American Express Platinum

American Express Platinum
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Good Card for Professionals

This is a decent credit card to have, as long as you have decent credit it is pretty easy to get. This interest rate is pretty high, but as long as you pay off your bill that is a non issue. We have had this card for years with the only issues being that some places do not accept American Express but that just is what it is.
I would recommend this card to mostly professionals who can pay their bill off every month so that the interest rate doesn’t come back to bite you if you accidentally over extend yourself. This card is also good for emergencies, such as random car trouble, or forgetting your wallet at home if you have a habit of stashing a spare credit card in your car for emergencies. Overall, this is a decent little piece of plastic to have as backup.


Universal Card for Anyone and Anywhere

I use American express platinum card and i am satisfied with it. It is very good for travelers and outgoing people. I work for a corporate world and i travel from almost half the time in a month.

Various benefits I try to get out of my card. Some of them are :
Airline partner program
Have more than 500+ hotels & resorts like the Ritz Carlton or Taj or Hyatt hotels
Pay with points, points have no expiry
Airline fee credit
Premium private jet program
Transfer points to frequent traveler programs
Use points for your charges
24-hourglobal card related assistance
Car rental loss & damage insurance
Card insurance for 40 days
Platinum dining program
Airport lounge access program

This card is having a subscription fee which is annoying but it has many benefits and reward program or loyalty programs.
Overall this card is amazing but its only disadvantage is it needs invite and a membership fee every year which cant be paid via points. But overall not a issue with multiple foreign currency forex card


Great card for everyone

American express Platinum is the credit card that i currently am using. It is very helpful for day-to-day activities, and is widely accepted. I have not experienced many problems with this card, and I have been using this card for five years now. It is a truly amazing company, and is fast to respond to and questions and concerns that I had about the card. Although there was a few times that the card wasn’t working in certain places, such as some restaurants. It was fixed very fast, which was very reassuring. Overall, it is a fairly adequate card that has benefited me, and I plan to continue using this card for much longer.


Credit card you should consider

I really like American Express. They have great customer service. They also have the option of noticing you when you purchse something in case someone is trying to scam you. They offer great rewards. On top of that, the credit card looks awesome.


This card is excellent. It has good rewards and low APR

I like this credit card because it has a really low APR and a excellent customer service. I have had it for over six years and have never had any problems


Long processing times, but overall as good as any other credit card.

I rather enjoy this credit card, despite a few reservations on interest fees and the amount of time it takes for a charge to appear and “process” onto my card. I pay my card in a timely manner in order to sustain a good credit score–but the few times I’ve used the card for big spending, it would take up to nearly a week before the charges would post to my account. I’m not sure if that was just a personal problem, or something many have experienced when using this card, but again–on a whole I enjoy the American Express Platinum, and will continue to keep using it as my preferred card of credit.


Great card for people who travel a lot

We got this card based on the perks and have been pleased with having it. We immediately got Gold status at Starwood hotels, Hertz car rentals, and status with National & Avis car rentals. This was a nice bonus since we had a trip coming up. We were flying Delta and the free bags and lounge access we got by having the Platinum card made a very long international flight worth having the card alone. On top of that, $200 airline fees/year are credited back - we picked Delta for that and were able to get drinks & internet on the plane refunded as well as fees for extra bag weight refunded. NICE! As we do a lot of international travel, the fact that there are no foreign transaction fees with this card is a big advantage over other cards. There are many other perks that come with having this card (ability to borrow miles, other travel privileges, etc) but having a dedicated line to call for reservations, questions, or problems also avoids having to wait on hold for hours to get things done. All in all, we have been very pleased with this Platinum AMEX and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to others.


Great card for Traval.

There are very few American Companies left that have Customer Service. AMEX is one of the few that takes customers seriously. I have been a member since 1982 and whenever I had an issue or need for just about anything, AMEX is who I call and have never been disappointed. It goes with me and my family everywhere and provides a protection that makes it more than just a card.Yes it is expensive and yes I wish the points bought you more, but it is still is a good value. It has been a good companion and a valuable asset to me, my family and business.


Great card if you don’t mind the inconvenience of it not being widely excepted.

My only real issue with this card is the same as everyone else’s issue with AmEx…It’s not taken everywhere like Mastercard and Visa are. Other than that, it’s been fantastic. The customer service folks helped me wonderfully when I lost my card and had it replaced. Overall, I am very satisfied.


best card for frequent traveller

Well this card is really nice and i had been invited for this by my best pal.
i am a frequent traveler, my work is to terminate people across the globe in a good way by offering them rewards and retirement packages.
this card is suitable for someone who wants luxury travel and who flies frequently

Well as i frequently travel, this card gives me amazing options and features like of example.
purchase protection for 90 days
premium global assist
no foreign transaction fees
membership reward -pay with points
baggage insurance plan
travel accident insurance
airline fee credit
year-end summary
airport lounge access program
the boingo american express
car rental privileges
international airline program

it comes to combining luxury and practicality, no one does it like This Platinum card


Good card

I have used the benefits for this card and it’s worth it because I get back what the card cost every year.

Nothing like staying at the Ritz Carlton or other fine hotel and getting a credit to use for diner and room upgrade which every time Ive gotten Free breakfast as well. Also the insurance when renting a car of $19.95 so you can waive what the car rental place offers. There are many benefits as well as the $200 airline credit which, i used recently. I’m telling you, its about what you can use anything in life for. Typically we don’t like what we cant use or have no use for that is.

If you desire some fun and getting out your norm, try this card, if not, stay simple with your card choice but, you can make the $450 a year work for you if you have the income and the ability to try something you never would as I did. Great card though there are some things I don’t like, I’m 7 out of 10 with the card rating wise(rating the card 1-10)


Express yourself

These cards really are catch 22. They help and hurt. I don’t know what I would have done in certain situations if I didn’t have my credit card. It can truly be a savior. But you can be come depend on the credit. Good card with lower interest rates. Always been a fan of American Express.


Excellent card for frequent fliers

I like the American Express Platinum card because I am a frequent Delta passenger. Each dollar you spend earns one Delta mile, and you acrue miles to use on upgrades or free tickets for flights. At certain restaurants you earn triple miles, and there are other participating businesses to get more miles.

While it does cost $195 per year, you get one free domestic companion ticket (within the 48 states). This is a great card for flyers, especially if you are going to be making some big purchases or long trips. I paid for my wedding entirely on this car and have accrued enough miles for a free international flight. It’s a great card for travelers, but not acceped as widely as other cards.


Helped me in an emergency!

We had an extreme emergency at work that was a legal problem of great significance. I was the only management person who could immediately just drive to the airport and try to get a flight out to the city where the account was located. I did not know much, but I just knew I had to fly to that account and try to manage the problem to the best of my ability, minimizing damage and reporting back as soon as possible. I parked my car in long term parking and was able to get on a flight within 45 minutes. I had 40 dollars on me, the clothes I was wearing and my American Express Platinum card. I ended up staying at the account for 5 days and American Express came through like a champ for me. I got clothes, meals, hotel, cash advance, rental car and the flight back with no problems at all. I really depended on American Express and even wrote a letter of thanks after it was all over.


Decent card, nothing special

It’s alright. Nothing special really compared to all the other cards out there. However they do take fairly good care of their customers. It serves my purposes, I rarely make small purchases on it, just purchases over $100 typically. I usually pay the bill before it’s due just to ensure that I’m not late. It’s a pretty good card


I Love this card.

This card has great perks and you get your annual fee back in bennfits. A most have for the modern traveler.


The Card Has Paid It’s Annual Fee Back More Than Two Times Over!

After what the American Express Platinum concierge did for me, I'm going to be loyal to AMEX and this card for a long time to come. This incident alone had the card pay itself back more than two times over (they saved me over $1000).

Quick story ...

I ordered a surfboard that was shipped via FedEx. It was a pretty hard to find size and shape. FedEx lost the package (non-shocker). I called FedEx and they said I'm out of luck because it was delivered and I signed for it (which I did not ... the website said someone by the name of SORRY signed for it). If I'd like I can file a complaint. Which I did and it got denied. This is all on a Monday.

Enter the concierge ...

From here I called the AMEX concierge about utilizing the customer protection to get refunded. They were very friendly and at some point in the conversation I also mentioned that I would rather have the surfboard than my money back. They called FedEx who magically found the package that there were adamant got delivered.

When FedEx found the package, they offered some crazy story about what happened. Their story wasn't too far off from a Batman comic book with a FedEx driver who goes by the name of SORRY being the hero. The story was so crazy, even the concierge wasn't hopeful they were going to deliver it as they said they would.

Here is where they really went above and beyond ...

Without me knowing, the concierge then phoned the store I bought the surfboard from and told them the situation. AMEX (with the help of the store) were able to locate an almost identical surfboard in their warehouse that wasn't on the store's website. They one they found had a slightly different color to it.

About an twenty minutes after they told me FedEx would redeliver the package, they phoned me back and AMEX arranged to have the other board put on hold for me so if FedEx failed to locate and deliver the board by Wednesday of that week, they would overnight ship the other surfboard (using someone other than FedEx) so I would have the board by Friday night so I can take it surfing early Saturday morning. Just needed to let them know where I want it shipped if it comes to that.

It didn't come to this as FedEx delivered the package on Wednesday. I also received a phone call from FedEx with some ridiculous apology.

Take away from this story ...

Very aware that I may have lucked out with a concierge who went above and beyond for me a bit more than most. This sort of service may not be typical, but it does happen.

Even if the benefits aren't as good as they were a few years back, just being able to get this sort of a service from a credit card company makes the $450 worth it. Just for the peace of mind in situations like this, knowing that they're capable (and willing) to do this kind of dirty work makes the price more than worth it to me. If I had any other credit card, I'd be out about $1000 and a surfboard.

Thank you AMEX!



I have applied for this card with hope of receiving 40,000 miles bonus. However, after spending of more than $10,000 in the first three months the points were not added. Called customer service and was told that the will not be honoring their advertised offer. It is sad to see such a reputable multi-billion dollar company treat it’s valuable clients this way. Never again amex. Going with Mastercard.


Great for frequent travelers and VIPs

Legendary customer service from Amex. Comes with a hefty $450 annual fee, but more than worth it due to the benefits it provides (e.g. - $200 travel credit, free Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check credit, no foreign exchange fee, airport lounge access).

I also use the Platinum Concierge as my go-to-source for difficult to secure dining reservations and concert tickets, as they seem to have exclusive access/supply. Michelin restaurants, Beyonce tickets etc.

The few times I’ve had to use their customer service, Amex has gone above and beyond the call of duty of what I’m used to do make me feel like a VIP customer.

The only con I can think of is its limited reward structure of 1 membership rewards point, no matter what category of spend.


Costly fee

Disliked because yearly fee and services are ordinary.