American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
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Great card if you do a lot of grocery shopping

This card is only worth it if you spend a lot on groceries. But if you do, it’s a great deal! I’m able to use it on gift certificates at safeway too so that I can max out the $6k max allowance for the year.


Be Cautious

6% back seems great and is… when you get 6% back. If you’re willing to research every place you spend it’ll be a net positive above the $95 annual fee. Also, fee is paid upfront when you get the card. If you spend $1,000 in the first month, you get $200 back but $95 will go cover your fee right away so you’ll get $105. Also, redeeming your points is a pain. You can’t just get your “cash back”. They say where you can redeem it. Not a terrible card, Amex just makes everything a project. Be ready to do your work if you want this to work out for you.


American Express Credit card

Because, I need to open a small bakery shop, so it very useful for me to take money in cash credit card…


A lot of ignorant people, lol

Doesn’t any one research anything before you apply. No wonder the world is in turmoil. Grow up and stop being entitled.


Be described the most helpful

I like b cause it very easy to use on the spot… for emergency…


Best card I own.

Best card I own.


my only credit card.

great card if you pay the balance each month. only problem is using an amex card can be a pain. if you’re in the south, piggly wiggly doesn’t accept them. wife and i have gotten $1600 cash back in the first 18 months we’ve used this.


I like it

I min American express credit card is soon good for performed. Thank you.


Easier to get than what I thought it’d be.

I do wish my line of credit was a tad bit higher. They gave me 4,100 with an excellent credit score & payment history.


Not such a good card

I had this card for a year and had to fight to get my rewards for buying groceries at Krogers! AE refused to recognize my Kroger store, so I stopped using it. Apparently if there’s a Kroger gas station near the store, AE calls your purchases “Gas” instead of food. So frustrating, I just cut it up. AND there was a fee. I never pay a fee for a credit card. If you do, you need to keep shopping. American Express markets itself as a status card, I’d rather have the money in my pocket. Who cares about showing your AE card. How elitist!!!


Good rewards and great service

I’ve had this card for about 3 years now, and I am very pleased with it. I’m a recent college grad who is just buying groceries for myself (I do cook most nights), and I still easily make up the annual fee with the rewards. I generally get about $300 in rewards a year after the fee. What I’ve had a really good experience with is the service. My information got stolen and someone spent $400 at walmart, and the second it happened I got a text followed by a phone call to check if it was me, and then was immediately connected to a representative who was able to issue me a new card and expedite the shipping to next-day for free, since I was leaving on a trip in 2 days. I didn’t even have to update any subscriptions that had my information saved with the new card number, Amex took care of it for me. I’ve been monitoring my card and no suspicious transactions since. I’m very pleased with my experience and will be sticking with Amex for a long time!


Eh its alright - nothing to write home about

American Express points are terrible - hard to use. Nothing great about this card.

American express still does one thing well and that is to side with the customer with disputes - Visa makes it a pain.


AMEX is a yesterday company. Not what the used to be!

I had an Amex Platinum Card for many years and paid their hefty fee for the service they once provided. I currently have an 806 Fico and over $140,000 in available credit from other card companies.

My wife got this card 18 months ago , we maxed it out for the reward points and the 0% interest. We then paid the balance off in one payment, leaving us with around $96 in rewards dollars and the initial $150 bonus.

I cannot begin to tell you how impossible it was to cash out our rewards with multiple reps that were apathetic and could care less about “our” rewards. I could be more descriptive, but lets just say their service downright sucks! and I get 1.5 to 5% back on other cards, so they are not offering anything better than the worst cards out there.

Whatever you do, DON’T GO WITH AMEX! Take it from a financial professional with outstanding credit and tremendous success with money (debt free).