Authorized user ... now what?

Authorized user ... now what?
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Hi there ! So in reviewing my credit report I have realized I am still an authorized user on my ex boyfriends credit cards. (3) which ultimately has helped to slightly boost my credit score over time as he pays on time and has responsibly held these cards. We are no longer together and in trying to apply for my own credit card I have been declined. I think it would be best to be removed from being a user on his cards so that I can rebuild my credit on my own - would that be correct?


Hi, @journeytoselfhealth, and welcome!

Are you concerned that being on his card would make it harder for you rebuild credit?

If it were me, I think I would want to be removed simply because the relationship is over. Building credit on your own is a good idea whether you are in a relationship or not. (My husband and I share cards, but both of us are primary users on some cards and authorized on others, so we both have strong, individual credit.)

If you are looking to rebuild, a credit-builder loan (or account-secured loan, if you have savings) can help. So can a secured credit card (you’ll need money for a deposit). Credit applications can cause a small ding to your credit score, so you’ll want to be as confident as you can be that you’ll qualify.

And do keep an eye on your credit. Checking it regularly helps keep you aware of how various actions affect your credit, and also serves as an early warning if something is amiss.

Time is your friend here. Paying on time and keeping balances low, over time, will result in a good score. And mistakes have less impact as time passes.

Good luck and let us know if we can help further