 20K limit .Everytime I go to use this card it is put on a FRAUD BLOCK!? I can’t go into all the details but the costumer service people were RUDE and ACCUSATORY. I understand the need for SECURITY, but this boarders on INSANITY! It happened so many times I canceled the card.


Great card, horrible costumer service

i opened my credit card for the 0% apr on balance and purchases. Sadly three weeks ago i found out that balance transfer will remain 0% for 12 months but I’m getting charged interest for purchases. False advertising/ deceiving information. Be aware.


Does not work at Costco, Fred Meyer, some gas stations

Fine print on where you get gas and groceries is prohibitive. Most chain supermarkets where I’ve used it don’t work, and was ineligible for the 6% back at Costco before they didn’t renew their contract with AmEx anyways. Effectively a 1% card with 3% back on a handful of gas stations or eligible for the occasional Safeway run. AmEx isn’t ubiquitously accepted either. If your spending habits are comparable, I don’t recommend.


Very Pleased!

We had $529 cash back for the 2016 calendar year, $360 which came from groceries. More than justifies the $75 annual fee. Downside for me, is that Amex seems to be using call centers in India now. Was very dissatisfied recently with customer service. It’s “American” Express. So how about some reps fluent in English please.


So, So… Not impressed

They raised my annual fee to $95 from $75, although I’m not a new customer. Cash back not always working. Example, if you buy groceries at Wallmart, it is not considered a grocery shopping. Many discounted places do not accept Amex, if you travel abroad, forget it… nobody will accept it. I estimate, in my case to make $95 I need to shop for 4-5 months. So Yearly I make back about 100$, about $8-9 a month, spending $700-$1000 a month on a card. Not a very good deal.


Limited list of acceptable ‘grocery’ stores

Before you get this card you should know that you’ll only receive the 6% rewards at huge national pure grocery chains like Safeway, Ralphs, Albertson, Kroger…etc. If you shop at places like Wholefoods, Sprouts, or any ethnic markets, they won’t count as ‘grocery.’ I just spoke to a customer service agent and he read off a specific list of acceptable grocers and anything NOT on that list won’t count as ‘grocery.’


Pays for itself

I've had this card for a year and the annualized cash back rate (less the $75 annual fee) was 1.3%. While this rate may be lower than some other flatrate cards, the perks of being an American Express cardholder more than offset the lower cash back rate.

First, the Blue Cash Preferred card gives you a free membership to ShopRunner ($79 annual value) so you will save money on shipping when you buy things online. Second, if a retailer does not allow you to return an item for a refund within 90 days of purchase, American Express will provide up to $1,000 per year in refunds.


Earning rewards since 2012!

This card has been great for our family of five. The 6% cash back on groceries more than covers $95 annual fee. You only get 3% back on the no annual fee card. It is also a great budgeting tool because groceries and gas are essentials. Every month I can look at the balance of the card and see what we are spending in these two areas. Also a great website and easy to redeem the rewards as a statement credit!


Look at what qualifies as grocery stores…

I was psyched about this card, as my year end summary from the card I currently use for groceries showed I spend nearly $7k at grocery stores last year. Then I looked at the details. It turns out that the 6% grocery store rebate ONLY applies to “regular” grocery stores such as Safeway, not to big box stores such as Target or WalMart, or to smaller “specialty” food stores. In other words, more than half my grocery purchases wouldn’t qualify. Sneaky. And not worth having to remember to use another card. No thanks.


Amex makes it too hard

It’s my go-to card for groceries, gasoline and department stores. It works for my family of four.

But Amex makes it too hard to figure out which stores qualify for what. They refuse to show what percent you get back on individual purchases, both on their web site and on printed statements. So there is no way to confirm what you got back on a purchase except by calling.


Bait and switch type enticement

The qualifying factor is “US” restaurants and gas stations, but the consumer has no way to know that the local cafe or corner gas station does not qualify for the super points and only gets 1 point. Also can only redeem in increments of $25, so if you have $20 and you want to redeem or cancel card, you lose those points. Consumer beware; I say stick with Capital One, 2 points for every purchase and no redemption hassles.


The best deal in my wallet.

I’ve had this card for a few years now, and get back hundreds of dollars back every year. After spending about $3,400 buying appliances at Sears, I saw over $100 kicked back to me. When we bought adjustable beds and new mattresses at Macy’s for over $4,000, our cash back exceeded $120.

All grocery charges go on here and those 6% kickbacks alone pay for the card. The only exception is when I buy groceries at Target, and I get an immediate 5% cash back by using their store card.
American Express pays me to shop. It’s great! (And if I need to deal with customer service, they put on their white gloves.)


Does not work at wholesale clubs

Be warned, if you’re using this card for gas you do not get the bonus if you use it to get gas at a wholesale club. They don’t really tell you that when you sign up, but apparently it’s in the fine print.



Ive got a 1.5% Quicksilver rewards, and a 2% Citi double cash and this card was my “prize” for managing my credit well. We spend 600-800 on groceries, and I’ve been a couponer for years but THIS is ideal savings. I don’t revolve balances (and you shouldn’t on groceries!) but the intoductory bonus covers my annual fee and 12 months interest free gives me the option of carrying a balance in an emergency! I applied by phone and it was the very first customer service rep EVER to understand me perfectly even with my long hyphenated name, and kids screaming like banshees. This should be in every person who manages a family grocery budget’s wallet!


Best Rewards Card

We have had this card since 2013 and we love it. The app is super easy to use, making it very easy to make payments each month. The rewards are just as easy to claim. Love that I can claim them whenever I want and use them as a statement credit. Basically we use it as a savings account for vacation. We will let it build up all year until after we get back from vacation, then apply the credit to offset vacation expenses. Never had to deal with customer service. The only thing I would like to see improved is a breakdown of the rewards. Perhaps they could add that as a line to each transaction, just to ensure we are getting the proper rewards.


Is this card better for shopping at grocery stores than…

In case you wondered, here are some numbers for you:

  • You’d have to spend at least $1,600/year just to break even on this card’s annual fee
  • You’d have to spend at least $3,200/year for this card to give more cash back than the AmEx BlueCash Everyday card (3% back at grocery stores w/ no annual fee)
  • You’d have to spend at least $3,800/year for this card to give more cash back than a combination of AmEx BlueCash Everyday and Chase Freedom (5% back at grocery stores 1 quarter/year)

So, this card would only be good for you (for grocery shopping) if spend more than $317/month on groceries, otherwise it’s better to use AmEx BlueCash Everyday and Chase Freedom when the 5% bonus is in effect.