[Anonymous Poll] What's the #1 thing you plan to do in 2019 to improve your credit?

[Anonymous Poll] What's the #1 thing you plan to do in 2019 to improve your credit?
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Hoping to up-level your credit score in 2019? See how your credit goals compare to other community members’ :bar_chart:

  • Paying down balances
  • Opening new lines of credit
  • Saving money on interest
  • Learning more about credit and what makes up my score
  • Making all payments on-time
  • Nothing - my credit is already excellent :star2:

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If you’re looking for inspiration - or just need help getting started - check out these credit building resources:


in that second article you listed it suggests to become an authorized user on an old credit card account is that something you suggest for someone with no credit score yet? if i did that would i still ned to get my own credit cards to have a score? I’d rather wait to finish school before worrying about credit but I also don’t want to be denied for waiting too long.


If you can afford small monthly payments (less than $50) a credit-builder loan may be one way to go. I like it because the money is not released until the loan is paid off, and at that point, you should have a good payment record and some cash. The advantage of an older card with an excellent payment record is “age of credit” plays a (small) role in your score. On-time payments and amount of credit used are far more important.

While you are in school is not too soon to start “worrying” (and I hope not too much) about credit, so it will be there when you need it. You could “set it and forget it” with a card you put a small, recurring charge on, and then put on autopay. You get the record of consistent, on-time payments without any danger you’ll forget. A low-cost monthly subscription fee is ideal for this. It is good to have credit available if/when you need it. And if you need it and don’t have it, you can’t conjure it up . . . so now would be a good time to begin to establish it if you wish to have it later. (I actually have added adult children to a card without actually giving a physical card to help add age to a score.)