American Express Platinum

American Express Platinum
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Great Card

Great card! Low fees and APR. Customer service is wonderful. Reward points and great and you can use them on almost anything short of buying a space ship.


Flexible card foe reward points.

The Platinum card has a good amount of benefits that seem to work well for me. I particularly like that I can use points to pay charges on the card if I choose to. I also like that the points are not just usable for airline miles. It’s good that I have the flexibility to use the points the way I like.

The downside to the card is that I seem to live in an area where there are a lot of businesses that don’t accept Amex. This sometimes limits my choices of restaurants to eat at or merchants to shop at. While not a big drawback it is inconvenient sometimes.


The card for Successful People

The card is sleek. The name confers a sense of belonging to a selective club–a sense that, unlike the guy behind you at the bank, you are special. You belong here: cool, calm, and confident.


Great benefits, high annual fee

I have had this card for many years, and I’m very happy with the benefits it includes. Great travel perks and even better customer service. That being said, the annual fee is quite high, and I don’t know how long I will keep it.


Love American Express Card, Dont leave home without it.

I enjoy my American Express credit card. It allows me
to make purchases and pay off my balance within a reasonable amount of time. I also
like the reward program that they have. For every time you spend, you earn points. I have been a card holder now for 10 years and hope to continue business with American Express.


Excellent credit card!

I have been a platinum American Express member for many years. I have had several credit cards and the American Express Platinum has trumped them all. It is the best credit card that I have ever used.

American Express Platinum provides its members with so many benefits. You can earn special rewards like getting access to buy tickets to a particular event first before the general public can buy. You can also earn points. The feature that sets this credit card above all others, however, is its fraud protection. If your credit card is stolen, you are protected from all unauthorized charges. If you buy a product online and it does not get shipped, you are also protected. It is definitely a great benefit because sometimes bad things can happen and it helps to have the coverage.

I definitely would recommend this credit card to others. I have never been disappointed yet.


Good card, great customer services.

Good overall. Never a problem with them.


You can’t go wrong!

i am thoroughly satisfied with this card. Their customer service is excellent, and I have avoided late payments. my credit rating keeps going up.


Great Card For Young Adults

This is a great card, and company. They have always served my needs and been fair.


Sunk cost will leave you soaring

The fee of $450 is a bit steep, comparatively speaking, but the benefits certainly exceed the costs. Among other benefits, world class customer service, an EMV chip provides additional security for transactions domestically and overseas, and a $200 airline credit-”assuming one chooses from its list of qualifying airlines-”makes this card arguably one of the best in the market.

One caveat, if one travels regularly to a country where AMEX is not widely accepted, perhaps opt for a different option.


Card great from travelers

I’ve had the American Express Platinum card for a few years now and I could not be happier with all the services and features it has grated me. I originally thought American Express cards were for that of the Rich and elite, but I pleasantly surprised with being approved and the credit limit I was afforded. Every time I use the card I get membership reward points that I can use on flights, gas, car rentals and so much more! The reward points are usually %25-%50 bonuses that can be transferred into the reward of your liking.

Speaking of rewards, every year you get $200 on a flight to where ever you may choose. Cardholders also get complimentary access to flying clubs from Delta airline, so you can longue in luxury. Don’t worry about using your card overseas either, because there is no foreign transactions fee’s, which comes in handy for people who travel a lot like me. The American Express platinum card gives you so much awesome feature for travelers and business people a lot. All in all I love this card and would recommend it to all my friends and family.


Bad card

I did not really like this card. It did not have a lot of perks and the annual fee was bad. Even though it seems like it is a nice card. over all I did not like the customer service and the card had a small limit.


Great Business Card

I never had a problem with this card, it was given to me by my boss for business expenses. When there is a issue with something I always had a pleasant experience with customer support in getting the issue resolved in a speedy manner.
We also get miles with this card, so that is a bonus.


I absolutely love my Gold Card. I use it for every type of purchase and have no problems at allAnd having the best customer service in the world makes even better

I’ve been with Amex for 10 years and going strong. That must say a lot about their professionalism, courtesy and customer service. It was one of the wisest decisions i’ve made thus far.From roadside assistance to insurance coverage American express has me covered. I have added my wife and daughter to my account and they too will become future Amex users.


Mediocre Card At Best

Honestly not a good experience with American Express. Whenever I would have a difficulty or there would be a mistake in a bill, their customer service was not helpful at all.


I think it is a standard credit card with a slightly high percentage.

I think it is an average credit card and I have been satisfied with it so far. I have been paying by statements on time so I haven’t experienced any problems so far.


Fantastic card for travel and electronics purchases.

I use this card for travel, and it’s been great so far as I use it to use for first class airport lounges. It was invaluable once when I had a delayed flight in Anchorage as I was able to take a nap while I waited for the flight. It’s also saved me money on electronic purchases as I don’t have to buy extended warranties because this card automatically enrolls me for one without an additional fee.

However I pay a relatively high APR which I mitigate by paying off the balance every month. I would and do highly recommend this card to anyone that qualifies.


Great rewards credit card

I love my American Express Platinum Card. For starters, American express has the best customer service in the business. They are so easy to get a hold of anytime there is a problem with the card. We have had fraudulant charges that were blocked and caught by Amex before we personally caught them. Ameican Expresss notified us and sent new cards withing 24 hours.

The Platinum card has a great reward program, espescially with travel rewards. I like that you can chose one airline per year to have charges covered for luggage (150 total). Also, I love the rewards point system and being able to use points to pay off everyday purchases.


Great Rewards Card

I like the American Express Platinum for the simple fact that it gives you rewards and cash back. I am able to use the American Express for grocery purchases and always know that I will get rewarded.