Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards

Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards
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Minimum reward is ridiculous. Reward is lost if you decide to close your account.

It was good in first 3 months, I got a $100 bonus for using it, but then the interest just start eating my monthly rewards pretty quickly. When I decided to cancel it, my rewards were worth about $18 and I couldn’t get them because their minimum cashout policy is set for $25. So, I basically paid the remaining balance and closed my account and lost $18 in rewards. Guess what, a month later a I got another statement from them that I still have to pay a $1 interest even if my account has been paid out and closed.


Great rewards card that offers a endless benefits.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards truly offers you something for nothing! This card has no fees, or strings attached. This card allows you to earn 1% back on everything all year around, and 2% on groceries and 3% on gas for the first $1500 per quarter (and then reverts to 1%). Meanwhile, the card offers you cash back at various locations that are as high as 15%. Finally, all of this can be redeemed anytime for anything. In short, you save money just by spending as you normally would anyway.


This card is from a familiar bank I know I can trust.

This card is directly connected to my bank account and I liked that it makes it easier to plan my spending and pay my bills. The rewards could definitely be better. That being said, it’s a good credit card to carry you over until you qualify for a better one, even if from a competitor.


I like this card alot

interest is fine, payments are flexible


Less than ideal card - Interest rate not worth the cash rewards.

Interest rate is high overall, 12.99%. Cash rewards have been useless for me, more or less. We do use the card relatively frequently, and pay off the bill monthly until recently. We had some unexpected expenses in 2014, had no other means to pay the bills and so we decided to pay with this credit card.

Outside of a gas credit card, this is our only credit card. We have had it for years, I’m just too lazy to try and find one with a lower interest rate. I really don’t care about the cash rewards, they seem negligible for the cost. Currently this card is maxed out, goal for 2015 is to pay it off in full.


Great Cash Back Rewards Card

I have had a Bank Americard Cash Rewards card for three years now. I decided to switch to the Bank Americard Cash Rewards card because of all the benefits it offered. I got a 0% APR on my balance transfer to this card and that was very important to me. I love that I get cash back on all my everyday purchases. I also like that there is no annual fee. This card is easy to use and easy to make my payments online and it is widely accepted.
The only problem is that the interest rate on this card is not the greatest, it is a bit high compared to other credit cards with similar benefits. I also hate that if you forget to make a payment even by one day you are charged a late fee. I always try and pay on time but sometimes you forget and you have no grace period for your payment.


Great Cash Back Card

I truly love this card. To begin with, when I signed up for the card, I was offered $300 back after spending $500 in the first 90 days. The typical offer for this card is $100 back after $500 spend. Either way, getting money just for making purchases I’d already make is great!

On top of that, the card has no annual fee and I get 3% back on my gas purchases and 2% back on grocery purchases on the first $1,500 I spend in those categories – which I don’t mind, since I don’t spend more than that per month on those things – with 1% back on all other purchases! Since I have a Bank of America checking account, I also get a bonus for depositing my cash back bonus into my checking account. The service is great; I’ve never had any problems with the account and customer service has always reliably addressed any questions I’ve had. Pretty much perfect for all my needs!


Good card for cash back

Its a good card, accepted across the country. There are no hidden fees or charges that are foisted on me. I like the cash rewards system because I feel like I am rewarded for every time I use the card.


Great card with great customer service.

I have had this card for about 3 years. The card is easy to use and accepted everywhere. I love getting the cash back and it is very easy to transfer to my bank account. The transfer is timely and is usually available within 1-2 working days. Each time I have needed to call customer service I have been quickly connected to an associate and have not had to wait more than 5 minutes, even in the peak hours of the afternoon. The customer service representatives are always friendly and helpful. If they are not able to help me with my issue, they quickly connect me to the right department. Every time I have called, the issue or question has been resolved with my complete satisfaction. I would recommend the card to everyone.


All-around great card for anyone

I am very satisfied with this card. I get 1% cash back on all purchases and even more for grocery stores and gas. These rewards also don’t expire. I’ve been able to save on vacations just by regular purchasing with this card. There are also account alerts that tell me when my payments are due, which is pretty great.


Great for cash rewards

I have had this card since 2002 and have never had a problem with any transactions. They offer the ability to redeem your rewards points for cash or a credit toward your statement. They offer zero percent interest transfers and zero liability fraud protection.


Great card for BoA users

Great card. Easily linked with Bank of America checking account, which is convenient since there are so many Bank of America locations in the US. Rewards are good on gas and groceries (plus bonus if you link to a BoA checking account, so even better). Don’t know about the interest rate since I never carry any debt.


Excellent card for anyone

I like this card because of the cash-back rewards. I’ve used it for quite some time and really enjoy it. I don’t have any bad experiences with this card. If I had to pick one credit card as my favorite, I think I would choose the one I currently use, the BankAmiercard Cash Rewards card. This card makes it easy for anyone to save a little bit of money. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a credit card company they can trust.


Okay card

It is an alright card. To be honest I do not use it that much and I have only had it for three months. I haven’t really seen any of the cash rewards so far but I am looking forward to it. It is accepted everywhere which is always a good thing. The interest rate is a little high but I make all the payments on time and do not only pay the minimal balance so I don’t have to worry about it.
Also it is the only card I have ever owned so my frame of reference may not be the best.


Great Card for Business Professionals

The Credit Card is okay, I am not a big fan of the interest rate though. The card doesn’t come with many perks but it helps in a pinch. I personally do not find anything special about the card. On the other hand, Navy Federal does offer pretty good credit cards and rates. Navy Federal has a good APR but not- so great rewards. Bottom line is credit cards are a trap, its all a scam for the banks to get more money out of you.


Not that great, even annoying.

Receiving rewards isn’t as common as advertised and have had many security issues. I have had my card denied so many times because of habits they find unusual. I have had so many angry phone calls and yet this continues to happen every so often, though not as regularly as in the beginning.


This is a great card for those who want rewards for doing things they would do anyways

I really think that my BankAmericard Cash Rewards card is a good deal. The rewards I get are a great incentive for use, yet at the same time responsibility. It has been an enjoyable experience using this card. In my opinion I would recommend it to others, including family and friends. I enjoy the fact that there is no annual fee.


Average card for the average consumer.

The card itself is alright. Probably pretty average when cross-compared with other credit cards. My % aren’t great and I’ve been REALLY needing to call BOA and renegotiate my rates so maybe I will FINALLY do that soon. As far as rewards go, I probably earned about $25 in cash back in a year. I don’t use my credit card as often as other people but it was still nice to receive that cash back. You get rewards for buying groceries and gas which is what I primarily use my card for.


Great rewards card!

This is a great credit card. The first time I used this card I had to make a fairly large purchase of $1,500. Not only was it easy to use the card for the purchase my cash was credited to my account within 4 weeks. I was able to deposit it right into my bank account rather than having to wait for a check. That was really nice as I’ve had reward cards that mail a check 3 months after the purchase. It’s really a great card. No issues getting approved either. I had it within my hands in a week.


Great starter card for students, but rewards are not the best available

I like how I can earn cash back that goes directly into my checking account with BOA also. However, I wish that there was more cash back for particular purchases in groups that I tend to spend the most money, like restaurants or fast food places. The zero interest for the first year is really great and made this card an awesome first card for a college student. I would recommend it to anyone who is just trying to build up their credit and already has an account with this bank. It is convenient for paying and handling bonuses; otherwise, there is little added benefit of the card if you don’t have BOA already.

I tend to keep this card open to continue building my card, but hopefully will be able to get a better card with more rewards within a year, to take better advantage of available offers. In the meantime, I like using this card. I have a very reasonable credit limit and can do what I need with this card.