Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards

Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards
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Awesome card for those that buy gas and groceries… with no annual fee it is like they pay you to shop!

The BankAmericard Cash Rewards card is truly an ideal card for someone looking to make money off their rewards and have the added security and convenience of paying with a credit card. This credit card comes with no annual fee, no monthly maintenance fee, no over limit fee, and a small late payment fee of $25/$35. What really convinced me to get this card was my visit to Bank of America one day. The teller told me about the great benefits of the rewards program: 3% back on gas and 2% back on grocery store purchases. This allowance is on the first $1500 per quarter. Everything else earns 1% back. It truly is a wonderful program if you pay your bill off every month! It is like they pay you to shop! The other thing I find interesting is that the rewards never expire so you can let them build up and treat yourself to something awesome.

I have had the BankAmericard Cash Rewards card for over three years now. What I like most about it is that it is a Visa card and accepted almost anywhere. I regularly utilize the card to spend in stores, pay online, and have several monthly bills that are recurring hooked up to it. The Bank of America website or iPhone app makes it simple to keep on track of my account, pay my balance, and even check on the rewards that are earned! I have truly never had an issue with Bank of America regarding this account and am very happy with the service I receive! What I like to do is make my purchase, log into the app on my phone, and transfer the money from my checking right away. That way, I know what I’m spending AND am pocketing key rewards dollars!


The card is great because of the cash rewards. I like earning rewards for using the card and I am able to pay it off easily.

Overall I dislike credit cards. I believe that their sole purpose is to catch uninformed people and spiral them into debt. That being said this card in particular is great. Cash rewards are fantastic.


Awesome card, awesome real cash benefits!

We originally had a World Of Warcraft visa card that gave us game subscription rewards, but that deal closed down after a while, so about a year ago we went looking for a new credit card that would give rewards, since we use our credit card for everything and pay it right away to avoid any fees whatsoever. We’re generally really smart with our money, so we never spend more than we have, and thus never get in debt (beyond the house payment). So we came across the Bank of America cash rewards system, and we decided it was the best bang for our buck. 1% cash back on all purchases, 2% on groceries and 3% on gas, which is great for us when we combine it with our local supermarket perks (Meijer’s Mperks).

Instead of getting the usual perks we noticed, like Olive Garden vouchers and other “rewards level” bonuses, we get a noticeable bonus all the time, and its not something we have to keep track of. No more logging in and seeing “Oh another 400 bucks until our next voucher!”, we get our rewards simply and easily, as cash back into our account. We’re not forced to spend it on a selection of vouchers, its actual real money that we get to spend however we want. Its a no fuss and minimal effort rewards system which provides a great benefits, on top of the no fees. And since we pay no interest on it, the rate doesn’t matter.

All in all, very happy with it when we looked at the alternatives.


Great card if you do a lot of spending with the credit card and it is linked to your bank account

I am satisfied with the credit card. It is nothing special nor is it bad. When I first got the credit card I was given double points, but after a certain point it went down to single points. Since the drop off I have not used the credit card as much. With the double points I was receiving a lot more cash rewards. I think during that first year I got close to $500 in rewards. In the year following I only got about $150.
Since I did not earn as much I started using a different credit card with more rewards. I did like the credit card though, because it is linked to my checking account and the rewards went right into my account versus I have to use it through the credit card company.


Bank Of America’s Visa Reward card

I have had this card for quite some time and I have been pleased with it. I love that it offers me rewards on purchases that I make all the time. I also appreciate that visa is accepted virtually everywhere. I haven’t had any problems with using the card or customer service.


Nice Cashback Card with simple rewards

The Bank Americard Cash Rewards card has a good rewards program that is also simple to keep up with. You earn 3% cashback on gas, 2% on groceries and 1% on everything else. Overall the card is a great card to have in your wallet for the two higher bonus categories. For general spending in the 1% category there are a few cards that have better rewards but I like having the Bank Americard to use for gas and groceries.


Good card for starting out

The BankAmericard Cash Rewards card is the first credit card that I have had. I’m a college student in my mid-twenties. I would definitely recommend this card to young people starting out. It’s a simple card and it’s great to build your credit. It’s easy to check the balance online, through the app, or over the phone. The phone service is very attentive and the balance is always up to date. I really appreciate the real time balance so that I don’t have less money than I think I have. Some other banks are constantly lagging on keeping the balance up to date.
As far as rewards go, I don’t really notice many cash back rewards. It’s very minimal and not a very significant factor. It definitely won’t make you any richer. Also, sometimes the toll free service can be confusing and arduous, as they seem to mix up the verification needed every few days. It can be frustrating.


Easy to use and get rewards in cash.

This card is widely accepted everywhere. I like how easy it is to use. I pay off my balance in full every month, thus I don’t need to pay interest. There are no other fees associated with this card. I did have an annual fee before but it was taken out when Bank of America thanked me for being a loyal customer. Once you reach $25 in rewards you can cash out to your checking or savings and earn 10% more. Most purchases qualify for 1% cash back, restaurants 2% cash back, and gas 3% cash back.


This is the card you are looking for.

I have had my BankAmericard Cash Rewards cards for about five years now. One of the most important features of this card has been the low interest rate and ability to have my limit raised to the level I am able to withstand financially. Over the first few years, as I established myself as a customer who paid their bills on time and, I was able to raise the available credit to a limit that makes me feel secure because I can use it when/if needed. In addition, I started out with an interest rate that felt fair, but I was able to reduce it even further several years ago to an even better rate. These features alone would be enough to keep me as a loyal customer, but the “Cash Reward” features (such as getting cash back for purchases at selected retailers and for a percentage back on purchases such as gas and groceries) is the icing on the cake. Recently, I made a necessary appliance purchase and received a welcome $75 back! In addition, I was planning on switching cable companies recently and had the opportunity to earn another $75 just for doing so. I have truly been a satisfied customer from the get-go, and my experience with this card keeps improving.


Rewarding rewards!

I love this card. The APR is at 18-19% which is not too bad. When I got it, I had 15 billing cycles of 0% APR. It’s easy to go online and pay for it, and in general it’s just a nice card.

What’s at the center of its niceness is of course the rewards. I travel daily to work for about an hour going to and another hour going back. When I need a fill-up, it’s nice to have 3% in rewards waiting for me. By 3-4 months, I will have saved $100 already just on rewards accumulating. It’s also nice to have a $3,500 credit limit and 1% cash back on every other type of purchase. The minimum payment is also not threatening at $25. I love it. If you’re looking for a card that satisfies in every facet, this is the ideal one.


Good starter card

This was my very first credit card, and I still have it! The rewards aren’t out of this world amazing, but if you just want a nice, simple card that occasionally gets you a gift card so you can go out to the movies, then this one isn’t bad. As far as I remember, interest rates were never too crazy, and it was easy to get a credit line increase when I asked for one. All in all, not too shabby of a card.


A user-friendly credit card that helps customers save while building their credit score

I am extremely satisfied with my BankAmericard Cash Rewards card. It is extremely easy to use, and I have not run into any problems with its being accepted at stores. The customer service has also been extremely satisfactory.

I like it because it allows me to save money buying things I need to buy anyway, such as gasoline and groceries. The fact that the rewards program encourages using the card at gas stations and grocery stores also allows me to make relatively small, necessary purchases that help me to build my positive credit history.


Great card for family.

I bank at BankOfAmerica, so when they offered me a Cash Reward card I was thrilled. I use it quite a bit because you do get the Rewards back. This card virtually limitless in my opinion.


Great for any Household

My husband and I use Bank of America for all of our household needs: groceries, household items, restaurants, etc. We’ve had a couple of incidents when we’ve charged something and regretted or we were charged for something we never purchased. In each instance B of A went to bat for us.


Great Card for Gas

I really enjoy my credit card. I bought it primarily for gas purchases because of my long commute. It has been very easy to use, and the 3% i get back from gas purchases is hard to beat. the online interface is also very easy to navigate, and I’ve never had any issues paying my balance. The additional rewards I get from groceries and other additional payments is nice as well. I would highly recommend this card.


Good Card to make a little money on the side

I like my card. It gave a full year with no interest. Additionally, I’ve been using it lately for all my purchases and paying those off right away as this allows you to make money with their rewards.


Great card, Bank of America not so much.

I have had this card for about six months. I have had no issues with it so far aside from the limit on the card of $2,500 which has prevented me from putting a vacation purchase on here. Nevertheless, I split it up into multiple payments and all is well.

My biggest gripe was with Bank of America and not this particular card, as I was promised a bonus if I spent X within a certain time. I did, have the statements to prove so and did not get my bonus. I challenged it and was told I did not meet the criteria. No more explanation and am now out the extra $100 bonus.


Good “middle of the road” card.

Overall I am pretty happy with this card. Mine has a pretty low interest rate and the rewards are better than most of the other cards that were available to me at the time I signed up. I am also pleased with the service I have gotten with BoA the few times I have had to interact with them.

The only downside for me is dealing with their fraud department. My info has been compromised a few times (from their end) and it took longer to settle than I would have liked. But the one time my card was used fraudulently they took care of it as expected.


Good card for building credit

It’s a decent card overall. I mainly got it to build up my credit, and it has allowed me to do that. The rewards are better than most bank cards and I’m able to take advantage of them most months. The interest rate isn’t the greatest, it’s over the overall average rate, but I pay off everything.