asking for credit line increase after new credit card decline

asking for credit line increase after new credit card decline
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I have one cc (Capital One) with just $500 limit. My credit history is short ( 1yr+ 7months) since I live outside the US (although I am a citizen).
I tried applying for new Capital One cc and was declined since they couldn’t verify my income (outside the US). Should I ask for credit line increase with the current cc or will they automatically decline because it is the same bank?
My credit score is 707.

By the way, I also have the option of approaching them and ask them to try a little harder to understand my bank statements…again from a non-American bank… :).



Hi, @ronitkn. I’ll ask our credit card experts if they have any ideas. Do you file US tax returns, by the way? I’m wondering if that might be another way to prove income.


That is a very good point.
Till now I did not file US tax returns. Now there is something called a streamlined procedure for US citizens living outside the US and I am doing that. Maybe really that will help since the IRS will have all my info.
I am still wondering if I should go ahead and ask for a saise in my credit line in my current platinum Capital One cc.


Hi @ronitkn! Capital One has a FAQ page on requesting an increase in your credit line on a Capital One card. See it here. That can help you gauge your chances of approval.

You can usually ask for a credit limit increase by signing in to your account online. You could try asking in Capital One’s online chat whether such a request would result in a hard inquiry that could affect your credit scores.


I will take a look at that