BA Visa 100k bonus offer

BA Visa 100k bonus offer
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Anyone know how long the current 100k AVIOS bonus offer for a new BA Visa will be available?


Welcome to the community, @wwhisnant! Hoping one of our credit card experts will weigh in, but I’m not sure issuers announce those things in advance. You may have already seen it, but here’s @srathner’s story on the latest bonus:

Have you used British Air miles in the past? In case you’re a BA newbie (as I was when I took them up on an earlier offer), the airline has pretty substantial surcharges for reward flights. As in, hundreds of dollars, sometimes. It’s often worthwhile to use BA miles on partner flights instead.


To clarify my initial question, usually offers such as this have an expiration date, before which one must apply to be eligible for all the bonuses. None of the explanations of this offer seem to indicate how long it will be open and available for application, so that’s what I am hoping someone knows.


Hi @wwhisnant! While some credit card offers advertise how long they’ll be available for, it’s also common for credit card companies to not advertise a specific end date to an offer. The fine print on the British Airways Card Rewards Program Agreement states: “Chase may make changes to this program and the terms of this agreement at any time.” This particular offer doesn’t have an advertised expiration date.

That happens to be true of all credit card rewards program, so if there’s an offer that interests you and you’re eligible for it, go ahead and apply so you don’t miss out! (The downside of this is when you get in on a specific offer and then a few days later the credit card introduces an even better offer…in that case, you can try calling the issuer to see if they’ll upgrade you to the better deal – sometimes they’ll say yes if you ask.)

(Card details are current as of 7/11/19)