American Express Premier Rewards Gold

American Express Premier Rewards Gold
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Awesome card!!!

Awesome card. This is my go to card for everything. Never had a problem with the card. Customer service is outstanding. My husband just got this card as well and he loves it! One of my favorite card of all times. Will be a member for life.



Awesome card to have the rewards are great it a must have in your wallet just love this card


Best for customer service

Reliable and proactive customer service and perks


Not worth it

The customer service number listed on the card will only be answered by “offshore” center even if you open this card in the US. There is no access to the dispute department as they are offshore and not answering to the customers. All of my disputes were resolved in vendors’ favor.


worst card i had ever

anual fee 195 $

there are no advantages than other no annual fee cards.
no balance transfer on this card


Great transfer partners

I fly delta, and I like Starwood (+ the AHC is good for other higher end hotels), so the card is perfect for points transfers to these two (and there are others). Also, it gets points for use with Uber now. Sure, 195/yr is steep, but if you like targeting certain points programs Amex is related to, it’s on par with the Sapphire Preferred (United, Southwest, Marriott, etc). Hopefully Starwood will stick around with Amex!


Award Points SCAM

As a customer of AMEX for 18 years I cant believe how AMEX will try to swindle you in regards to the points. I was offered to get 50,000 points if i spent over $2000. So I travel overseas and used my card and spent way over $2000. They gave me the 50K points then took them away. They said because i went international it didn’t qualify!!!..They will try to do whatever it take to prevent those point. The card I can say it ok but don’t expect the benefits…always to good to be true…result. pissed me off so I cancelled all 3 of my cards with AMEX…I recommend CHASE.


Good for trips to Hawaii

Great for those who casually fly (1 or 2 times a year). Since Hawaii Airlines is one of Amex’s Membership Rewards travel partners, this card works out great for a trip to Hawaii. You can also use this card with Jetblue for a trip to Cancun, Mexico. What I really like is that you can use the $100 airline credit for the famous Centurion Lounge if you use it early in the calendar year. Only issue is not being accepted everywhere and customer service quality decreasing lately.



I am not sure why they have such poor reviews on other websites.
I have had AMEX cards for about 2 years, and I haven’t had many complaints other than the annual fee.
It’s ok. I mainly got it for the history and integrity of AMEX. I hope they don’t ruin their good reputation by siding with the “globalists.” Dirty money.


the rewards points are fuzzy and not explained well

You cannot find this info anywhere but once you have your points the points are worth only so much depending how you use them. You can link your points to your Amazon account but alas when they loaded it looks like instead of a 1:1 ratio (which would make sense) each point was worth around sixty cents on the dollar or something. 60k points only equated to around $400 on Amazon. Many of the gift cards you can buy with the points again its not a 1:1 ratio - some were as little as half value…I found Home Depot gift cards that were 1:1 so I bought 500 bucks worth with around 50k in points. The rewards are deceptive. The 3x bonus points on booking directly with airline websites is a joke. The prices are inflated and websites are ridiculous to navigate compared to a full travel website. Booking travel on their site is also a joke. Everything is more expensive. Having them reimburse your bag fees takes a 30 phone call - next time I’ll just pay it and I won’t have to tangle with an Indian customer service rep. I got this for the rewards - worst rewards website of all credit card companies. Avoid this card.


Happy to be a member and card holder

I love this card. Use it everyday and enjoy all the perks and great customer service. I don’t understand all the negative reviews… The annual fee isn’t bad either.


AVOID AMEX - Liars!!!

Lied to get me to sign up by offering 75,000 bonus points. Waited. Called and was told they will hit your account soon. Waited. Same answer. Finally told no bonus. Other lies regarding bonus categories. Just avoid them


Its a scam. Avoid Amex. They openly cheat their customers

Dont trust American Express ever. Their offers are a scam and they just make false promises to get your business. Once they get it they stoop so low that you wont believe a company like Amex can do.
I moved from Everyday card to the premier rewards card because their customer service told me that I will get 15000 points after spending 2000$ in the first 3 months. I spend 7000$. Since then I have been calling them for the last 8 months to get the point credited. Every month they give me the same reason “We are opening an investigation and you will hear from us in 3 to 4 weeks”. They say this shamelessly every month as they have been trained.

After sometime I came to know the ploy. They say that the first year is free and from second year onwards there is a charge of around 160$. They delay the whole process for 1 year so that the customer will wait till the points gets credited and then in the second year they will apply the charge to stop the customer from cancelling the card.

So beware of this company and dont get cheated as I have been. Their customer service or their representatives dont care at all and will shamelessly give the same recorded reason for delay. Who has time to go to the court for such things else this is a clear case of cheating.


Amex remains #1 for me

American Express has an excellent customer service department. I have had no complaints in regards to their services and that’s enough to keep me as a customer. Many people have been complaining about not receiving points, I have never experienced this and have received all the bonuses I was promised across my three different accounts with them. The Gold Card from Amex is an excellent choice for travelers, especially those who like to pay their balance in full to manage their debt. In my opinion I don’t mind paying the annual fee;however, there are other options with little to no annual fee that offer similar rewards such as the Venture Card from Capital One or the Sapphire Prefferes from Chase. I actually prefer the Gold Card over the Platnium because of the extra points at Gas Stations and Resturants. In all honesty the fee shouldn’t be $195 but you are given a $100 airline fee credit so I consider the fee to be $95. This is a CHARGE not a Credit Card, this should be a very important factor in your decision because you cannot carry a balance, only under certain circumstances. If you qualify AMEX will offer you “pay over time” option for larger purchases over I believe $100 and they have a fixed APR usually around 19%. There are no foreign transaction fees. No pre-set spending limit, which can be a little annoying in regards to credit reporting. Also, the rotating categories that AMEX offers are really beneficial and have you earning points and statement credits much faster!


No complaints.

Made the requirements and received the 25000 bonus points, no hassles. Like the 2X rewards at gas stations because I buy a lot of fuel in a year… With the one reward point to one Delta Skymile ,I will have enough miles for a international first class ticket in short order.


Good Card

Reward points can add up quick with this card. I like the 2x points at gas stations because I buy a lot of fuel and there is no cap on the points you can earn in a year.


Plenty of points!

I got the 50k offer and it has been no hassle and the points arrived in my account. If you check online when your new statement becomes available, you will be able to see which charges received 2x or 3x points. The special monthly offers are great as well as they are usually a mix of offers with many like best buy and lowes that I was going to shop at anyway. With 2 kids, I have matched this with the everyday preferred and the points are just racking up. I have had the card a few months and with the sign up bonus, I already have enough points for a flight and throughout the year, I should have enough for lodging as well. I am a big fan of AMEX!