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Bank Americard® Review | Nerd Wallet
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Very best credit card!!!

Finally!! A great $0 balance transfer fee from Bank of America!!! Awesome zero percent on purchases too!!! Can’t go wrong with this credit card!!


Low credit limit

I have good credit, but they only approved me for a $2500 credit limit :frowning: I guess this is how they limit their apparently generous terms.


DENIED even though Nerdwallet said I would be approved.

DENIED even though Nerdwallet said I would be approved. Was wanting to do a balance transfer for small amount too. NOT Happy :frowning: Now I don’t trust Nerdwallet’s recommendations either. Apply for Discover It or Blue Cash instead. I had no problem being approved with them & substantial credit limit also!


Never Do Biz with B of A

Wouldn’t take a card from them if they paid me too…Hate that bank.


Low Credit Limit

I applied for this card and was approved, both my husband and myself. I clearly put on the application that I wanted to transfer 25k of credit card balances. They said I was approved and when I got the card, my limit was 9k. Really? They were deceptive in their approval. They did the same thing to my husband! Don’t waste your time!


Extremely low limit. Useless

Was trying to BT $16,000, yet they give me a $500 credit limit. Totally defeats the purpose of getting this card. Waste of a hard pull. The only reason they gave me is because i don’t have any accounts with BOA or their affiliates.


Doesn’t work as advertised

We have excellent credit and wanted to pay off a higher interest credit card. They gave us a low credit limit, and then sent an email indicating that they may not even approve our balance transfer. This is deceptive advertising. Two weeks later and we still have no confirmation about the balance transfer. If they don’t do the transfer, we will cancel it the minute we receive the first statement.


Best if you have BOA accounts

Great terms and was approved for 16k. Loved the 0$ transfer fee. I have BOA checking and there visa as well, probably why I got the higher limit.


Saved me thousands

Called in to apply. Rep explained everything and completed transfers for me. Told me everything to expect. Excellent service and excellent product! I’ve recommended this product to many people who are paying interest on other credit cards.


Ditto: extremely low limit…useless

I applied online to a BT offer received in the mail. Chose the BT option, filled in the amount required (approx. $11K) along with the account number of the card to which I wanted the BT applied. Received quick approval, and the card arrived in about a week…with a $2500 credit limit! I called in and they claimed no record of my having chosen the BT option. I have a FICO score of 717 (not great, but not horrible), an income of $87K, and a BofA checking account since 1985. All to no avail. As another poster below observed, a total waste of a hard pull.


Low Limit Don’t Bother

Wanted to transfer a 6k balance, was approved for $500… waste of a hard pull.