Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards

Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards
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Great for a first time credit card

I think this card is great. It was my first card that I ever had and I got it even before I got a job. I got a huge interest rate, but that was okay, I didn’t carry much of a balance if any. What I really loved about this card is the rewards and the fact that it had no yearly fee. I get graded percentage of all money I spend back, with higher returns at the pump or at the grocery store. Additionally, if I redeem my awards to my BofA checking account I get a 10% bonus. That is awesome. Combined with no yearly fee it has been my go to card for a while, even after getting other cards.


An easy card to manage

I like this card because it is very easy to keep track of online. I love that you can get cash back rewards. The customer service has been good with this card since I have lost it before. It’s very easy to pay down the balance on this card online. They also gave me a generous limit.


More incentives please

My Bank of America cash reward although helpful in time of needs. The reward is not that great I have had the card for over a year and a half and I haven’t made that much from it. I have paid for fees than earned rewards. I wish they offered a more incentives to use the cards and more reward especially to someone like me. I wish it was more catered to my need I would rather receive cash back on textbooks and school purchase because I would use the card more. Although I already use the card as much as I can, the only thing I like to purchase with it is gas because that is the biggest reward. I love Bank of America and that is why I have decide to keep the card but I do wish it offered more with the card.


My Go-To Credit Card

The BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card was my first credit card and currently, it’s the only one I need. It’s accepted just about everywhere, even internationally, and Bank of America’s service is pretty reliable. I can check my balance online or through the mobile app. I usually check my balance several times a week and the website has only failed me a few times, and when it did, I could still check my balance through the phone. Bank of America also has great security precautions, so if I’m ever worried my number has been stolen, I can call them and they send me a new card as soon as possible.

As for the rewards part of the credit card, I am very happy I chose the cash rewards option! I get a little bit of cash back on every single one of my purchases and I can select special offers online to get higher rewards from certain stores. Since I got my card two years ago, I’ve made at least $150 in cash rewards, and I don’t even use my card all that much - generally it’s just for emergencies. Overall, I highly recommend this credit card for anyone who’s looking for a basic, go-to card.


Great starter card especially for those who bank with B of A

I really enjoy using this credit card. It was the first credit card I ever got, and I expect to keep it for the foreseeable future. All of my interactions with the company have been positive, and I like the reward structure a lot. It has a simple 1-2-3 point structure where you receive 3% cash back on gas, 2% cash back on groceries, and 1% cash back on everything else. I like that the 2% works even if the groceries are not at a traditional grocery store. Plus, you get an extra ten percent bonus to the overall award if you redeem to a Bank of America account (e.g. get 27.50 back when redeeming 25 dollars worth of points).
On the topic of Bank of America, my favorite thing about this card personally is getting to see this card information right along with my Bank of America bank accounts. This provides easy access to check my balance to pay the card on time. When I have had any questions or concerns about this card, Bank of America reps have been available on the phone and online to provide answers and get back to me in a timely manner when they themselves were not at first sure how to resolve my issues. Overall, I would (and actually do) recommend this card to my friends, especially the ones that bank with Bank of America


Good card for a busy college student

I got this card sometime last year and have been very happy with it. I am a student with not so great credit so I felt privileged to get it. They offer really great rewards. You get the card with no annual fee, which really is a necessity being a college student. You also get 1% back on everyday items you buy. The perk that I like the most is the 3% back on gas. I drive A LOT, so this adds up quickly.


Cash cards do not make you spend money, they help you save money.

I have one credit card that is always in my wallet. It’s the BankAmericard Cash rewards card. I did not realize that you could get paid to shop, but that’s exactly what this card does. It’s my first cash rewards card, I chose it because it sounded good, but didn’t realize just how handy it would be. When I received that $500 bonus for spending $500 during my first 90 days of having the card, that’s when I realized that this is a goldmine. The amount to get cash back is not high at all. I can get it just by using it as a budget card to buy the things that I need. If you’re one of those people that overlooked cash cards because of fear that you will end up spending additional money just to get the benefit, don’t be.


Decent card for gas

Decent credit card with three reward tiers (1-3%), with 3% cash back for gas. I really only use this credit card for gas and pay it off every month, but it’s definitely worth it. Customer service is excellent.


There are probably better cards out there, and customer service is less than desirable.

I have had the Bank Americard Cash Rewards for several years now, and I can’t really complain about the card itself. At one point my husband had a very long commute and we were putting a ton of gas purchases on the card, which eventually we didn’t get rewarded for since there is a cap on how much you can earn back in a quarter. That was not ideal. Now it typically takes me about 3 months to get enough money to cash out. I like that you can deposit it in a BOA checking account and get a percentage added to it.

Customer service, however, is atrocious. After many, many years of having the card and paying on time (along with having multiple BOA bank accounts) one of my payments didn’t go through by the right date–it went through the day after it was due (although I scheduled the payment to go through on time!) Customer service refused to credit back the fee, despite my background with them and the fact I had it set up to go through on time, so this issue was on their end! Have had other random problems, also, that customer service won’t help with.

At this point, I ONLY use the card for big purchases JUST to get the rewards, then pay immediately, so it’s not worth looking at other options. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone. There have got to be better cards out there.


Great card for first time credit users.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards is my first and only credit card. This is a great card to get if you are a prior Bank of America customer. I just went into the bank and was approved for this first credit card. This card offers cash back rewards on purchases. This includes 3% on gas, 2% on groceries, and 1% on everything else. So far I have received about $40 cash back. This card has been a really great card for me to build my credit history. I pay off my balance each month and never carry a balance. Another thing I like about this card is that you don’t have to request a credit line increase. I originally started with $900 credit and recently Bank of America increased this to $1400. This is nice because even though I don’t carry a balance I try to still keep my purchases below 10% of total credit limit. Now I can buy bigger purchases on the card.


Great card with many extra benefits

I’ve had my BankAmericard Cash Rewards card for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be happier. What drew me in about the offer was bonus of receiving $100 back if you spend $500 in the first 90 days. As I was planning on purchasing a billiards table at that time, I knew that was something I could take advantage of. It also gave me 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first year. Even though I always pay my balance in full at the end of each month, it’s still a great deal. Additional rewards include no annual fee and cash back on grocery and gas purchases. Finally, the customer service is fantastic (which is rare for a bank). I’ve had to call Bank of America a couple of times and both times the representative was courteous and very helpful. I highly recommend this card.


I use this card for shopping electronic items at select outlets and I get cash backs. The annual maintenance charges are also nil.

I use this card for shopping electronic items at select outlets and I get cash backs. The annual maintenance charges are also nil. I am satisfied with this card.


Great cards for anyone with another Bank of America account

I really enjoy my BankAmericacard Cash Rewards card. I have a savings and checking account with Bank of America, which makes this card ideal for me, as it is very easy to make payments, monitor my account balance, and track my rewards earnings.

The card offers a competitive rate, but if you can pay your balance off on a monthly basis, the card is free. Effectively, it pays you for every dollar you spend!


Great No Annual Fee Card

I have been using this card for a little over 2 years. I really like this card. Everything is straightforward. The cash back deals are easy to understand. I like that you can redeem them for a statement credit rather than less options with some other cards. I can not really speak to the fairness to the APR because I pay the balance off every month.


Overall Great Card

The BankAmericaCard Cash Rewards (Bank of America) has been an overall great card. I had a period of no interest, which was great and also received some cash for signing up. The rewards are great, especially if you use your credit card for buying groceries or getting gas, otherwise, it is 1%. I recommend the card for large purchases and then paying off at the end of the month.


take it or leave it

The card overall does what its supposed to which is act as a credit card. The rewards aspect of this particular card are ok probably not the best option but not the worst


Great card for simple living

This credit card is great. I love the cash rewards. Getting rewards back every time I use it is a big bonus that makes me feel better when I shop. I particularly like the rewards on buying gas and groceries, since those are the 2 things I spend the most money on.

I also like the website/app. It is easy to navigate and user friendly to pay the bill. Other companies do not have such a smooth and nice looking app.


BEWARE Bank of America!

I recently decided to pay down my balance on my Platinum Bank of America Visa credit card that I've had since 2007. My available credit line was $3,500 and I had carried a balance on it for years that I was slowly paying off. I decided to make a $1,500 payment reducing what was owed on the card down to less than $800.

Guess what happened?

The very next day Bank of America did a "Periodic review of my credit" and decided to reduce my credit line down to $800!!! What's worse is they didn't even notify me!

When I questioned it customer service and the supervisor said that my credit wasn't good enough for the credit line I had. But I have the best credit I've had in years! They spun lines of BS and tried to tell me that the "periodic review" had nothing to do with me paying my card down and that they had no intention of fixing the issue, ever.

So what's really happening?

Bank of America is doing something known as "chasing the balance" in order to increase their profits. Now if I don't make a large enough payment I'll be over my credit line and be subject to fees.

If I make to big of a payment they'll reduce my credit line even further!

If you want to be able to use your credit card and pay off the balance eventually, stay away from Bank of America!

-Unethical Business Practices.
-Lying Customer Service Center
-Terrible Treatment of Long Term Customers

BEWARE: Stay clear of Bank of America Credit Cards!



Bank of America Visa cash reward card is among the best. It’s a good credit card for non-B.ofA. depositors, but more rewarding for customers with substantial deposits. I’ve used BofA credit cards for years with no problems. Worst thing about BofA credit cards is the ridiculous 3% foreign transaction fee. Be sure to travel with some other card when leaving the USA to avoid that silly rip-off.


Good for building credit, there are much better cards for rewards

This was my first credit card almost a decade ago, paired with a BofA student checking account. It was great for establishing credit history and allowed me to obtain credit products with better rates and benefits.

Once I did that, I’ve virtually not touched this card for years. There’s no reason to recommend this card if you already have good credit.

The 1-3% rewards rates are meager compared to other cards, even free ones like the Sallie Mae MasterCard, Citi Double Cash, or Discover it.