Any special offers/rates r/t from LAX/SFO to New Zealand

Any special offers/rates r/t from LAX/SFO to New Zealand
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Please share any special rates and offers. Planning a trip in May 2019.


Hi there - welcome to the NerdWallet community! :wave:

Hopefully others will chime in with any special offers/rates, but I did live in New Zealand for nearly a year awhile back and just wanted to say how amazing it is! Will this be your first time visiting?

May is off-season as schools are back in session and summer is winding down, so prices should be good. As you may know, Air New Zealand flies direct once a day from SFO and LAX, it’s a great flight (11 hours.)

Hawaiian also sometimes has good deals stopping in Honolulu, which I’ve done and loved.

Also, check out this awesome resource by a Kiwi Nerd! :kiwi_fruit:


Hi! I flew there in February and found that American Airlines and Qantas also had lots of LA-Auckland flights available. They’re partner airlines, so you can use American miles on Quantas, for example. The flight was about 12.5 hours, so pack your compression socks (they help!).


Awesome to hear you’re heading to NZ! I visited recently and had an amazing time. I also got a really cheap flight - $700 from SFO round trip! Great deals do pop up to Auckland, but they’re sporadic and usually only available for a day or two.

Two recommendations:

  1. Sign up for Air New Zealand’s emails - they send a lot, BUT there are frequent sales announced and they usually only last for 1-2 days, so that’s a good way to find out if you’re currently flight shopping for a Spring trip.
  2. Check out a “flight specials” email list like Scott’s Cheap Flights or The Flight Deal. I’ve scored a couple of good deals this way, and seen Auckland pop up a handful of times in recent memory.

Others may have more tips :slight_smile: