American Express / Costco True Earnings

American Express / Costco True Earnings
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Good credit card

This is a good credit card, with low interest, give you rewards on gas, groceries, the bad thing its, that you have to wait a year to get your rewards, but if you shop at costco its a good option


Easy shopping with Costco American Express

I am happy to have an American Express/Costco TrueEarnings credit card. I receive cash back on all of my purchases, ranging from a 1%-3% return on all of my purchases. This card makes shopping at Costco very convenient, and I love knowing that I am saving even more than the already low prices they offer on their store products and gasoline.

I manage my account online and find the website very easy to understand and navigate. The layout is clear and user friendly. I can easily pay my bill online and review charges. I have never had any trouble using my card or the website, and I have never encountered any errors on my statements. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer!


Safe, Easy to Use Card

I thoroughly like my American Express Costco card. It’s accepted in nearly every situation and I feel secure when I use it. I’ve had them protect me from identity theft. I also like that it doubles as my costco card so I don’t have to put another ID card in my tiny wallet. I never have problems with customer service and the website is easy to use and navigate.


Great card for family

I like this credit card.
I use it to buy all kinds of stuff, especially at Costco, I get 1% back on everything back. I use it to buy gas, and get 3% back. I use it to buy airplane tickets, and get 2% back. I use it at restaurants and get 2% back.
Once my card number was stolen by somebody to buy stuff at UK, American Express called me about this irregular charge to check if it’s me using it. They cancelled the charge and issued me a new card.
I like American Express.


Amazing cashback and great for large purchases

The Amex Costco card is one of my favorite credit cards I have ever used/owned. It offers more cashback than most other credit cards, and it is very convenient for me to have both my credit and Costco cards combined into one. American Express cards are not accepted everywhere, in fact most of the time I assume the store will not take it, but is usually fine for all online purchases. The main reason I like to have an Amex card is because of the benefits they give their customers. They offer extended warranties, past the manufacturer’s warranty by over a year. Because of this, I try to buy all major electronics and big purchases with my Amex so I can have the peace of mind that anything I buy will be replaced if it breaks anytime soon.


Great card for Costco members

It’s a really good card. You get 3% at gas stations including at Costco. Whats nice is when you get your reward you just bring it to Costco and they will give you cash - you don’t have to wait until it’s a certain amount or lose it like a lot of other cards. The only downside is you only get it once a year and don’t really know what it will be until you get it but that is not a big deal.

It also has a pretty high limit which is nice. It is also a no-fee american express card which is nice (with your costco membership of course) and you still get a lot of the american express benefits with it. Overall it’s a good card to have. (and it conveniently has your costco membership ID on the back of it for getting in). It’s also nice to have because it’s the only credit card costco accepts plus you get rewards :slight_smile:


Costcto Amex is a great card for small business!

The American Express / Costco True-Earnings is a great card. I don’t earn as much because I chose to pay it off at the end of the month but it is my primary credit card. I primarily use it for fuel so I get a better reward then just the average retail store purchase. I enjoy receiving the yearly reward certificates.
The website for this card is very user friends, as well. I am able to easily view transactions, pay my bill, or even check my reward amount status.
I love this card and would use 100% of the time if all retail merchants accepted American Express.


CostCo Card for the Win

It is nice to get the cash back bonus and it allows us to shop at CostCo. This is the main reason we have this card, and don’t use it anywhere else. Since it is an American Express, it would be more difficult to use some places as many stores I go to do not even accept it.


Conveinence of a Credit card and a Membership card

This is a great credit card for me. Not only does it double as my id for my Costco membership but it also works just like any other credit card. I use it primarily for my Costco purchases which makes it easy to keep it separate from my other charges.

For the times that I do use it for purchases outside of Costco, I feel like there is a little more security with the card since it has my picture on the back of it. With all of the breaches in security we have heard about recently, it is comforting to no that there is an additional degree of security with this card.


The Must Have Card for Costco … but just Costco

American Express Costco TrueEarnings is essential for those individuals and families who shop at Costco. Although Costco accepts debit cards, few bank cards offer users with rebates or reward points. For this reason, users seeking the greatest return on credit card usage must opt for the AMEX Costco Card. The lack of alternate options renders other credit cards irrelevant when shopping at Costco.

Although I enjoy the potential to earn 1%, 2%, and 3% rebates, I also find it frustrating to wait an entire calendar year to redeem the reward. The TrueEarnings Reward Voucher comes once a year with my February statement and previously ranged from $150 to $225. It’s important to remember that the annual rebate is also offset by the annual Costco membership fee. In the end, the annual reward is not as gratifying as other reward programs that offer month cash back rebates.

With regards to ordinary transactions, the AMEX TrueEarnings card suffers the same problems as other AMEX cards. That is, AMEX cards are not as widely accepted as VISA and Mastercard by merchants and vendors. AMEX therefore is my default card and I only use it as a last resort. And even then, I often bring a VISA debit card as a back-up option when all else fails. It’s awkward being told that I can’t use the AMEX.

Would I recommend the AMEX TrueEarning Card to other people? Only if they frequently shop at Costco.


Perfect for the Costco Shopper

The American Express/Costco TrueEarnings card is a great card for a number of reasons. First of all, the card is fee-free as long as you are an Executive Member of Costco. In other words, instead of a paying a regular card fee with no real benefit, you get the card with a Costco membership instead. Second, you not only get cash back (in the form of Costco cash once a year) for all your purchases at Costco, but you also get cash back for purchases elsewhere, including 4% on gasoline purchases. This is in addition to the Costco reward program. So, whenever you use the card at Costco, you are essentially doubling up your rewards. With these two aspects factored in, you could potentially earn enough rewards at Costco over the course of the year to effectively waive your membership fee.


Great card for parents

This credit card gives me great value at most of the places I shop, like Costco. Also, almost everywhere I go takes American Express.


Great for families who want to save.

My wife and I got the the AmEx Costco TrueEarnings card because we shop there so much and figured if we’re going to spend money on the membership, why can’t it count towards something? So we chose to get the AmEx Costco Card. The card has a few utilities in store as well as out. Easy points, only need one card at Coscto, and that sweet, sweet true earnings certificate at the end of the year.

I use my costco AmEx card for all my purchases at Costco, it will also serve as your membership ID. The points are easy to rack up and AmEx’s customer site is very easy to navigate so you can monitor how much you spend and earn. The savings certificates come out yearly and trust me, they are a heck of a pleasant surprise. If you shop at Costco a lot and want to save some money, I really do suggest to get this card, there is no real downside to it. The card has good APR, good service, treat yourself, get the card.


It’s okay. It gives me cash back. I dealt with customer service one time and they were very helpful.

I like the cash back, I don’t know if the card will continue to work if I don’t renew my Costco membership though, which has me a little bit worried…


Good credit card

I like this card because I earn points when I use it. I also like it because it doubles as my Costco identification card. When I use it at Costco, I earn extra points that I can use at the store. I can also use it as a regular credit card to buy things in other places, but I earn fewer points for those purchases. If I don’t want to use the points for purchases, I can also get the amount back as cash. The AMEX web site is pretty easy to use if I need to go in to look at something or to pay my bill. This is a good credit card and I haven’t had any problems with it.


Great for people who want to save money on gasoline purchases or current members of Costco Wholesale.

I really like my American Express/Costco TrueEarnings credit card since this card can serve a dual purpose of being my Costco membership card and a credit card that I can use everywhere in the US including at Costco. I like how I get 3% cash back for gas purchases including gasoline from Costco. Costco’s gasoline is already cheaper than most major gas stations, but with the addition of 3% cash back, it makes gas purchases even cheaper. I also like how all my cashback rewards get totaled onto one certificate that is mailed to me. This certificate is like a Costco gift card and I have the flexibility to use it when I need to since the expiration date of the certificate is usually six months after you receive it. I am very satisfied with my Amex/Costco card and would recommend to anyone who is already a member at Costco or to anyone who wants 3% cashback at all gas stations.


Great for Costco but burdensome for everyday use

While this credit card does offer good benefits such as using it in Costco and earning cash back, it has limitations that are compelling me to not use this card. The interest rate on this card is higher it is over 14%, where as most of my other cards are under 8%. The credit card is also accepted is less locations than my visa and mastercard.
Overall while the only benefit of using this card is acceptance at Costco, its limitations and higher interest rates are proving to be burdensome for my needs.


Good Card Value

Overall I like using this card. I got it when I first got a Costco membership- I was looking for a new credit card with cash back at the same time I was thinking about getting a Costco membership, so this just made sense. I like the different cash back levels available, and I definitely like getting the reward coupon at the end of the year for redemption. I’ve used a few of the deals offered through American Express, via the website, and thought they were a pretty good deal overall.

My main complaint is that the website can be a little difficult to navigate- it’s hard to find my cash back balance. In terms of using the card out in the world, I’ve run into a handful of places that don’t accept American Express cards (but this isn’t unique to the TrueEarnings card). I recently heard that Costco will stop accepting any American Express cards in 2016, so I’m concerned about the usefulness of this card after that and whether or not I will have to close it and/or get a new one.


Great card for new families

I use my American Express card every time I shop at Costco and whenever I travel for business. The cash back rewards are a real plus for my family. Using my credit card on business helps my monthly budget since I don’t have to pay out of pocket for gas while on the road. The savings on gas and diapers alone are incredibly tough to beat. Who wouldn’t want to get cash back for things they were going to buy anyway?