Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards

Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards
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Great card if you love cashback

I love my Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card. I’ve had my card now for a little over 2 years, and I absolutely love it. I don’t have a huge limit on mine, but that’s good because it prevents me from spending too much. What I love so much about this card is that I get cash back from every purchase, and then if I deposit my cashback back into my account, I get an extra 10% back. I use this money to pay off my bills and it’s been very helpful.

This card is especially nice if you spend a lot of money on gas or at grocery stores. You get 2% and 3% back for these types of purchases, whereas you get 1% back on all regular purchases. I feel like this is a really high rate for cashback, and it’s been very helpful to me. I’ve had other credit cards in the past that offered me no benefits at all, and after using this card I am totally sold on Bank of America and cashback!


A credit card with an easy rewards program and a low APR

I have been a member of the Bank of America Cash Rewards card for a while now. I like how I am able to earn rewards for purchasing any item. I can use those rewards for cash, a credit on my statement or travel. I usually choose a credit statement because it helps to pay of my balance without spending the money.

The credit card also has a good interest rate. This is important to me, most cards out there carry a high interest rate and make it difficult for some people to pay down or off completely. Overall I have been pleased with the credit card that Bank of America offers.


Great card for first time owners

The credit card while good and hassle free provides first time credit card owners a chance to learn about keeping up with payments and learning the basics of owning a credit card. The interest rate isn’t too high and will not make your minimum payments too high. The cash rewards system is good but it takes a while for it to go into effect or get any benefit from the system.
Users who would prefer a more direct rewards system might look into travel rewards, but the cash rewards is probably Bank of Americas second best card.


The Only Credit Card You Will Need!

I have the BoA cash rewards credit card. I love this card and have has no problems with it since I have had it. BoA did send me a new card about a year after having the card because they added a new security chip feature to the card. It makes me feel safe using the card anywhere and any time. I also love the 1% back on everything, 2% on groceries, and 3% back on gas. It is the perfect card for me and if you follow the rules there are no fees associated with it. I am also a student and they were able to give me a higher credit limit upon request and it wasn’t a problem at all applying for the card and asking to raise my limit. I am also able to securely manage my card and other cash back deals online anytime I would like. This helps me manage my spending and keep track of what I buy. For a college student this is amazing. I highly recommend this card to any student or adult who wants to either build or maintain good credit.


Great Card if you love Cash Rewards

For a long time this was my primary credit card, and it was the only one I used. I loved the cash rewards I got from it, and it gave me rewards for all my purchases. The extra points I got on gas and groceries were also a big plus. I no longer bank with Bank of America, but I would go back in heart beat.


Excellent Addition to my BOA Account

The card was easy to apply to and easy to track because I am a current BOA customer. Online payments only take seconds because all my accounts are linked. It’s a VISA card, accepted everywhere (unlike my Discover or AmEX which are not).

The rewards program is good. I like that I can have the cash directly deposited into my account at the end of each month. You get bonus rewards at grocery stores and gas stations as well. You also get a bonus for direct deposit into your BOA account. I prefer to have the cash than other rewards (ie airline miles).

Customer service at BOA in general has always been great for me and no difference with this card.

There are no fees to use this card.


Best card when travelling abroad

I use this card whenever I travel abroad and the chip is compatible with card readers in Canada and Europe.
This card has no foreign transaction fees or annual fee and it is also best for traveling overseas students.


Great card for saving money

I have had this card for several years, and so far it has been a good card to have. The interest rate is quite fair, and the limit has increased to far beyond any intentions I have of using it. It offers some decent cash rewards, although few of them have suited to my personal tastes, so I haven’t taken particularly good advantage of it, but I can easily see some people getting a lot out of it. It is a good card for students to have because of the rewards and fair interest rate,


Great card for families!

The cash rewards card by Bank America is one of the best cards there is to have. I have not had a card that gave me so much in return for using it to pay for things. I get more cash back with this card than I did with any other card. It is great because I get cash back for every purchase I make.


Not Happy

Honestly I am not at all happy with Bank of America anymore. The charges and fees that are “hidden” are becoming just absurd with them. I am actively searching for a new financial institution to serve my needs.


Solid cash back card

This has been a very good card. They provide 1% cash back on all purchases, as well as 2% on groceries and 3% on gas, which makes up a good portion of what I buy each month. You can use your points once you have $25 worth and either take it in cash or towards your statement. On occasion, they also let you sign up for 5% back on other categories for three month periods, which can sometimes be very helpful, or in categories where you likely won’t get much benefit. The points also don’t expire, so if it takes you a while to get enough points, that’s okay.
I’ve had the card for about five years, and have never had any issues. I generally pay off the balance each month, so I don’t pay attention to the interest rate. But from what I remember, it’s pretty fair for a cash back card. I did have one month where I forgot to make my payment on time. I didn’t remember until a couple of days later. I called them up and was able to pay it off and they didn’t charge a penalty or report it to the credit companies. Overall this is a very good card if you pay your balance in full and want some cash back.


Great card for anyone

I have had the Bank of Americard Cash Rewards card for about a month now. I do not really like to use credit cards, but this card I love. I love all the cash back options that come with the card. Everything I buy gives me a certain percentage. It has been one the best cards I have ever used. I think I will continue using it into the future. This is one of the best cards Bank of America has ever offered.


Credit Card of your Dreams

I didn’t apply for this card. However when I was 18, I got a call from my bank asking me to upgrade my card and I told them I wanted a card that could help me with my credit and also give me cash back. They couldn’t find me a card like that and I was about to leave when they told me about the Cash Rewards card they offered. I was skeptical at first; cash back on everything and it would improve my credit? It was too good to be true. With filling up gas, I would get 3% back and 1% cash back on everything else. It was my dream come true!

There are no hidden fees using this card. It is simply easy and equally amazing to use it. Since my car doesn’t have good gas mileage, I often find myself having to fill it up. So I just take out the card and use it. At the end of the month, I have enough cash back to pay a fourth of my credit card bill! It is so simple and fast to use it and you can use it anywhere you want. In my first year of using it, I had a 100 dollar limit on the first 90 days. A couple months later, I got approved for 1500 dollars. Then the next year, I got approved for 5000 dollars! I really couldn’t believe what was happening. Because of my amazing credit score, I got a loan for my new house that I will be buying. I am so thankful for this card!


I’m very please with my Bank of Americard Visa

I’m satisfied with my Bank of Americard Visa. I love the fact that I just log on to my account and it’s so easy to pay. I can use it anywhere and get cash rewards too.


If you’re already a Bank of America customer, it’s a no-brainer!

I wanted to open a line of credit mainly just to help build my credit score. I only buy stuff that I normally buy that I have the money to pay off on time. I figured since I was already a Bank of America customer and had a checking account I would go ahead and try this card out.

Having no annual fee is great and I get cash back on every purchase. I get more on gas and grocery purchases, which I make quite often! Being able to deposit my cash back bonuses directly into my checking account makes it even better and really simple! I even get an extra 10% for being a customer! This card is great and anyone who has a Bank of America account already should get one of these!


Great Cash Reward credit card!

I have had this credit card for 3+ years now. I usually stick to just one credit card, (just to keep things simple) and after having a different credit card for over 5 years, I was lured away from that card for the BankAmericard Cash Rewards card. The high base % of all purchased enticed me.

Overall, I have been extremely satisfied. Every time I needed assistance, customer support was always helpful and took care of my needs. Redeeming the cash rewards was a little difficult to learn at first, just because you have so many different options in how you want to redeem, but once you learn it, it was easy enough.


Great for small savings

I think it’s a great way to shop while saving some money here and there. Compared to other credit cards I’ve seen, it’s average. I’ve used Bank of America before so I decided to stick close in choosing it.


Great card for families

I’m very satisfied with the card. I also bank with BOA so it was very convienent to apply and get the card. I think the interest rate is fair, even though I really try hard to just pay it off every month. The cash reward was something we just redeemed and it was surprising how much we built up.


Great card for those who pay off their credit card debt each month

My husband and I have had the Bank Americard Cash Rewards card for over 8 years. We currently use it on all purchases and we use it to pay utilities bills. It is the only major credit card we own and frequently use. Over the years, we have received exception customer service when I have called on a concern. I have had a late fee waved without questions due to a “loyal customer” status. Every month I pay off the credit card bill which has qualified us for a larger amount of credit and has allowed us to receive great customer service. We initially signed up for the credit card due to the rewards program. We have earned several gift cards for Ruth Chris steakhouse, but we usually cash in our points for cash. About every 6 months, we receive hundreds of dollars back from their rewards program which is a lot more frequent than any other rewards from a major credit card (in my experience from other credit card companies). Due to our fantastic credit, we receive numerous credit card offers from other companies but never accept them. I am very content with the service and rewards from Bank Americard. Also, on 2 different occasions in the past 8 years, I have received personal phone calls when suspected fraudulent purchases showed up on my card. The customer service representative immediate took the charges off of our account, cancelled our cards, and we received new cards in the mail in 2-3 days. The Bank Americard company spotted the suspicious charges on our account even before I received my statement and checked my records for myself. I am very pleased with our credit card and will continue to be a loyal customer.


A great card for drivers or shoppers.

The card offers a great rewards program and one of the highest paying that I have found. I earn 1% cash back on any purchase, 2% cash back on groceries and 3% cash back on gas. This makes it a very convenient card for someone who does a lot of driving or shopping. Another perk is that if you redeem your cash rewards to a Bank of America account you receive an additional 10% cash back.

In addition to the cash rewards, the card also offers extra rewards in the form of cash back deals that alternate depending on your former purchases. For instance, if you use your card at restaurants you will receive special limited time offers from several dining establishments for an extra 10% off of your dining bill. I have made over $30 extra so far from shopping at places like Starbucks and Whole Foods. Overall I believe this card is the best cash back option available.