American Express Starwood Preferred Guest

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest
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good rewards, great mileage transfer!

Love that they have bonus for signing up and first purchase, don’t like that they don’t have a 0% interest “initial period” rate. Love love love Amex customer service from the start (had a supplementary card from my mum when I was younger), and that I can use it at Costco! Have not yet transfered miles but am looking forward to doing so when the time comes.


Good card for everyday

I think this is a good card for everyday spending. If you’re a SPG member it really helps, and even more so if you’re elite SPG. The points really do add up, and they offer a good redemption rate.

Could use a few more features to make it more attractive, like no foreign transaction fees, or more night/stay credits with the card. Other perks wouldn’t hurt. Overall, a good card to have if you like to stay in Starwood properties.


Great Perks for Starwood Loyalists

The Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) card offers some useful benefits to frequent travelers, all for a relatively low annual fee. The most visible benefit is an additional Starpoint per dollar spent on stays at Starwood hotels. This applies to all dollars spent - I have sometimes even received this bonus when simply dining at a restaurant affiliated with a Starwood hotel. If you are a Platinum Preferred Guest in the SPG program, this raises your total points per dollar to a whopping five. The points stack up fast, and are much more valuable than AmEx Membership Rewards points, particularly if you are using them for a Starwood stay.

You also get a two-stay and five-night credit that applies toward the elite level qualification requirements. There have been a couple years where I have been a little short of qualifying, and this benefit saved my status. It would be nice if the card itself came with automatic status, as do some other travel cards - however, this would likely mean a higher annual fee. It would also be nice if the card waived foreign transaction fees - unlike some competitors, it does not. This is surprising, given the global portfolio of Starwood hotels. Nevertheless, this card is a good value if you are loyal to the Starwood portfolio.


The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest is an ideal card for those travelers choosing Westin as their Hotel Brand of choice.

The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card is a card I applied for because I do a fair amount of travel for Business Purposes. I have had the card since 1997. At first, I found this card to be a great way to accumulate points and upgrades to Starwood properties. However, unless I was in the Northeastern portion of the United States, I found it difficult to find Starwood Properties. My business budget usually would prohibit a stay at the Westin which is my preferred Starwood Property. Rather , I usually found I was staying at Sheraton’s which had not renovated rooms or properties for some time.
In 1997, Starwood was about the only Hotel game in town which has now changed.
I now use primary an American Express Hilton Card.

The Starwood Card only pays even points for gas and for grocery. The American Express Hilton pays 10-1 for these. I will opt for the American Express Hilton every time.


Great card for travel rewards

I like this card a lot. I feel that the points system is a great value. I love how I am treated by the customer service and I believe they make my security a priority. They have also raised my limit when asked. The website is very easy to navigate to look at transactions, pay bills or add cash back rewards. The cash back rewards system is also a nice bonus that I like to take advantage of when I can. My spouse and I make most of our purchases with this card and have already earned many rewards. I would definitely recommend this card and American Express in general to friends and family.


Great card for app lovers.

I use the American Express app on my smartphone. This is a great way to track spending and points. I love being able to use my points on purchases I make every day. These purchases also and go as credits towards hotels my partner and I vacation at regularly. I love that there is no interest rate as long as you pay off your card within the billing period.

The only downfall is Im never really sure how much the points are in terms of dollars. I know if I spend 100, I get 100 points, but then to use those points, a 2.84 cent purchase turns out to be around 500 points. The turn out doesnt seem to be worth it. I will say, the app also has coupons and various savings and those are certainly worth it if you actively search weekly.


Plug in to great service from Starwood and AMEX

To me the best part about this card is the level of service provided by both Starwood and American Express. The SPG program has treated me well whether I was staying at a St Regis, Westin, W, or Aloft. And AMEX customer service has been great in making the inevitable problems with merchant overcharges or whatever simply go away.

The SPG website and mobile app make planning rewards travel easy - especially since rewards points can be redeemed across airlines.

To maximize your rewards points, refer others. SPG often offers referral rewards to current cardholders who refer friends and colleagues.


Great signup bonus; SPG is a solid hotel network

Got this card a couple months before my honeymoon as I was planning to stay at an SPG hotel. The signup bonus is pretty significant, covers 2-3 nights for free (on average). Lastly, SPG has great coverage in every city (in US and internationally).


Awesome card if you stay at SPG hotels often

I would definitely recommend this card if you are planning to stay at SPG hotels frequently. The SPG program has quarterly promotions where you can earn extra points, stays, etc. and you earn even MORE when you stay at hotels + use your SPG Amex. I also just love Starwood hotels, and you can get some amazing deals if you use your points for hotel stays internationally. I recently stayed at a few incredible hotels in Thailand and Cambodia for 3,000 points per night (almost nothing!).


Just got approved!

Super excited to get this bonus offer. Applied on my phone and was instantly approved. Love all the points transfer options and the new card design. Have a few friends with this card and they absolutely love it so I’m glad to join the club. :slight_smile: can’t wait to get the card and start racking up SPG points!


Customer service

Good card so far but ordered an additional card at the same time and CS has failed me twice now and can’t explain why we have no card.


Great for those who stay at Starwood hotels all the time.

I loved this card when I worked in consulting and stayed at Starwood hotels on a regular basis. Now that I no longer travel as much, I prefer the travel rewards features on my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. However, the Amex SPG card is great for those who love hotel points and is, in my opinion, Amex’s best travel card. Definitely a good card, and they have continued to increase my line of credit. I’ve also noticed improvements in the website / app as of late.


Love this card!

Best card in my wallet. Builds great points for travel use through Amex or at SPG resorts. I use it for everything



Great valuation for their points.


SPG is pure Garbage

I racked up over 17,000 points and since I didn’t use the account for 1 year they CANCELLED ALL my points and said I have to start over. I pleaded with them on the phone and they said “sorry”… Will NEVER do business with SPG ever again. Just gonna use my Chase Sapphire from now on for all hotel stays. So upset by this.


Starwood is a rip off!

I have been a loyal customer for 17 years. I traveled to china to 10 days, paid double to stay at starwood hotel. Made a mistake in how i reserved the room. at all hotels was told i was getting starwood points- then denied and treated like a 2nd class person when i tried to get my points. Shocked how horrible i was treated. I am tearing up my card and never traveling with Starwood again. BUYER BEWARE!!!


no hotel other than Starwood

We don’t travel frequently, but we had over 400,000 points on our SPG business card. I wanted to book a hotel while visiting Greece. All affiliated hotels had rooms available, but even after several attempts called SPG from overseas, refused to book


Great card for travelers, or local nights out + price matching guarantee

This card works as a great feature for big city nights out as well as stays overseas. I have booked with SPG in Paris, Greece, London, and stateside. I had free nights and price matches work out really well to save money on my honeymoon and trips to visit friends abroad. Customer service is efficient in explaining the price matching system and helping me book when the rooms aren’t available online.