American Express Premier Rewards Gold

American Express Premier Rewards Gold
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This card is a good choice of card in the U.S. for frequent flyers.

It is a good choice for me. The American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card is one of my favorites.


This card suits me very well and it almost deliver my needs

easy transaction, wonderful payment options make this card remarkable. since this a premier card i also earned lot of loyalty points which i can used for other purchasing. final word to say, this care is one the part of of my life


we’ve used it for many years. We like it.

We use this card more than any other we have. We pay it off every month, of course. The thing we don t like is the fee every year, but that is part of having AmEx. Nice company to do business with, and very helpful with problems in the past.


Great card for everyday purchases, best & simplest rewards plan

I love my AmEx rewards card. I love AmEx generally because I like the idea of not carrying a balance. I don’t understand how it works for AmEx, but the rewards points more than equal out the yearly fee. The rewards points integrate seamlessly with Amazon, so I mostly tend to use them for every day shopping on all the stuff I buy on Amazon–books, gifts, the occasional shoes. The idea of “no spending limit” was a little scary the first times I used the card for big purchases (furniture, laptop), but they have a “check your spending ability” app on the web site so I could know I wouldn’t be declined before I went shopping. The only downside I can think of to this card is that AmEx is a little more expensive for businesses, and so some small local businesses don’t accept it. Other than my local coffee shop, I pretty much use this card for all my shopping and automatic bill paying (car insurance, utilities, etc.) to maximize those rewards points.


great card for you when you want to feel like a VIP!

I really enjoy this card it has no limit and the rewards are great you get a lot of incentives with this card.The annual fee is not high nor interest rate. You always feel like a VIP using this card ! It also has a great rewards program.


American Express Reward Gold? Get It!

I have loved having my American Express Rewards Gold card because it has provided me with a sense of security whenever I need it. I have not had one negative experience with the card. I have been granted awards that have greatly influenced my opinion of the card. I have recommended it to other people who are able to have it. Overall, it is the best card experience that I have ever had.


The Best Rewards Card Ever

The rewards on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card are excellent. I know that lots of people hold the opinion that a card with an annual fee is not worth it. The rewards however I find make it worth it. I tend to use between $500 and $1000 worth of rewards a year for the $175 fee so it more than pays for itself. I have tried other cards with rewards programs and none of them come close to the rewards that I get with my American Express.
Along with the great rewards program there is great customer service that I get from American Express. There have been times where I have thought my card was used unauthorized and I called them up. Within one ring I got an answer from someone that was located in the United States, and they had the power to take care of everything right there without having to involve any supervisors. I also had lost a card at one point and American Express overnighted my new card to me free of charge and it was here the next day. I really appreciate the customer service I get from American Express.


Great card for families

This credit card is perfect for me because I shop at Costco a lot and the only credit card they accept is American Express. Another reason why I like this credit card is because American Express works together with Costco to guarantee all purchases made there. For instance, I purchased a 50 inch television from Costco 5 years ago. A few months ago, the display on my TV went out. I took the TV back to Costco and I was given the option to exchange the TV even though the manufacture’s warranty was up a year after purchase. I exchanged the TV and as a result, I am a very happy customer to both Costco and American Express.


This is very good and this is very nice

The card was to be good and this was to shop online


Prompt fraud protection

I have only good things to say about this card and their customer service. I have a decent interest rate, but I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, what I did expect was good customer service and the willingness to work with me if I had fraud on my card - this all met my expectations.

I recently woke up to check my email and noticed several emails from AMEX stating that they think fraud was committed on my card. I barely ever use the card and even have it locked in a safe 90% of the time. They noticed some weird purchases ranging from 10 to 150 dollars at different online merchants. The process to get a new card and refund my money was quick and painless.


I absolutely loved it!

This card well surpassed my expectations! I used this card for a massage in the Domenican Republic, to a cool coffeeshop in Amsterdam! This is the best card for smooth international travel. I use it literally everywhere and have NEVER had issues. Customer service is always efficient and helpful. I love how the card doesn’t have a predetermined limit which I appreciate for flexible budgeting.


Great card for newlyweds.

I received this credit card about 8 months ago The customer service with this company is excellent. There is always someone helpful available. The point reward system is great. The points accumulate really quickly.


Great Rewards

The American Express Gold Card has great rewards. They give you the choice of great gift cards or shopping with the points that you earn through spending. I often get gift cards that can be used for gifts for birthdays for friends and coworkers.

It is also a charge card more than a credit card. There is an option to pay off over time, but I have not used it. That means that I have to pay it off every month, but there is no interest being charged on it. There is an annual fee for the card.


Great Card for Financially Stable Adults

Honestly having the card was nice and difficult at the same time. While you were able to purchase things easily there were many locations in the U.S. and around the world(especially in other countries actually) that don’t take American Express which was horrible because sometimes all you had on you was that card and you had to hunt down a place that actually takes the card. Also when I got the bill (I’m not sure if it was the plan I was on or not) but you had to pay everything right away and there was no waiting period of hey just pay this minimum amount. No you had to pay everything when the bill came. On the bright side they did give points and rewards so if you did use it you got something out of it as well.


Great Rewards, Fees Reasonable

I received an authorized CC from my father to be a member of this account. I must say that AmEx is very consumer friendly. Not only will they cover rental cars, etc but they will also cover gas up to $50 should you run out. Every time I’ve had a dispute with a company over a product, AmEx has done a thorough job of clearing it up. One thing I cannot stand is that many businesses do not take AmEx. This is just a minor annoyance, however.


Amex is a great card for anyone

American Express has long been known for it’s great customer service. Regardless of the type of Amex card, one has ample opportunity to find out why when they begin to use it. The Rewards Gold card is noteworthy in particular for a few reasons. First, one is given periodic deals to popular stores such as Costco and even These deals are typically anywhere from 5 to 50$ off of a certain amount, such as 125$. Then, one is also given points to redeem regardless of what one purchases. These points may be used to redeem Amex gift cards or other items. But most noteworthy is the service. When a cardholder is hacked or any unauthorized purchases are billed, Amex is on their way to helping to fix it.


I love the rewards that add up very quickly

I have had this credit card for over 25 years. I love that they fully back up all of my purchases. I have had quite a few disputes and they’ve always been credited immediately. I have used this card in other countries with no problems. The rewards add up very quickly. They also give discounts and advanced ticket purchase.


great card very beneficial definitely treats u like a vip

It’s a very convient card has no limit you get a lot of benifs being a member rewards program is awesome low interest rate and annual fee


The Best Card Ever!

I have had the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express since he beginning of the year and it has definitely been worth the $195 annual fee. I have already used the airline credit, redeemed some of the rewards points (they add up quickly!) and their customer service has been superb. I am very happy with this card. I also love that this is a Charge Card. I hate to carry a balance so this gives me that discipline to pay it off every month.