[Anonymous Poll] Was your student loan debt worth it?

[Anonymous Poll] Was your student loan debt worth it?
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For many graduating high school seniors, a college degree is a nearly preordained next step :mortar_board:

Student loans borrowers have taken on a total of $1.6 trillion in debt with the expectation that a college degree would help them land a secure job and put them on the path to financial security.

But with so many college graduates adopting side-hustles to make ends meet and struggling to hit financial milestones like homeownership, some Americans are questioning the idea that a degree is worthwhile at any cost :money_with_wings:

Was your college degree worth your student loan debt?

  • Yes, my degree has paid off enough to justify the cost.
  • I wish Iā€™d chosen a more useful or lucrative degree.
  • I wish Iā€™d chosen a less expensive school.
  • No, I would skip the college degree if I could do things over.

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Share your experience with student loan debt and let us know why you chose the answer you did :thinking: