Bank Americard Visa

Bank Americard Visa
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Prestigious card for people with so-so credit

I been a cardholder since 2008 and this is one of the easiest credit cards I’ve ever maintained. I’ve never had a problem with my BankAmericard so I can’t really say how good the customer service is… there’s never been an issue. Making payments is extremely simple online, and there aren’t too many complicated confirmation screens. You just make a payment and click send… no muss, no fuss. The interest rate is okay for someone with my credit score, and I’m comfortable using this card wherever I go because it’s a “name” bank, so I don’t feel like businesses are looking at me like I’m someone with bad credit. Overall, I’m very happy with this card and I’ll continue to keep it even after I pay off my balance.


Superb card for ever single one.

First of all, it has no annual fee which is a big plus. You can use it in every part of the world without having any trouble. It has a chip on it provides extra security. Mobile banking features are also too easy and light.

I have had no problem so far with it. Customer representatives are so professional that never let you down in case of any little issue you confront.


It is a great card

This is a great card with excellent customer service. Whenever I have a problem they respond promptly and with somebody who speaks English. They have a great rewards program too, with 3% cash back on gas!


Good basic card

I’ve never had a problem with this card. The interest rate, while not super low, is considerably lower than other bank’s rates. I was travelling and missed a payment by a day, and they had no problem canceling the late payment fee. Offers given with this card, e.g., balance transfers, etc., are equivalent to other competing cards.


It is average and nothing more than any other card with standard services.

Low interest rate card with no annual fee. A lot of offers for no fee/no interest balance transfers. A lot of offers for cash back on qualified services and companies. No rewards other than on predetermined, specific services and qualified businesses. Nothing exciting and nothing surprising here with this card, just a very basic card with a decent credit limit for everyday use.


Great credit card for traveling.

This has been a very pleasant credit card to use. After going on a credit card hiatus I decided to sign up this card for my international travels. This card charges no foreign transaction fees so I was very content with this. Plus it gives me peace of mind because of all of the safety features that it has like chip and how I can create a temporary credit card number while purchasing online. Another great thing was that that there was no interest for the first year. So this credit card is very excellent for anyone and this is not even mentioning the rewards that it offers.


A Long Time User

This credit card has a decent APR rate of about 10%. I always pay it off every month to not carry a balance. It allows me safely purchase things in-store and online. I much prefer using my credit card than cash because I feel it safer and easier to carry. The card has allowed me to purchase items when I want and still not pay too much in interest if I did carry the balance. Overall I use the card on a daily bases and have been loyal to BofA for many years. The security to top notch and would recommend the card to others.


Credit Card For Those Too Uninterested To Find A Better Card

I like the card enough, but I don’t particularly like the company. I originally signed up for one of their debit cards, and then credit cards, because this was the default bank at the college that I went to. It just made sense for me to open an account with BofA, because their ATMs and kiosks were most readily available on campus. Since then, I have considered switching companies many, many times, because I disagree with a lot of the campaigns they put in place to increase fees and penalties on my account. I very much disagree with the ways in which they try to gauge their customers for money. My only reason for keeping the card with this bank is that my loans and automated payments go through this account. Therefore, it would take a considerable amount of effort to open a card with another bank, and then change all of the automated payments to the new account.

Essentially, I am not a happy customer of this bank, but I do not have the time to switch to a better bank. Besides not having the time, I would risk failing payments if I did not manage the auto-withdrawals properly. Also, I would have no idea which bank to choose instead.


great card for those new to credit cards

I have been enjoying the use of my bank americard visa from bank of America. They have been very helpful with helping with everything I could even think of. The card is linked with my bank of america checking so it is super easy to pay the bill by transferring funds from my checking account to the credit card. They also reward me with $25 a quarter because I make my payments on time and pay more than the minimum. When I signed up they also gave me the first six months interest free.


Good card that just works.

My card is basically just an average visa card. There aren’t any reward programs, but that is not what I got it for. It is a Visa card, which means it should be accepted everywhere visa is accepted, which is most places. So far I have not have any problems with it at all. It does its job, allows me to spend my cash for things I want, quickly and easily.

It doesn’t have any cons really. It does its job and doesn’t have any problems.


Great card for travel miles

I’ve had my Visa from Bank of America for about six years and have no complaints. I use it on occasion when I’m strapped for money. The interest rate is manageable and my balance is usually pretty low.

My favorite feature of my card is that it awards me with an affordable airline companion ticket. I also earn miles for every purchase.

My one complaint is that the annual fee is $75 per year.


Amazing card for first timers and beyond

I really love my BOA Visa card. It is very easy to use and makes my transactions must easier. The bank is very trust worthy and provides a safe and secure service. I have used this Card for about 5 years now and I am not planning on switching anytime soon. I love the fact that I can access my card account anywhere and anytime online or ATM. The customer service is outstanding and they are always willing to help. I love it !


Steer clear of BoA…

I dislike Bank of America quite a bit. I dislike their lack of customer service, I dislike the fact that I have never cared about me as a customer, and I dislike that they have sent me letters, TWICE, informing me that due to THEIR error my credit card info might have been compromised. In my view they have the worst service, both customer and otherwise out of any financial institution in the country.


Gone downhill

I’ve had the Bank of America Visa card for several years. Originally, the benefits were better. It was much easier to gain reward points and the points could be used on many items. Unfortunately, after the Great Recession hit the rewards program seemed to go downhill. That wasn’t the single most important draw to using the card, but it impacted me negatively.

My interest rates have also risen twice even though I always pay my card on time and pay it off in full to boot. The interest rate rose several percentage points and I couldn’t determine why. When I called customer service about this just to see why it was happening I got the run around. Basically the company can change the interest rate at any time and you can send a letter refusing the new rate and end the relationship after you have the card paid off. But use it just one more time and you’re looked in to the more expensive rate.


Great interest rate for excellent credit.

I have had my BankAmericard Visa for over 20 years now. It is my go-to credit card because the interest rate is so low, 7.5%. Bank of America provides no points, bonuses, or other incentives, but with a rate so low, they don’t have to. I always know that when I make a large purchase, I can pay over time without getting killed on interest charges.

I don’t know what Bank of America’s criteria is for offering this card to customers, but I am sure you have to have good credit. I check my credit score regularly, and I tend to have a pretty high score. So if you have great credit and do business with Bank of America, you should inquire about this card.


Card has been good to me but some flaws

I have been a cardholder for this credit card for a very long time. I pay on time and rarely have to talk to anyone with the company (in the last 10 or so years I have called 2 times). Everything has been perfectly wonderful, except for one negative thing that happened a few years ago. I was a student at the time and a customer service agent called me and said if I got this insurance thing through the company, because I was a student they would pay my minimum balance for a time. I thought that was great and signed up. That agent apparently didn’t know what they were doing and the whole thing became a big mess. I had to spend hours on the phone with a manager trying to fix the situation. Luckily, everything turned out ok and everything was resolved to my satisfaction. I still have the card and use it on occasion, but I am definitely more cautious about any supposed perk they offer.


Great card

This is not a good credit card for everyday use. Basically I do not carry this card or use it for online purchases. This card will automatically increase your credit limit. You are not asked if you would like or need more credit. You just receive a new card (same number) with a higher credit level. Interest rates are higher by as much as 10 percent more than other Visa cards. The company will offer a different card at a lower rate but you will have to pay various charges such as transfer fees and online banking fees.

This card does provide a points reward system. You are allowed to accumulate large amounts of points, but when you want to cash them in, you receive a tiny portion of reimbursement. Other cards offer much more value for rewards.


This is a great card for people who want the best service

I am very happy with using this card. There are no complaints on my part as far as the card is concerned. I would recommend it to anyone.


Great overall credit card

The BankAmericard Visa has relatively average interest rates and doesn’t offer much more than any other card would offer. However, the ability to pay your balance via a transfer from a Bank of America account makes the card convenient for those people who also have a bank account with Bank of America. There are options to transfer the funds directly from a savings or checking account, without having to store bank account information in a separate credit card’s website. In addition, it consolidates some of your accounts so you’re not having to visit multiple websites to see your balances or verify your account balances before making a payment.

For those people who occasionally forget to make a payment on time, Bank of America representatives will waive the late fee and either accept payment over the phone or allow you to make the transfer online that same day - convenient for those of us who would rather conduct business online rather than on the phone. The online statements are easy to view and read as well.