Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards

Bank Of America Bank Americard Cash Rewards
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Not Getting 2% On Groceries.

I received my statement & was surprised to finally see my rewards for this month. All other statements showed no info on rewards accumulated. My grocery purchases was $275.19. My bonus for this month was 2.75. This is 1% . I suggest that all credit card holders check if you’re actually acquiring what is being offered? I reached out to customer support & they explained points were pending. This is not very transparent. I’ll be canceling this card.


Wont recommend it to any of my friends

I had the BOA Visa card for a few years. Overall, their customer service is not as prefessional as other credit card companies, especially when you try to stop the false charges. They won’ stay in your side to protect your right. The worst experiences for me is the long waiting, and the way they treat their customers when I tried to talk to their Merchant Response Team. I will never recommend this credit card to any of my friends.


Misled on sign-up bonus

Signed up over the phone rather than online, $150 sign-up bonus only applies to online applications. Total bait and switch. I SIGNED UP FOR THE SAME CARD, why would it matter how I did it?


Good for Gas

This is a good general purpose card.


If I can stop one person from getting this terrible card I’ll be happy

So I got this card for the 3% back on gas, sounds pretty good in theory, get about 10 cents off per gallon every time I fill up.
First (and lesser) issue is that you can’t redeem any rewards until you rack up $25 in cash back. So, I’ve done the math, and if you drive like an average American (fill up every 10 days, average fill costing you $40 or so) it will be over a year until you see a dime of actual rewards.
Second issue is that Bank of America’s system for setting up AutoPay is straight out of 2003. Any decent website, you go to the bill pay page -> click “set up autopay” -> check “previous statement balance” -> link a bank account, and done in under a minute. With BoA, you have to search around forever, both on the website and google, to figure out how to even start setting it up. Then you have to request an eBill and wait a few days, then come back and find the-- look, this review is getting too long, the point is the website is terrible. So I set up a reminder on my phone to go off every month on the 10th to pay my bill. Well, one month there’s a problem and the phone doesn’t go off and I don’t realize until 5 days later I haven’t paid my bill. For my whole life I’ve paid off every credit card on time every month, so I figure they’d help me out with the $25 late fee. Nope. Basically they kindly told me to go F myself and that my “excellent credit history” reduced the fee to $25 from the normal $38. Oh, how kind of you, Bank of America, the multi-billion dollar corporation, to save me $13.
Bottom line is that the card doesn’t meet the lowest expectations of a decent card.